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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide




– What's up guys, welcomeback to my channel, as you can see I have a reallydifferent look going on, you know what I'm saying,this is my real hair.

It is not a wig, its real, sotoday's video I am going to show you how to create thisred hair from dark brown hair.

So lets jump on into the video.

So I just got out of the shower, the lighting in here isn't really good, so you can't really see, butthis is what I wanted to do.

I wanted to lighten up the roots and then lighten up the endshere, I like how it came out, I think it will be fine whenI put the red on top of it.

So we will see in the morning.

I'm going to let this dry tonight and kind of just relax a little bit, instead of doing the red right now, just because I want myhair to dry completely, and then, yeah so that'swhat we're looking like.

So the dye that I'mgoing to be using today is the Manic Panic VampireRed and in Rock and Roll Red.

And what I'm going to do hereis I'm going to take half of each dye and place it in a bowl.

The bowl that I use was the bleach that the Manic Panic came with.

I just cleaned it out and used that.

Gonna put on some musicand bump that shit, and get this started you guys.

So I literally just mixed both together just because I wanted to makesure that it wasn't too red, like Little Mermaid red, and I wanted it to have some depth toit, so that's why I did the Vampire Red as wellas the Rock and Roll, so it would kind of blenda little bit better.

(chilled hip hop music) So now I'm just applyingthat with a little brush that it came with in thebleach kit, that I didn't use.

And I'm just going oneither side of my scalp, and then going down throughmy strands in my hair, I'm literally justgoing though out my hair making sure my scalp has been covered and making sure everything'sblending together.

And I'm talking to Brian right now, I'm making him look at the back of my head and make sure it looks ridiculous.

And I'm taking my E.



makeup wipes and just wiping up the excess dye that's like on my earsand my neck and stuff.

You can buy stuff forthat but it is expensive and I didn't feel likespending money on it.

Now I went and washedand conditioned my hair, I'll put the link belowwith what kind I used, which is also vegan and cruelty free.

Now I am starting to curl my hair with my straightener/wandthing, it's from Target.

It's the Kardashian Collection, which I got like four yearsago, or something like that.

Don't judge me on the way I curl my hair, I am not a hair stylist, Iam the worst at hair styling, and curling, and anything like that.

I'm just awful so no judgment, And I hate doing my hair honestlyit takes so freaking long.

But I really like the curlsthat come off from this.

And here we are with the finished look.

Just hair spray, use BigSexy powder, and that's it.

(hand clap) Okay guys, that is the finished look, I mean, holy crap, I'm loving it, I love how the color came out.

I like how it's like a lot lighter up top and then it gets darkerthroughout the bottom, and that's exactly what I was going for.

Now by no means am I afreaking hair stylist or anything like that, I just, ever since I was little Iloved doing hair and make up.

I've always done mysisters and my cousins, when you get your hairdone, it is a lot of money most of the time, I spendover a hundred dollars every time I go, but I wantedto do it myself this time and I only spent 50 dollars on my hair, with the bleach included,and then the dye, and of course my time, but I don't care.

So yeah, this is the finished look, what do you guys think,I hope you guys like it.

I hope you guys like the video, this little mini tutorial, ifyou guys have any questions, comments, or concerns go ahead and leave a comment downbelow, otherwise thank you guys for coming in and watching my video.

And I will see you guys next time.

Muah, bye!.

Source: Youtube

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