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Dark Hair Color

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AM I BRONDE? | Bronze Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair | Ysis Lorenna


Hi guys welcome back to my channel andwelcome to another hair update and I will be telling you why I went darkerfor summer and how I went dark of the summer.

it's very common to go lighterthe summer and I have gone lighter for summer so many times, it's just that timeof the year when you know it's all glowy and light and bright outside and I kindof always want my hair to reflect that and I don't know it just kind of ties inwith the time of the year doesn't it let me know if you've ever gone to kind oflighter for summer and darker for winter that's what I've always stuck to doing Ihad my hair done by my lovely friend and hairdresser Ivan and I will leave hiscontact details below he's been doing my hair for seven years so I trust himfully and completely he's the only hair dresser who touches my hair to cut andcolor and he is amazing and I kind of just wanted to say this I know I don'tneed to say it but I feel like whenever you're overly positive about someone onthe internet if you're a vlogger people immediately think that you're being paidto say these things I'm not being paid and not sponsored by Ivan he doesn'tgive me a discount code or a reduction in price he's just a really goodhairdresser and a very very good friend even if he wanted to give me a discountI wouldn't want him to because I really want to support his work and I know thathe works so hard so yeah this is not sponsored this is not paid for I'm notgetting a cut or anything I'm literally just sharing because I love my hair andI think he is such a good hairdresser he's based in the UK so if you're fromhere definitely contact him and he will give you a hair consultation beforedoing anything with your hair he's very professional and very knowledgeable sothe hair I'll show you like an overview before and I'll insert some before andafter pictures so you can see and I've had a cut as well my hair was quite longit was kind of going almost on my waist and I didn't go in for a cut actually Itold him I didn't want a cut but he knows me so well that he cut my hair andI loved it and he kind of told me before he did it it's not like he did it inhopes that I'd liked it told me said I think it would lookreally good if you trust me let me do this and I did and he did and I loved itit's not short which is not what I wanted I wanted my hair to still be longbut it kind of got rid of all the dead ends and the parts of my hair thatdidn't look healthy and it just made my hair so much more voluminousand thicker looking and yeah so the cut is just the normal cuts that I get whichis long layers my hair had become quite yellow and orange II and that wasbecause I had been retouching the color for so longthat it had built up this color which wasn't natural-looking anymore it wasn'tflattering there was no dimension in my hair and I didn't have any problems withmy hair at the time that I went for a color and a cut I just wanted somethingbetter something that suited me more and because my roots are naturally quitedark I can't have anything that's too stark of a contrast I don't have my hairdone often I go every three to six months if you know if that or evenlonger so I really need something low maintenance and that's what Ivan gave mewith this new Balayage that he did it's really low maintenance and it blends inreally well with my natural roots which you can still see and it means that Idon't have to rush to the hairdresser as soon as I have a little bit of root toregrowth so he sent me a message with all the details I'll read it out to youso he said that the ends of my hair were far too light and there was no dimensionno contrast so he decided to do a reverse balayage with a color refresh sohe did some lowlights in certain parts of my hair which meant that he wasadding darker pigment into my hair so that the dark could contrast with thelight and you'll be able to see the light color more because what washappening before as my hair was all light so there was no contrast and itwas just all very flat so after he did the lowlights which you can kind of seehere so if you look at the bottom you see darker areas of hair and then thelighter as before you couldn't really tell the difference between the twoshades of two terms of hair he shadowed my roots so that it blendsreally well with the rest of the hair and the rest of the hair that wasn't lowlighted he just toned it a different tone so we took away the yellowishorange tone and we put a cooler tone of caramel I really originally wanted to gofor honey but he said that honey is far too blond and it wouldn't really suit meit would be really high maintenance so instead we went for a cool toned caramelwhich I've never had done before and it's quite golden but it still has thatcoolness to it and I don't know if you can see I can definitely tell especiallythis these parts at the front that they are much more cool toned I don't thinklike ashy blonde hair suits me because I am quite olive skinned and specially nowin the summer I'm more tanned it was just amazing how he knew exactly what todo to get the results I wanted basically what I told him was that I didn't wantmy hair to look yellow or orange but I also wanted it to still be warmtoned but a little bit cool with dimension and he did exactly that soI'll put details of all the toners and the colors that he used because they arevery specific like 4.

07, 2% those tips and that so I'll leave allthose details below in case you want to show that to your hairdresser and see ifthey can recreate this color if you're interested in it otherwise just messageIvor no liens details below like I said and you'll be more than happy to giveyour consultation or help you with your hair so I'm really really happy with myhair it took a little bit of getting used to it so as I left the hairdresserI was like this is a little bit too cool tone for me but today I woke up and I'mlike this is perfect is exactly what I wanted and it's still quite brighteningas you can see my face doesn't look like dull or it hasn't made me look older Ifeel like if anything it makes me look a little bit younger and fresher so whatdo you think let me know in the comments below if you like my hair and whether ornot you've gone darker for the server which is what I feel I have done hopeyou liked it and if you did give this video a big thumbs upleave my haircare playlist linked below so you can see all of my hair videos andeverything that I've done to my hair so far if you're new around here thenplease do subscribe to my channel I'd love to have you and for you to watchsome more of my videos and I'll see you all in my next video, bye!.

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