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Dark Hair Color

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Hey Youtube family it's ya girl Lia backagain with another video and today's video as you saw from the title isanother crochet hair review video.

And today's crochet hair as you also sawfrom the title is the Mane Concept Caribbean bundle braids Waterfall hairin the color T1B 30.

Now this is of course what the hairlooks like but if you're not familiar with my series.

I got a comment recentlywhere I was like girl you don't need to say in every video how your series workswe're all familiar with it.

Some people are not if you guys notice Iget a lot more views than I have subscribers which reminds me hit thatsubscribe button.

So a lot of people are not familiar with how my videos work.

SoI'm gonna repeat it now and I'm gonna repeat it in every single video I do.

Icome on here with my first day thoughts of a crochet hair.

Showing you how it looks.

Showing you how long of an install it took.

What my braidpattern was and what my overall thoughts are on the hair the first day.

Then I comeon here with my one week thoughts of the hair.

Showing you how it looks over aweek of wear what my maintenance routine was with my hair in that one week andwhether I think the hair just overall held up in that first week of wear.

ThenI'm come on here with my final thoughts of this hair.

No matter how long of a wearI got out of it.

Whether it's three, four, five, six weeks of wear.

I come onhere right before I'm about to take the hair out and tell you guys just overallhow I enjoyed my experience with the hair.

Whether I think it's water friendly,activewear friendly.

Whether I washed the hair and whether overall I wouldrecommend it to you guys.

So I try to give you guys a full picture of thesehairs.

So yes that is how my hair videos work.

I'll repeat that in everysingle video so if you become a subscriber you guys know to skip aheadto this part right here where I just go into my first day thoughts of the hair.

So stay tuned.

So now for my first day thoughts of this Mane Concept waterfallhair.

And be ready I'm gonna draw a lot of comparisons to the Mane Concept Beach curl hair because that's the only other Mane Concept hair that I've tried.

So be readyfor that.

Mane concept was so amazing to have sent me this here but of course asper usual I'm gonna keep it all the way a hundred percent honest in all myreviews and I have to be honest with you guys right off the bat.

Now when theysent me this hair the reason why I like Mane Concept curls.

I liked everythingthat they put out there but a lot of times I think their curls look sosimilar.

A lot of times people are like try this curl, try this curl.

And I'm like is itthe same.

Looks the same though but it look the same.

Like the pictures aren't reallylike oh they look so different.

If you guys ever have a line up of all thehairs.

Right here like like this now.

This is her the model wearing the hair Ihave in right now but the same model is wearing a whole different hair righthere and I really just thought the model turned sideways and had the same hair in.

Its a different hair.

So a lot of times I'm like but what's the differencesthough but where's the differences.

So first things first I was very you knowThank You Mane Concept for sending me the hair but what is gonna be thedifference.

I better be able to draw some difference comparisons to these hairs.

Now this is what the hair looks like right off like I said I have it in thecolor T1B30.

And what you guys may not be picking up on right now isthat I also have one pack of the Mane Concept Beach curl hair in.

And if you sawmy Beach curl video I had that hair in the color T1B27.

So it's probably notpicking up on camera how you know that 27 color is picking up.

Just because theT1B30 color is very much so white washed.

You guys see my presto curl video.

Ithink that's the highest highlighted view of a 30 color that I have and that30 color is bright.

That that 30 color is very bronzy it's very much so youknow it picks up that red and orange element and really brings you a bronzecolor.

This is very demure.

So if you're looking for kind of a whitewash kind of30 color this is what it'll give you.

Because you can't even see that I have acouple of strands of the beach curl in.

Now I put the beach curl in one becauseI did want to see the 27 color in comparison to the 30 color becauseonline you really don't see a stark difference.

And in person it's really notthat stark.

You see a little bit of the bronze and you see a little bit of theblonde in the 27 but it's very much so subtle.

And I also installed it because Iwanted to see up close and personal what the difference between the curls were.

To behonest online the beach curl and this hair didn't really draw anythingdifferent to me.

So I wanted to do this video just so I could be very critical.

Iknow they sent it to me for my review but I'm gonna be Lia Lavon and I'm gonna bring you guys my full thoughts on thishair.

Now let me get up in camera so you guys can see.

Now this is the beach curlhair.

I can tell because it has that bronze at the bottom or it has thatblonde at the bottom.

So this is the beach curl and it's right beside righthere if you guys can see this is the waterfall.

This is kind of how thewaterfall curl goes into it.

And you see like I'm talking about that30 color isn't that bright but if you see the curls side-by-side.

The beachcurl a lot more springy-er.

Not as tightly wound as this curl.

So I do see the curldifference.

It's very minor but I definitely see the curl difference.

So ifyou want to see outside of my head this is what the Mane concept waterfall hairlooks like and this is what the Mane concept Beach curl looks like.

Now sideby side if you guys can see right now these are just I just picked them upright out of the pack.

I hope it's showing up on camera.

Let me put my hand behind it.

There's a lot more frizz coming off of the beach curll hair than as opposed tothis hair that's because these hairs are two different textures completelycompletely.

This is a lot more softer and if you guys saw my Beach curl hair videothis hair was very soft when I got it right off the pack.

I had to put somewater on it.

I had to put some mousse on i.

This hair is a completely differenttexture.

This hair is comparable to only one other hair that I've reviewed on mychannel and you guys know I have a reviewed a lot of hairs and for me toonly compare it to one other hair.

That's a feat and this hair is very comparableto the Harlem 125 ripple deep hair.

After I tried ripple deep I havenever before or after tried a hair that felt like that until today.

This hair feelsjust like it.

The texture if you've tried ripple deep you know exactly the texturethat I'm talking about.

This hair everything for you know Freetress Presto Curl, Freetress Beach curl, Freetress GoGo curl although different curlsthey definitely feel exactly the same.

This is different it's so weird for isaligned to have a hair that feels completely different so I don't know ifthat's what they mean on the pack they say pre-stretched I don't I didn't knowwhat that means I still say this moment really don't fully understand what theymean by freak stretch on the packet but I can say it's different feel they needto have a different feel on the packet because it feels completely differentalso in terms of the install with this hair the hair comes it's not pre loopbut it's predefined sections for so it makes for a faster and betterinstall with this hair it was bulk hair so it was all wrapped into one so therewas a little string around it and so you have to pull with the hair outindividually makes for a slow install wasn't a hard install but a very much soslower installed this hair the waterfall here by main concept easier install Ilove the feel of it the feel of it makes for a better install now I hope I have abetter experience with it because if you saw my riffle deep hair video I love thefeel of purple deep I hated the outcome of it and the god you guys said don'tput mousse in that hair so with this hair no mousse we put our you mousse init so this is kind of what it looks like I did run a little bit of water throughit this morning just to kind of you know spice it up but I have not put anymousse in it that's different for me you guys know every night I usually do mylittle mousse routine with the hairs didn't do that with this hair I'll letyou guys know you know in my later subsequent reviews if I had to go aheadbless that mousse on out so that is kind of what I've done in this first dayI have to say overall loving it more in the beach curl and one day I'm liking itmore just because one it's not you guys notice Beach curl this is all I did wastake it out the pack right now it's a lot more frizz showing up on camera Idon't know even at the ends it's a lot of friends going on with this curl it'sa little bit but it like the curls are very much so staying togetherI like how last night all I did was put it up in a pineapple and I woke up thismorning and I shook it and go that's making me feel like it's gonna be lowmaintenance I'll definitely update you in my one week thoughts whether it's lowmaintenance or not but like I said pulled it up pineapples it last nightthat's all I've done fit but those are my first day thoughts know this why yougotta watch to the end maybe I'm gonna switch it all up and my later thoughtsand be like this texture sucks but I doubt it I think right off that I'mreally loving the texture of it and loving the look of both the beach curland the waterfall here are 18 inches and so this is what it falls on me I havenot cut this here whatsoever so what you're saying it's freshly installedlike I said I'll install this here 14 hours ago with a straight back braidpattern so I could part my hair on any side right now I'm just choosing to do aright side part but you guys know your girl will switch it up in a little bitand probably do a left side part but this is what it looks like 18 inchesuncut I'm gonna do a 360 I wanna cut probably if it looks off in the back I'll cut it if it looks off but you guyshave probably seen the back before I even get to see the back so and this iswhat it looks like in its 18 inch glory let's see if I can keep up enjoying thisand my one week thought so stay tuned so now I am back with my one week thoughtsof this hair and it's going to be a very quick probably my quickest one weekthoughts video ever because I do not literally have any cons within this oneweek of where with this hair now this is what it looks like of course a one weekin it definitely has held up now I love and I said in our first video and I'llsay to get in this video the texture of this hair is incredible I love thetexture of this hair I've only had it one other time and like I said it waswith ripple deep and literally I don't know what I was doing with her body Ihonestly if I could ever repeat another hair I say this in several videos in mychannel I would reduce purple deep and I would do it without putting mousse in itbecause I have not put a single drop of mousse in this hair and this is what itlooks like one weekend no mousse has touched this hair whatsoever and ithasn't needed it and it when I can say it still stays detangled has not I havenot be tangled this hair you guys know I have a whole extensive you guys saw mypresto curl routine I have a whole extensive separating the curl up doingthis doing that in that video I've not done any of that this is me one weekendall I've done at night is do pineapple gone to sleep woke up in the morning didlike this edge to edge my edges chilled my edges down with my hicks and ecostyler and then i cope then i go i'm on my date no mousse has touched his hair ihaven't needed to use my braids sheen spray although sometimes i do noticethat this year kind of does look a little dull it doesn't look dull that Ineed that stream spray I think in a few weeks maybe a little dull down to apoint where I need to reinvigorate it with my braids teens braids but rightnow it's doing amazingly well nothing I think sometimes people think I'm lyinglike sometimes people think oh she's doing a whole rigmarole when I tell youguys I'm lazy I'm super lazy I'm so lazy when it comes to hair I don't need allthat I'm not a morning person so I don't have timethe morning to do things with my hair and this has been the literally easiesthair that I had that's why I say scrap my main concept beach Karl here sorrymain concept I do like that hair but I did still have a routine with that hairthis hair needs to be the texture of every hair that you guys create becauseit is a fantastic texture so when we can I love his hair low-maintenance Idefinitely will take it when my final thoughts with water I would definitelythink you can work out in this hair and I would not feel any kind of way aboutit i I just love it it's like literally I got tons of compliments in my firstweek of wear so this is been my first week wearing it out in public tons andtons of compliments I love your hair is that hard to maintain from people whoare like don't know nothing about crochet here so those are my one weekthoughts I can't think of enough good things to say about this here we'll seehow long ago where I get out of here see you soonso now I am back with my final thoughts of this main concept Waterfall hair ithas been four weeks with this hair and this is what it looks like now I'm gonnastart this video off saying this by far is my favorite hair today I love thishair to death but I need to go on a mini rant with main concept for a moment sothis is about main concept and especially this hair in general now whenI when they ex send me this here I was like sure go ahead send it to me thishair looks beautiful I would love to review it I would love to try itthen I filmed and recorded my Becca foundation review video and I had thishair in and the comments were flooded with where do I purchase this here wheredo I get it from and I was like I got you let me run back to main concept cuzI searched online and I couldn't find this hair myself but I was like theydon't give me some answers they gonna give me some answer so I reached out tothem cuz I was like my audience wants to know and then they sent me this responsetalking about somewhere available online send me your zip code ba-ba-ba-ba willtell you where to find it and I was like this ain't no semi my zip code not allmy audience lived in my zip code I need to know where they can literally orderthis hair online at this current moment and then they came back and said oh mybad it'll be available at the end of the month at the end of the month I thinkwe're at Mars right now what you mean I didn't month I've been wearing this hairfor like at that point I think I've been wearing it for two weeks maybe threeweeks I'm like well in and one I review hairs that are out currently that myaudience could purchase don't want to show them anything whenthey cannot purchase that hair what do you mean I need hair main concept to getthings on the shelves the thing about main concept if you guyssaw my Beach curl hair video I ordered that hair online the hair never showedup I went to three beauty supply stores in my area could not find main concepthere main concept has beautiful hair has amazing hair good quality hair hair thatlooks good but the issue is you guys aren't putting yourselves on shelvesthat's what you need to do audience my audience wants to try it your hair butthey can't find them and it's a disservice to you guys out there if youcan't find a good hair out there now main concept I think they used to becalled Isis so there used to be the ISIS brand then they retune their name whichI'm assuming it's only because they do not want to be associated what's thatIsis name which I can get it I can get it nobody wants to have that Isis namebut then you have to put yourself on the Shelf still like if you rebrand and allthat that's good that's fine but you got to be accessible I got to be able tofind you on a diva tresses Sam Judea a wig types a site where I can actuallybuy you if not I need you to be in store so I can actually purchase you so thisis my mini you know one minute rant I think this hair is amazing like I saidone of my favorite hair today but I hate to bring you guys on this channel if younotice I've had this hair in for a while and I have literally only reviewed onevideo one other video outside of this review video I did my backup foundationreview but i've been limiting showing you guys videos of this hair simplybecause I know I'm gonna get questions in my comments or where you can find itand it sucks that you guys can't find this here now what do I love about thishair though this hair is different feeling than any other hair that I'veever tried on this channel besides ripple deep by Harlan went to five nowif you like the texture prickle deep which I know a lot of you guys out thereyou guys let me know in my Republic video some of you guys love that herethen you're gonna like this hair I think that I didn't realize that I didn't needto put mousse in that hair and then this hair I had not played any mousse anyleaving any product whatsoever besides the braid sheathing spray you're gonnaneed branching spring just because this hair doesn't have the luster of a lot ofother years I've tried not to say it's not shiny I don't want it shiny here butI want to hear that has a little bit of a luster to it and not as dull this hairdoesn't seem to look dull it doesn't look at all right now cuz I put mybreaking spray in it so you're gonna need a branching spray to kind of livenup this hair a little bit but you're not gonna need any other products and that'swhy I say it's a low maintenance i detangle it every so often but you don'thave to have routine of maintenance with this here you can detangle it I say oncea week so over like four times four to five times in the course of me wearingthis hair have I had to detangle this hair this hair is beautifulI think it's activewear friendly I think it's beachwear friendly all I do ispineapple my hair at night and I can go to sleep that way all I have to do inthe morning is wake up gel my edges down and I'm good to goI enjoyed this here thoroughly hair has really held me down and it has my numberone spot of my favorite crochet here's know like I said I burned my soul thatit has my number one spot simply because it's hard to find or it's impossible tofind out this month so I'm not gonna go into too much of detail about this herecuz like I said as of right now I don't know when it's coming out but if youguys love this video and you like this kind of content make sure you give it abig thumbs up make sure if you guys want to see any more of my content make sureyou smash that subscribe button make sure you're following me on InstagramAtlee lamont 89 make sure you're following me on snapchat at mistily 89now we'll see you in my next video thank you so much for watching I.

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