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Hi welcome HéméeTv today I'm going try to install Kanekalon braids.

The cut I will try to make cut, a little bob it's a short cut a little shorter back a little longer in before.

Stay tuned and I will go through all the steps with you to be able to get your hairstyle.

Good listening! You will need leave-in packaging and coconut oil to protect the hair before doing the style since we will keep this style there for a minimum of two weeks.

Then you will need at least 4 packages of Kanekalon synthetic hair.

Of a comb hair clips, elastic band, scissors and rollers to be able to make the style thereafter, matches, a curling iron and kettle.

The first step is to prepare and stretch hair by tumble dryer.

So when I speak of preparation, it is simply putting the products needed to prevent hair from drying out because that style holds for several weeks.

For the next step, you will draw a section.

So I give you a example: simply with the comb I draw big section.

Then I attach my hair and afterwards with a forceps I clear a small portion of hair.

That's where I'll start my braids.

Since the haircut I want to redo is quite short.

I will cut my extensions in two at the level of the elastic.

To have this size of braids I have the price twice the size of my 2 fingers.

So I take 2 fingers it's one and I do it again a second time.

I take both and I pass on each other and I make sure that the 4 ends are at the same height.

I want it to be equal.

Like that because otherwise you go braid then he'll have spikes that will start to come out of the braid so It's not going to be too interesting.

Then for the size of my hair, I have already drawn a line.

I already put oil.

With my comb it's better a comb with good teeth to draw anything.

I will trace a section and then all I'm doing is starting to braid from the root.

and I stop braiding pretty much here and I'm going to burn them afterwards.

So it's useless to braid to the tips it would be wasted time.

Once you have determined what is the size of your braids I advise you to prepare sizes of each braid.

I prepare them just as I had shown instead.

I place them one after the other and I try to do that for all the packages.

I will continue to braid everything the front, a little the back up, the back.

I'm going to make braids glued behind my head and after that I'm going to put the hook style extensions since my hair is coming to me.

Especially the back is supposed to be short arrived here.

So if I start braiding my hair after that i'll cut them off and then cut my real hair so I do not want to do that.

After finishing all the braids before now I started to prepare the braids that are braids stuck to my scalp I use coconut oil to hydrate my hair before starting the glued braids.

once the braid back finished going to take a hair hook and pass the tip of the braid through the stages of your glued braid like that it will save you from having to sew anything to be able to tie the braid and prevent it from appearing through the style.

Afterwards take an elastic band and tie all your braids to free you space and begin to encroach the hair after your pregnancy.

After passing the extension using the hooks in the big braid you will take the extensions and braid them.

After finishing doing all the braids take a colored elastic for indicate how high to stop burning or cutting the braids to be able to have braids that have the same length.

At this stage, the braids are finished but it's your choice to style it or not.

So that's what it gives.

I personally prefer to give a little more shape to the braids.

So that's why I use either iron curl to be able to stiffen the braids and then backwards I like that it's a little shorter and a little more defined.

So that's why I'm going use rollers or to be able to wrap the braids around and then the soak in hot water to allow them to take the shape of the roll.

With frost you can always come back to the front to be able to make a outline (the "edges").

Finally, you can always put accessories.

So I give you a look.

I put two accessories in my hair but it's optional.

I hope I could inform you how to do this style: "the bob"! with braids and that I gave you the taste.

Otherwise you can always check my old videos.

Do not forget to like and share the video if you enjoyed it!.

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