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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide




Hey Youtube family.

It's your girl Liaback again with another video.

And today's video as you can see from the title isanother crochet hair review video and today's crochet hair as you can also seefrom the title is the Mane Concept Sassy curl hair.

Now if you're not familiarwith my crochet hair review series and somebody recently commented on my video.

And was like girl you ain't got us run us through this all the time.

We know your style of crochet hair review.

And I'm like but do you guys know Iget new subscribers daily.

Some people aren't aware.

If you are existingsubscriber you know how to skip ahead.

Go head.

You know where to begin but ifyou are new to my channel this is how my crochet hair reviews work.

I come on herewith my first date thoughts of a crochet hair.

Showing you guys how it looks firstday in.

How long was it install it was? How many packs I used? How it looks thatfirst day in.

What my braid pattern is? and all that.

Then I come on here with myone week thoughts of the hair.

Showing you guys how it looks one week in.

Whatmy thoughts are on it one week in.

What my hair care routine is? My nighttimemaintenance and all of that.

Then I come on here with my final week's thoughts ofthe hair.

Showing you how long of wear I got out of the hair.

How long I think Icould have gotten.

If I could have a wore it for a little bit longer.

If I thinkit's water friendly.

If I think it's activewear friendly all that.

So I try tobring you a well-rounded picture of the hair.

Because chile so many people come on here with their first day thoughts and they love a hair.

But I'm like well whaty'all think about a weeks in? Does it still look the same? We need to know! Igot ya girl.

So if you're not subscribed make sure you smash thatsubscribe button so you don't miss any of my reviews and you can become part ofthe family and know how my reviews work.

But if you've made it to this pointright now let's just roll on into my first date thoughts of this Mane ConceptSassy curl hair.

So now I am here for my first day thoughts on this mane conceptsassy curl hair.

Now this is what she looks like freshly installed.

Just gotdone installing this hair.

I have a straight back braid pattern.

So thatmeans I can part it on any side.

So right here.

Right here.

In the middle.

On theright and all of that but if you are familiar with my channel you guys knowI'm a creature of habit.

Left sides are my jam.

Now the install didn't take thatlong at all and I only used four and a half packs.

So this is all I have left of that fifth pack of hair.

Now like I said this is 12inches.

So I'm gonna turn around and do it 360.

Do not judge this is freshlyinstalled so the hair may be uneven.

I'm letting you know right now.

You guys areseeing the back before I'm really seeing the back.

But it will be cut.

I won't look crazy if I do look crazy.

Now this is what twelve inches lookslike unmanipulated.

So if you're in the store right now trying to figure out iftwelve inches is right for you ten inches and I know they have a 18 inches.

So they have this hair and three different inches.

This is what 12 incheslooks like.

10 inches would be a lot shorter.

You know 18 would be a lotlonger.

Now I bought my hair at hair stop and shop.

I purchased it with my ownmoney.

So this is not sponsored by them.

But I have to say I'm trying to getoutside of my normal routine.

Sam's Beauty is my normal vendor that I go to for mycrochet hair but they do not offer any Mane Concept hairs.

And this hair Ibelieve was $5.

99 a pack so I bought five packs because I've never installedmore than five packs of a Mane Concept hair just off rip.

So if you arethinking about Mane Concept.

I've tried three so far.

Beach curl, waterfall andnow sassy curl never installed more than five packs.

So I don't think more thanfive packs would really be needed in any style.

Now it's very fast install.

All mymane concept hair installs have been very fast and it could be because it'san easier hair to install but it also could be because I'm not using as manypacks as I am with other hairs.

Just varies I guess.

Now like I said this ishow it looks first day in.

And now this texture is more comparable to the Mane Concept Beach curl hair.

Now I talked about my Mane Concept Waterfall hair Ilove that hair.

As I'm recording this video to date that it's my favorite hair.

Now for watching this in 2019 I may have another favorite hair but as I'm recordingthis right now April 2018 Mane Concept Waterfall hair is my favorite hair.

And Italked about how that texture is different than a lot of hairs that I'vetried and it's different than this texture.

This texture is more comparableto that Mane Concept Beach Curl hair.

Where it's a lot softer.

The hair is alittle bit more.

It has a little bit more bounce to it.

Not hat Mane Concept waterfall was crunchy and hard it wasn't that way at all it just felt like.

It hada good feel to it.

If you've ever tried that hair you know what I'm talking about.

That feels just! I love it.

Now so it's kind of weird going back to this kind of curl but Ivlike it.

So this is what it looks like firstday install.

There's not that much frizz to it the first day in.

So youdon't have to worry about a lot of first day frizz.

Now I did mousse it rightafter I had installed it.

So installed it and then put mousse through it.

So Ibrought back out my lotta body mousse and ran my mousse through this hairbecause with these kind of texture hairs mousse becomes your best friend.

So I talked about the inches 12 inches I was skeptical.

Online I was trying tofigure out should I do 18, should I do 12, should I do 10.

I knew 10 was out of theway because ah little too short for me.

12 is not what I'm used to.

I'm used toeighteen, sixteen, or fourteen this is a little short for me but if you guys havebeen following me throughout my journey I do start my new job on Monday.

And I'mso excited.

I wanted a new hair for my new job and this is the hair I settledupon.

I think it's you know appropriate because I want to give them to Talia firstday.

I'm gonna switch it up on them and do Lia Lavon a little bit later but Igotta get them adjusted.

I have to come in there and be like hey this is me.

Butthen I'll be like with my colors.

With my outrageous styles with my faux locs.

I'll work 'em into that a little bit later.

So I think this is veryappropriate.

I think it's very cute.

It's very much so me I think.

So my overallfirst day thoughts on this hair I really do like this hair.

I really amenjoying my experience with this hair so far.

Now it hasn't even been 24 hours yetso I can't say it's my favorite hair.

I can't rave about it that's why I say myreviews are full-bodied.

I like to bring you everything but first day in I doreally like this hair.

And I do like the way it looks.

Now let's see if I continuethis feeling on into my one week thoughts so stay tuned for my one week thoughtson this hair.

So now ya girl is back for my one week thoughts on this Mane Concept Sassy Curl hair and this section is going to be extremely brief because I have nocons with this hair.

All love with this hair and I've only had it in for oneweek.

If you guys have been following my channel you guys know my journey youguys know I started a new job this week or I probably mentioned it in my firstday thoughts.

I started a new job this week and this job is kind of farther from myhouse so I needed a hair that was gonna be low-maintenance.

I needed to consolidate all my morning routines.

My hair routine.

My makeuproutine and my clothing routine.

Now my makeup routine could use some work.

Ineed to consolidate that a wee bit but my hair routinethis week has been literally three to four minutes tops.

Absolutely all I do take my scarf off after pineappling that night.

So atnight all I do is I put mousse on the hair maybe every two to three days.

Idon't do it every single day cause this hair does not require it every singleday.

But whenever the mousse is right there I'll run some mousse through itjust to keep it you know frizz free.

Tangle free at best and then kind ofseparate some curls and then I will pineapple it.

So still pull all the hair tothe front of my head put a scrunchie around it and then put my scarf on it.

Alot of you guys in almost every video where I say pineapple you're like whatdoes pineapple mean.

I'm like I show you guys at least six to seven timesall throughout in the course of my channel.

But just to let you guys knowthat's what I mean when I say pineapple.

I do that at night.

At night that takesme maybe five to six minutes.

If I actually use mousse it's a five to sixminute process.

But it's a lot less on most days.

And then in the morning allI'm doing is taking the scarf off, removing the scrunchie, and just you knowdoing my hair shake.

And then I gel my edges down.

Literally three to fourminutes and that's what I needed.

I needed a low maintenance hair.

I'm sohappy that I'm back to the low maintenance world.

Now in my IG andsnapchat stories every time I'm snapping in this hair you guys are always askingme what hair is that.

Is that now Outre bohemian curl hair.

I see whatyou guys are seeing.

This does look very very similar to the Outrebohemian curl hair.

And you guys are probably gonna be like well choose yourfavorite.

Because anytime I say a hair is similar to another hair you guys always make me want to choose and I can't choose.

It's literally they are equivalent hairs.

This hair is exactly like Outre bohemian curl.

You cannot go wrong witheither or.

The only thing that puts Mane Concept maybe a step above andliterally a small step above is that they have three length options.

You have a10 inch, a 12 inch and an 18 inch.

With Outre Bohemian Curl you onlyhave I think a 14 inch and a 24 inch if I'm not mistaken.

I had the shorterversion in that video 14 inches but and like I say with a lot of Outre hairsyou never need that 20 length.

That 20 inches is way too long because you end upcutting it up to about 16 inches anyway.

So I hope I get a lot of wear out ofthis hair but you guys will see.

Watch my final week's thoughts coming upnow.

So now your girl is back for my final final thoughts on this Mane Concept Sassy Curl hair.

Now this is what it looks like at three weeks.

So three weeks it'smy final thoughts.

Yes, I am taking this hair out at three weeks but that doesnot mean I couldn't have worn it for a longer.

That means I'm going to DC nextweek and I love switching things up.

I want to be in DC with a different hair.

You guys know I'm going to a festival a music festival at that.

I just needsomething a little different even though I think this hair would be amazing forthe hotter season because it is very lightweight.

I just need to switch up.

Ineed something a little bit longer.

I'm missing the drop.

I'm missing them incheson my hair but you could get upwards of six weeks.

This hair is a comparable tothe Outre bohemian curl.

That hair I wore for six weeks.

I think you can do beequally same amount of time with this hair as well.

These hairs are extremelysimilar.

Like I said in my last week's thought.

The only reason that the Outrebohemian curl is a little bit behind this Mane Concept Sassy Curl is becausethey give you three different lengths with Sassy Curl as opposed to just the two with Outre.

But if that is a matter to yougo with either.

If you're in the store trying to choose between one or theother you cannot go wrong with either.

The only other thing I would say thishair gives you that Outre doesn't give you is an options in terms of colors.

The Mane Concept hair gives you so many more options.

I think Outre is verylimited.

I love the color selection that Mane Concept has.

They do colorsbeautifully.

I really want to try that burgundy color that everybody has likeMane concept has this beautiful.

You guys know what I'm talking about Google ifyou don't.

Mane concept has this amazing burgundy color that I wanna try in crochet hair but also I cannot wear it to work.

I'm in that phase where ohthat's so bad but uh I can't wear that in real life type of a vibe.

I love Mane Conceptcolors so that's the only reason this wins but if you're looking for just asolid 1, 1B, 2, 4 type of color neither one of these are bad options.

This hairhas been phenomenal.

I've actually got this hair wet so I washed it last week whichwas week two with this hair.

Um and it didn't frizz that bad.

You guys can seeright now.

I did have kind of frizz right here in this areathe top area because that's where you're actually trying to get in and clean yourscalp.

This is where it kind of frizzed the most.

But the ends still look amazinglywell.

So the only level of frizz is up here and that's because I'm rough when I'm washing my hair I'm really trying to get the buildup of product outside of this.

Especially with it being summer coming up.

I'm probably gonna be washing a lot more on my crochet hairs.

Winter I'm pretty bad at washing my crochet hairsbut summer it's hot it's sweaty you need to get the gunk on up outta here.

Andthis hair still held up well through washing and it looks the way you see itright now which is still good.

It might even look better than it did before.


Do I think it's activewear friendly yes? Do I think it's water friendly? Ijust spoke on that yes I think he's gonna swimming on vacation with thisyear nothing would go wrong with this here you definitely have to bringproducts with you to kind of revitalize it after of course washing any hair likeI talked about in my main concept beach curl hair video watch that watched a soyou kind of know what to do you need to watch these hairs out completely youneed to detangle the hair you need to have kind of a regimen with these hairsbut overall I had no conferences here there's really literally no cons you youdon't have to use that many packs of hair the time that it takes to installthese hairs are not long at all so those are my thoughts on the main concept acidcurl do I recommend absolutely I recommend this hair if you're lookingfor a cute work style I think this is a cute work style like I've said it's beenthree weeks at my new job I got this hair for my new job they have loved itthey don't know Lila mom got to switch it up on me pretty fast they don't knowwhat to they got coming for them I wear at the job so they're gonna see me nextweek I'd be like whoo oh don't worry about it your girl switches it up if youliked this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up if you're not already apart of the lila my family what you waiting forhave you not have you guys seen that subscribe button click that subscribebutton if you're following me on instagram at Lia LaVon and I make surefollow me on snapchat and mr.

Lia 89 I will see you in my next video thank youso much for watching up to the morning Arthur no she's movingon.

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