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Who Said Black Hair Don’t Grow? Black Beauty Hair is to Her Butt!


hey guys welcome back to our channelbefore we dive in make sure you subscribe if you haven't already formore beauty trends beauty tips and tricks like hair growth hacks forexample and self-development and if you're already a subscriber thanks.

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Alright let'sget to it! Before we get to the black beauty who Hair is to her bumhere is a quick reason as to why I made this video.

Basically, I hear it oftenwhen I go out.

My white friends are curious as to how I grew my hair so long.

They initially think my hair is weave, but once I show them it isn't they thenask me a host of questions.

Like, how is it that my hair is long when most blackwomen they see have very short or fake hair.

Now many of my white friends havegood intentions, so no shade here it's just that they believe that because of afew black women they see have short or fake hair that African / black hairdon't grow.

I then explained to them that hair growth is completely different fromlength retention.

Blacks use products and techniques that don't work for theirhair and break it off at a faster rate then it grows.

If black hair didn't growthen they would never have to do touch-ups on color or perms.

I meanthink about it how come your nails are short? Is it because they don't grow? Noit's because they break.

Once blacks receive the proper education on how tocare for their hair and start using the correct products their hair flourishes,as prime example with this black beauty It's time for this week's spotlight onthose beauty gurus who are shining out there and today I want to show some loveto a sister whose locks are worth noticing.

This blackbeauty hair is to her bum.

Her hair is long beautiful and healthy.

She clearlyhave been taken care of it! See for yourself!.

Source: Youtube

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