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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide




Hey guys so my hair looks crazy today because my hair cut and colored.

Today so I have been wanting to do this for a very long time never really wanting to like chop my hair off but it is just so dead on the ends. that I’m like okay you know what you gotta try new things and I love like lob haircuts on other people like long bobs on other people I just never thought it would really look good on me so.

Today I’m gonna go get a haircut I’m gonna get my hair colored a little bit darker and then get some like babylights which are just small tiny little highlights throughout my hair.

So I thought I would take you guys along with me for the hair transformation so I’m going to a new salon today I can’t wait to show you the girl that’s doing my hair. I researched her on Instagram and she’s amazing with short haircuts. So I’m excited to bring you guys along I just wanted to show you guys the before before I went this is the color and this is what it looks like it’s just really gold and I’m just tired of having damaged hair and it’s really not growing much anymore either just because it keeps breaking off.

So this is my inspiration pics if you guys want to see this is the haircut I’m trying to go for so just a very long angled bob. I love how it gets longer in the front to create that look that you still have long hair but it’s very textured and nice and pretty and I think I can cut all this off and still have like healthy hair.

now this is the color I’m going for like a dark rich brown I know my hair is already a dark brown but it’s a little bit lighter and for fall I like going a little bit darker and then I’ve had baby lights before I don’t know if you guys can see in this is when I had almost close to black hair but if you guys can see those little tiny highlights that is what I’m going for today I just want a little bit of contrast not too much to where it kind of ends up looking brassy once the toner washes out.

But just a little bit so that is what I’m going for and then I like that Ashley kind of cool tone. in my baby lights so that’s what I’m gonna ask her for so nothing too warm and then these are the bangs I’m trying to go for I have bangs already and this is what they look like. they’re very grown out and they’re kind of just more like straight across bangs though and I’m really wanting them to be like gradually shorter to longer. So hopefully she can do that for me I love when you like pull up your hair and you still have like your front pieces hanging out I think that’s so cute so that’s what I’m trying to go for today.


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