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Dark Hair Color

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Hey Youtube family.

It's your girl Lia backagain with another video.

And today's video as you can see from the timestampis a very short video because all I wanted to do today is come on here andtalk about a product that I recently started loving.

I bought with my ownmoney.

This video is in no way sponsored by them and I had to share itwith you guys.

Now you guys know for the last two years that I've had my channel.

I've been on my crochet hair journey for two years what I've been using fordetangling my hair has been Lotta Body Mousse.

I bought it that very firstweek I think that I had crochet braids in because I was in Food Lion.

I was like Idon't know how I'm gonna maintain this hair.

So I just grabbed it and went withit and for the last two years that's what I've been using.

There was no rhyme orreason.

You guys ask me all the time should I buy this.

I was always like do it if you want to but it ain't the best.

If you have a mousse you like more.

LikeI didn't vouch for that product.

It was just a product I used for the last two years.

Iloved it because it's what I had.

That's all I knew but I ran out for like theumpteenth time recently and I was like do I want to really buy this productagain or do I really want to do some investigation and figure out what worksbest.

So I'm a part of a lot of boards online boards for crochet hair and allthat and I was just in there reading what the best product was.

Overwhelmingly a lot of people were like Hawaiian silky miracle worker is the best product forcrochet hair.

And I was like a little skeptical.

So I read the comments on Amazon.

The very first comment was like I love this for my crochet hair and I waslike okay alright the crochet hair streets been knowing about this product I'm probablythe one who's the late to the game.

And again it is the Hawaiian silky miracleworker.

I put on the IG that I found this miracle product do you guys want me toshare and you guys were like spill the tea sis.

We need to know what the product is so I was like I could make it on IG but I have a greater audience on YouTube.

So this product it's just looks like a normal product right.

It was like.

I thinkit was $7.

59 cents and I went ahead and bought a second one right as soon as I decided to film this video.

So like two days ago I bought anotherone just in case y'all got crazy and started flooding Walmart.

I think you can buy it on Walmart too.

I got it from Amazon but Ibought it on prime you guys can buy it from I think you can buy it at Walmart.

Ithink this brand is available there or a beauty supply stores.

I know this brandI've seen it before.

I wasn't new to me but don't think I don'tknow how y'all do.

Y'all would have sold this bad boy out.

It's more so a leave-inconditioner online it's displayed as a leave-in conditioner.

It says 14 in 1.

Soit has 14 different tasks.

Moisturizes hair, defines curls, softens hair, addsshine, soothes dry scalp, reduces breakage, for healthy weaves and braids, repairschemically damaged hair, non-greasy, detangles, It just has a lot of thingsthat's good for.

So what I've been doing recently.

I will never go back tomousse just so you guys know cuz look at this.

Look how this hair literally I gotthis hair put in last week.

When I got it it was looking very dry cuz this ismain concept velvet wave and Amazon wave hair mixed together.

That hair is part oftheir pre stretch line so it's very drier texture.

So closer to the texture ofmaybe a think about Ocean Wave or think about ripple deep by Harlem 125.

Socloser to that texture than anything.

I sprayed this on here and when I tell youit makes things detangle so much better and it's one of those products where Idon't mind getting it in my actual hair too.

So you spray like this.

Don't gooverboard because it you can go overboardbecause it doesn't feel like you're doing a lot.

But just spraying as muchas I have today and detangling it.

It makes detangling somuch easier.

Like I can't I'm trying to detangle on camera but it's hard todetangle when you've already detangled before you got on camera.

So but it makes the detangling so much easier.

It really does add a shine to the hairwhere it doesn't look greasy.

That's why I say don't use too much because I thinkif you use too much it could err on the side of greasy but just use enough ofthis spray and it makes detangling it so much better.

It makes the hair so muchhealthier looking.

Like this hair looks way healthier looking like I don't knowhow a synthetic hair can look healthy.

I don't know the curls look more bouncythan they did the day I installed it.

I freaking love this stuff.

Like for me tocome on camera and tell you guys about a product of the they ain't paying me for.

So Hawaiian Silky if you want to send me a lifetime supply you can.

You can! This product is everything.

Like if you guys have tried this before.

Why haven't yalltold me before/ I'm really mad at y'all.

I'm really upset with my audience if youguys have been using this.

If you haven't please get this in your arsenal becauseit does make things so much easier for detangling.

Now I think for the stiffercurls so for more like the FreeTress Bohemian Braid.

Some of those curl patterns it'll be interesting to see.

Imight buy some mousse just to have on hand for other curl textures cause Ithink this will work for more stiffer hairs.

So for the hair that I've tried.

Iwould love to try ripple deep again cause I feel like this product wouldbe amazing for this.

I'm gonna try Ocean Wave.

I think this product would be goodfor ocean wave.

The Mane concept waterfall hair.

I thinkthis would be good for that but like curls like the Freetree Bohemian Braids Freetress Water Wave I don't think this would be the product for itbecause it does add a little bit of shine to the hair and that's the lastthing you can need on some of them Freetress hairs.

Trust me them hairs can get shiny but as a hair dulls down a little bit I think this product would beamazing.

But we'll see how it goes with different hairs.

I'll tell you in myupcoming videos when I try other hairs and all that whether I think this is aproduct that will work for that hair or not.

It has to be tested on the hair Ican't tell you retro retroactively hey this will work well on Freetress deep twist.

When I tried that hair two years ago and I honestly don't know whether it willwork amazingly well! But I can say for right now.

For the hair that I have inright now the Mane Concept Amazon Wave, the Mane Concept Velvet wave it works amazingly well.

If you guys have another productthough that yall been sleeping and yall been telling me about please let me knowin the comments.

Keep your girl informed.

I make these crochet hair content videosfor you and I need to know what the best maintenance product is.

So far this haswon my heart and it will probably keep holding my heart forever.

But you guyslet me know.

Don't hold out on your girl.

Make sure you're subscribed to mychannel so you don't miss any of my content.

Make sure you're following me on instagram at lialavon89 so again you don't miss any of my content.

And Iwill see you in my next video.

Thank you so much for watching! Bye!.

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