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Authentic Deep Twist Crochet Braids Review| Samsbeauty| Lia Lavon


Hey YouTube family!It's ya girl Lia back again with another video.

And today's video as you can seefrom the title is another crochet hair review video and today's crochet hair asyou also saw on the title is the authentic deep twist hair.

Now if you'renot familiar with my crochet hair series welcome to the family go ahead and smash that subscribe button or you can hold off to the end but this is how mycrochet hair reviews work.

I come on here with my first day thoughts of a crochethair.

Showing you how long of a installation it was.

Showing you how itlooks one day in.

What the length was when my braid pattern is and all that.

Then I come on here with my one week thoughts of a crochet hair showing youguys how it looks one week in.

What my maintenance was with the hair.

Then Icome on here with my final thoughts of the crochet hair.

Showing you how it lookson the very last day of me wearing it.

How long of a wear I got out of it orhow long of a wear I think you can get out of it.

Whether I think it's waterfriendly, activewear friendly and just whether I overall recommend the hair.

Idon't come on here on one day and say oh I love this hair it's the best hair ever.

Oh no no no I'll give you a full picture of the hair because you guys know theway I feel about it here one day in sometimes is not the way I feel about iton that last day.

So without further ado let's just head on into my first daythoughts of this authentic deep twist hair.

So now coming down here for myfirst day thoughts of this authentic deep twist hair.

Now samsbeauty.

Com wasso amazing to have sent me this hair but you guys know with all my reviewswhether I spent my own coin or a company sends it to me I keep it 100.

Which isprobably why a lot of companies don't work with me anymore but that's neitherhere nor there.

I'm here for you guys.

They sent me seven packs of his hair Ionly ended up using five of it.

So I have five packs total in my hair.

I do havetwo packs left over.

It is the deep twist hair.

It is 20 inches and I have itin the color 4.

Now I have to say in terms of this color 4.

Let me get up incamera.

It is a very true to life color 4.

Like this is one of the truest foursthat I've seen in a long time.

Now I feel like I have Freetress cozy deep in a four.

It didn't look too four-ish and it might have been a little bit to do withthe shine in that hair.

This hair is very dull so I thinkthe four shows up very well indoors.

Very well outdoors too.

Now I've debated beforeI turn on this camera whether I was gonna come on here with the hair already cutor whether I was going to show you guys how it looked unmanipulated.

I did notcut this hair.

So this is exactly how it looks 20 inches not cut whatsoever.

Scissors have not hit this hair.

So this is what it looks like in its 20-inchglory.

Of course I'm going to cut it.

It's very long for me and it's veryun-layered.

So what you guys are seeing right now is this hair un-layered.

I do need to cut some form of a layer-age into this hair because it looks very weird right now.

But I do really like it.

Thishair is very rough.

I saw online the authentic brand.

I've seen it goingaround everywhere.

And if some of you guys if you clicked on this video youprobably seen authentic brand going around soon too.

You can tell from thosepictures that this hair is not gonna be one of them soft hairs.

This is a veryhard hair.

This hair is not a shiny hair either.

You're not getting a shiny hairneither are you getting a soft hair.

So if you're a lover of soft hairs skipthis hair.

This hair isn't for you because this hair is very much so a stiffer hair.

Which leads me to my point of how am I going to maintain this hair over theweek of wear or the weeks of wear that I'm gonna wear this hair out.

Now I gotdone installing this hair last night maybe at like 12 o'clock.

So 12 o'clockit's like 10:00 a.


So all I've done is install this hair and go to sleep.

So last night I didn't know what to do but I just fell asleep on this hairtruth be told.

Because I was like do I put mousse.

Do I not put mousse what do Ido.

I'll figure it out tonight I don't gottime for it right now.

So I haven't done anything to this hair.

I just went tosleep and I woke up and it didn't hold up too bad but I don't know if that'sgonna last over time.

Now in terms of my braid pattern I have a straight backbraid pattern.

So every braid going straight back.

You guys always ask forbraid patterns in my video and what I do.

I'm a creature of habit.

I love astraight back it's simple and plus ain't nobody experts over here.

I ain't got timefor no swirly loops, things going over here, buckets to the side, braids going offthis way this way I ain't got straight back and then my hang time is sewn up inthe back.

So that also leads me a little bit of versatility in terms of how I canpart this hair.

Right now I have a left side part.

You guys know I love me a left side part but I can do a middle part if I want to.

I can do aright-side part if I want to.

So that's why I like straight back braid pattern.

It just gives me versatility even though I typically keep my hair in the sameexact way.

But that leads me into how do I think I'm gonna maintain this hair.

Youguys will have to see in my one week's thoughts.

I don't know whether this is inhair that requires mousse or this hair requires twisting.

I don't know right nowbut this hair overall first day thoughts I have to say I love this hair.

I thoughtit was gonna be a harder install because when I see hairs that are kind ofwrapped around themselves.

You guys know sometimes crochet hairs come on a littleline.

So there's like a little line and the hair is there for you and it'seasier to separate and sometimes it comes all like kind of like how sew-inhair comes with a little bundle and a string wrapped around it.

When I saw itwas one of those string wrapped around it I was like oh it's gonna be a harderinstall.

Those hairs for me are typically a harder install.

I like my hair prettymuch separated out for me so it's easier.

But this wasn't a hard install at all.

Ididn't take any longer and then I would have expected.

Any longer than my typical hairs.

But overall first day thoughts love this hair really amenjoying the look of it.

You guys will see me come two weeks later.

This is thefirst time in all my twenty-something videos that I haven't done a firstweek thoughts.

That's only because next week I'm going out of town to a concertin DC.

So I'm flying to DC for a concert.

I'm super excited.

I got thishair specifically for it so I could turn up and look cute at the same time.

So youguys will probably see that I'll probably vlog my experience but I willcome back in two weeks and show you my two weeks thoughts of this hair.

Andshowing you how it lasted over two weeks.

Two active weeks at that.

So stay tuned.

So now your girl is back for my two week thoughts on this authentic deep twisthair.

And I'm gonna try to find the nicest way to say.

No I'm just gonna sayit.

I do not like this hair.

Probably in mybottom five of hairs.

Maybe even bottom three of hairs but let me just runyou through the reasons real quick.

Now on camera you guys always say the hairlooks beautiful.

The hair looks beautiful.

Every hair that I've hated.

Every hairthat I've loved you guys say the hair looks beautiful.

Yes it looks beautiful.

On camera is not doing anything so of course that's just gonna look cute.

But ifyou do a deeper dive into this hair you'll see the frizzing that's comingoff of this hair.

You'll see the tangles that are on this hair.

Thenon-separation of this hair you'll also see up here.

This just coming off ofrandom strands of hair.

You'll see that if you do a deeper dive into these hairs.

So sometimes objects don't look as crystal clear as they appear on camera.

You got to look in real life to see what I'm seeing right now.

Now of course youguys know I didn't do my one-week thoughts because I was out of town lastweekend turning up and getting my entire life at the broccoli fest in DC.

Now whilst there it started to rain and I normally don't worry about rain and mycrochet hair.

Rain and my crochet hair normally gone hand in hand.

I havegotten hairs drenched.

You guys saw me get my main concept beach girl hairdrenched in water.

So ain't never been no issue.

I had my jacket because you couldnot bring umbrellas into the facility but I brought my jacket I had it over myhead while it was raining.

Of course some sprinkles some showers got on the hairbut I didn't think about it.

Because when it's happening when you get your hairwet with any of these hairs it doesn't look bad right after it.

It's that nextmorning when you start to see a change and that next morning I started toseeing the change.

That's when I started experiencing the tangles.

That's when Istarted experiencing the frizz.

That's when everything started to melt downwith this hair.

So in one week of wearing this hair.

Even the small amount ofsprinkles had a detrimental impact on this hair.

So one week from one week onhave not been a huge fan of this hair.

Now like I said this is week two withthis hair and I'm going to probably wear it for two more additional weeks.

I don'tknow how it always happes but when I have the hairs that I don't like themost it's typically when I have to wear them the longest.

Next weekend isMother's Day weekend so I'm gonna be with my family next weekend.

So I'm notgonna really have a lot of time to take the hair out.

Right now it's Sunday so Idon't have time to film this right now.

Take this hair out and reinstall anotherhair and then I'll probably take it out the weekend after Mother's Day weekend.

So I have quite some time to be involved with this hair.

Now the last two weeksfor me have been extremely busy in my life.

You guys know I like a lowermaintenance routine.

You're not watching this in real time but I haven't reallyposted a video in the last two weeks just because I've been very busy in mypersonal life as well as in my work life.

It's just been a lotharder work-life balance than I thought with my new job.

So I'm just trying tobalance both so I haven't really had a lot of time to focus on things outsideof work and my personal life.

So I had needed a lower maintenance hair.

This isthe one time when Lia Lavon really needed a hair to push through and be lowermaintenance and this hair is probably one of the higher maintenance hair.

Youhave to come up with a routine that works for you.

I'm gonna be honest withyou in the last two weeks my routine has sucked.

I have just pineappled and went tosleep.

When I get home at night normally it's about 8 o'clock I am exhausted.

Iain't got time to detangle.

I ain't got time for all of this.

I have been a badcrochet hair wearer it and I just went to sleep.

Being honest with you guys.

I'm not gonna sit over here and pretend like Idid a whole routine with this hair.

I went to put the hair up and I went to sleep.

And normally with you know with a Mane Concept Waterfall hair that'll work.

It was a Jamaican bounce that'll work with the Mane Concept Beach curlsthat'll work.

With this hair is does not work.

So you're gonna have to put in alittle bit higher maintenance routine.

If you're somebody who's on the go who needs a hair to be something that they can easily maintain this ain't the hair foryou.

If you're somebody who has a little bit more time to put into it hair thenmaybe maybe take a look at this hair.

So like I said I'm gonna wear this hair forthe next two weeks.

So two more weeks I'm gonna at least try to give this here agood go at it.

Now last two weeks have been sucky for what I can do at nightbut I think I have a little bit fingers crossedmore free time in these next two weeks that can actually kind of put into somework with this hair.

So I upstairs I have some fabric softener and some water youguys have said with these tougher texture hair and this is a roughertexture hair kind of feels scratchy a little bit which I don't love a lot butyou guys say fabric softener really softens up these hairs really helps withdetangling these hairs really get some of the matting out of these hairs itreally cuts down on fridge with these hairs so I got my downy upstairs and Igot my regular tap water and I'm about to go in or separating this hair andreally let you guys know if the the fabric softener method really works withthis hair so you should guys should have a better understanding of how this hairlooks and how this entry axe and my final week's thoughts which willprobably be about two weeks from now so see you in about two weeksso now I am back for my final thoughts on this authentic deep twist hair it hasbeen three weeks with this hair I know I told you guys in my last video I'llprobably wear it out for four weeks but I didn't debating whether I just want totake this hair out right now so I'm going to an event today so that's whyI'm kind of a little bit more dressed up today but after that a bit I'm trying todebate whether I'm going to take a nap or take this hair out it's gonna beeither/or because I think I'm done I think I'm pretty much done with thishair and I have my final thoughts on it and I know where I stand with it butbefore I give you that information before I give you that cheat let me tellyou a little bit about fabric softener you guys have told me in my reportvideos with those harder hairs fabric softener really does help and softeningthe hairs and making the hairs just overall easier to detangle easier tofeel they're not as crunchy and all that so I was like let me take you guys tothe advice you guys tell me things and I love to take you guys as advice with mycrochet here because I'm no crochet here expert so I took it in my little spraybottle I mix it in with a little bit of water to dilute ityou guys know fabric softener you use it with your fabrics to soften them up socrochet here is technically a fiber it's not human hair it's made out of the samethings clothes and textiles and all that stuff is made out of so why wouldn'tfabric softener work you guys I applied it on I think Saturday Sunday Monday andTuesday so I used it sprayed it and detangle and I analyzed kind of theresults that I got with it what I would say is it definitely softens the hairnow only temporarily because I felt like I did it Monday before work so I took itextra like 20 minutes out of my day to kind of detangle the hair spray the hairdetangle it detangle it detangle it and it felt soft throughout the whole daylike over here is a lot softer everybody was on to something but by that night itjust didn't feel as soft anymore I don't know whether it had dried that water hadhit the elements and it was hide outside this week because it's mid 90s this weekit was hot and everything dried up and it was back to being stiff but I triedit again like Tuesday morning i detangled it it was soft again it wassoft the hair was very detangled if you guys can notice this hair is very muchso more detangle than it was during week two because I actually did take my timeand really detangle the strands however once again by the end ofday on Tuesday it was once again stiff so I think it definitely plays a part indetangling but with softness it it temporarily alleviate some of that heartand if you seal but then during the end of the day like right now I'm feeling itit's back to being still I haven't used this method outside of I did it MondayTuesday and Wednesday and then I stopped doing it because on Monday I think itwas Tuesday I was walking down the hallway with some my co-workers and theywere like do y'all smell some dryer sheets there's some dryer sheets thatreally smell a good odor of drying your sheets and I was like y'all it might beme some fabric softener on my hair and it may be me they both came up smellingmy hair and they're like it is you it's definitely youit has a very strong odor one of those type of odors where you get used to thesmell but others around you don't you know if you're around people who smokeand you might smell like smoke you don't notice it as much but others do that'show it is with these hairs crochet ears like I said in my watched a video soakup any Sanel that you're around if you're around a lot of smoke like I saidpeople who smoke if you smoke yourself the hairs gonna get it you might notnotice it but the hair has that smell and the same thing goes with its fabricsoftener my hair smelled just like that brick softener so it's soaked in thatsmell and you kind of don't want to be walking around that softener it smellsgood your clothes smell like Febreze but you don't want your hair to smell likeFebreze if that makes sense so that's something about their softener will Itry it again probably not I don't think it added that much value to my routineit was definitely a good experiment I don't think it was a negative experiencebut I think overall it just wasn't for me but in regards to this hair I justfeel like it's been the most I'm not a huge fan of this feel I can't get overhow hard and stiff it is I think it takes a little bit more to detangle thana lot of hairs that I've had I don't think it's the lowest maintenance ofhairs I think it's tangley I think it getsfrizzy do I think it's water friendly I absolutely do not like I said in myexperience when I was at broccoli fest in week one with this hair when it hit alittle bit of water with a little bit of hot water hit it was like oh we're gonnabe poofy you want to be poofy we want to just and I'm like no your crochet hairyou're supposed to say the same don't do this to me right nowso I think that water friendly it doesn't get my stamp of approval becauseit was hard to be tangled while dry I justfeel like detangling while wet would be any better so that's why it does not getmy stamp of approval with beach girl you guys saw how easy that was to detangleyou guys saw how I got that hair soaking wet and it's still held up well thishair I just don't feel like but have that I haven't watched this here thoughI'm not going to watch this here because I'm going to take this hair out and I'mso thankful thank you so much to me for sending me to this hair but you guysknow my videos I don't care if a company send me your hair or not I keep it 100with you I'm more loyal to you guys than I am brand loyalty I don't care aboutbuilding my relationships with these brands but I care about Burling myrelationships with you guys some duty is an amazing company to buy hair from justnot this hair and that's my final verdict if you like this video you likemy honesty you like me spin all that's here on these crochet here it's makesure you give this video a big thumbs up if you're not following me already whyare you not following me on instagram at lila bond 89 make sure you're subscribedto my channel so you don't miss any of my content and i will see you in my nextvideo thank you so much for watching i I'm slow he's gonna be private true.

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