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Dark Hair Color

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He Youtube Family.

It's your girl Lia back again with another video.

And today's video as you can see from the title is anothercrochet hair review video.

And today's hair is a much long awaited anticipatedhair.

You guys have been begging me to review this hair and today it is finallyup Sensationnel Jamaican Bounce hair.

Now ifyou're not familiar with how my crochet hair reviews work.

I come on here with myfirst day of thoughts of a crochet hair.

So showing you guys how it looks one dayand right after install.

What my braid pattern was? How long it took and allthat? Then I come on here with my one week thoughts of a crochet hair.

Lettingyou guys see how it looks one week in what my maintenance was with it in thatweek and how I think it fared in that first week.

And then I come on here withmy final thoughts of a crochet hair.

Letting you guys know how long it lasted.

Letting you guys know whether it was high maintenance, low maintenance, waterfriendly, not water friendly, would you wear it on vacation or do I recommendyou wear it for vacation.

Is it active wear friendly and all that.

So I try togive you a full picture of the crochet hair.

Now this video is a littledifferent because I actually installed this in a braidless style.

So I have thevideo of me installing this braidless up above.

So you can click that video toactually see my installation process on this hair.

So you guys can have the fullpicture of how I got this that you're seeing right now.

Now without further adolet's just head on into my first day thoughts of the sensationnel Jamaicanbounce hair.

So now for my first day thoughts on this sensationnel Jamaicanbounce hair.

Now I just got done installing it.

My install video just 10minutes ago just took the needle out my hair got done and raveling it and thisis how it looks.

So no time in between.

I just wanted to show you guys exactly howit looks right after installing this hair.

Now I highly suggest you guys watchmy actual install video because you guys can have a full picture of how I got tothis point.

How I got to my first day and my first minute thoughts of this hairbut this video is just my thoughts on it.

Now if you saw my install all I do ishave a braidless install.

And I braidlessly installed it so that I can have aleft side part.

So all I can do is part it on this left side but with braidlessinstalls there are versatile braidless installs and I'm trying to work my way upto that level but right now I'm kind of stagnant I can only do one side.

Now ittook me about two hours to install this hair but that's also including the factthat I record things.

I take pictures in between.

I do all that.

So if you're notdoing any of it I think it's a good hour 30 install.

Especially with the braidlessmethod I use.

You can be very fast with this install.

Now I use four packsof this hair and this is the sensationnel jamaican bounce in the color t1b 27.

Nowonly pack it does say it is 26 inches and I'm skeptical about that becausethis ain't no 26 inches.

Now even if you stretch it oh it ain't 26 inches.

It'sbout 12 inches.

Maybe they mean like if you do this but that's not how crochethair is calculated.

It's not from end to end it's always typically from themiddle down is how the numbers calculated.

But they say it's 26 inches on meyou guys can tell it's about eight inches of hair.

So this is how the hairlooks fresh after install might have cut a little stragglers but like I saidyou can see how it looks unmanipulated in my install video now like I said Iuse four packs of this hair this is the fifth pack I did buy five packs to me onthe safe side and I bought this hair from wig types I had never bought fromwith types before this is my first time buying from there and the only reason Ibought from them is because they were the only site that had t1b 27 I was likewhy does all the other sites have it sold out wig types what I like about itit shows you on the side how many quantities and this is it sponsored bywig types because I have some gripes about their shipping but they show youon the side how many packs of each hair you have so you don't have to you knowtry to put nine in your car and they're like oh we only got eight we down in theinventory we down on the inventory it tells you how much they havespecifically in inventory but I did not like the shipping I'm used to like fivedollars or less or free shipping a lot of things I order especially from sansbeauty with wig tight it was 11 or 12 dollars just for the shipping alone andI just bought this hair so I was like and I didn't get fast shipping I gotregular brown because I knew I wasn't installing this hair anytime soon I wasthere like three months ago and I'm finally installing it so cons pros andcons I like the wig types because they let you know and they have like asome hairs but that ship it was like Xiao Yan oh I would have bought this onsomebody Sam's you too if they actually have it now if you saw my install videoagain I'm gonna reference it because it shows you everything I went through withthis hair I unraveled the hair and I used oil that's the first time I everused oil I listened to one of my subscribers thank you guys so much Ialways look for you guys for answers because you guys are always so reliableto me you guys said to recut down on frizz when you're unraveling your hairto put oil on your hands first and then unravel the hair and I definitely wouldsay it cut down on friends one unraveling this here a lot so if you'reseeing it right now this is it and it's not frizzy at all so that's a big thumbsup I can't wait to see if it's gonna hold up and not be as frizzy you guysknow with these cackle on here I sometimes come on here and like if thehair is so frizzy it's crazy frizzy why all the frizz and I'm gonna see if thishair holds up everybody tells me Jamaican bounce is gonna be everythingwhen you try it it's gonna be everything and I'm taking you guys word for becauseI'm hoping and expecting it to be everything for maintenance all I'm gonnado tonight is just put my scarf on it everybody says this hair is supposed tobe low maintenance you're not gonna have to do a lot with it and I'm hoping thenI got a puller I know moose and gonna pull out no products and everythingabout this hair is gonna be very low-maintenance so I'm hoping andexpecting for that but without further ado let me not ramble on I think that'sall my first day thoughts first day overall I love it can't wait to see howmany weeks of where do I get out of it can't wait to see I don't think I'mgonna get you know six weeks away because this is a brainless installbright listen do not last as long as that's I actually bragged it the hairdown but I want to see my experience with this hair so stay tuned and see myfirst week thought of this sensational jamaican bounce hair so now your girl isback for my one week thoughts on the sensational jamaican bounce hair andthis is how it is looking one week in to see the curls pop and see them comingthrough I'd have to say let me start this videooff one weekend I really am enjoying everything about this hair from thecolor to the consistency of it to the way the curls fall I know typically youguys follow my channel you guys know I am NOT a fan usually of thisNicoll on curly spirally type curl they just never suit me well I always feellike I'm Shirley Temple or if in any any of these people I always typically havethat feeling not today I definitely say I don't know it's something about thevibe of this here that's really giving me something unique now let me go intomaintenance with this hair as soon as soon as I got done filming my first datethought I went to sue like I was in food line and the cashier was ringing me upand she was like to make amounts and I was like huh scuse me pardon me she'slike you're making outs in your hair that's Jamaican Mountain so I was likehow did you know she's like I just know I make Jamaican mouth wigs all the timelet me give you a little bit of advice I was like I will accept set it by shesaid whenever this hair starts frizzing use mousse so I said in my first daythoughts if you saw that video I said I don't think I'm gonna need mousse withthis hair I don't think I'm gonna need that I think it's gonna be so superlow-maintenance I was like okay girl I'm gonna need music then she said you'regonna need a pineapple the hair at night I was like oh man I thought I could justthrow a scarf on you tell me everything I needed to hear at this point though soscarf bonnet and pineapple has to be the trick with this hair and now I'm gonnaget up in camera so you can see the level of friends with this hair it's notbad at all not bad at all and she was a hundred percent right this mousse comesin handy whenever you feel like it's getting frizzy or even if it's not evenif you just want to run it and be preventative mousse will work you do nothave to use a lot of body I get a lot of questions I can't find a lot of body itdoes not matter this is just something I've gotten used to when I find aproduct I like I use it up if you find a product you like you use it up and all Ido is detangle and put moves through it it doesn't take long at all just becauseit's here it's a lot shorter and I don't have that many packs so it's not thatmuch hair to kind of separate detangle and I have done that maybe two times andaware of this hair so I did it last night because I knew I was gonna get upand film and I wanted everything look pop in on camera and then I did itmaybe Monday so a few days ago I don't do it religiously so today Saturday Idid it Monday Friday and this is how the hair looks but now in terms of kind aPolly a lot of people ask me what pineapple is I have to show you inalmost every video so pineapple is when you pull all the hair to the front soyour hair old supposed to look like apineapple and you put a scrunchie around it I just use this kind of biggerscrunchie and I use that to my hair it's supposed to look kinda like a pilot youknow what a pineapple looks like so everything is in the front and then youjust grab your scarf always need a big bonnet you guys ask me where I get thisupon it from it does not have to be this bonnet but I got it from Target and I'llleave the link down below but you can just run it to your target I've seenthat several and buy this on it and then you put them on and on and this is howI've been going to sleep it's very simple very low-maintenance when I wakeup in the morning one of the quickness wake up in the morning Styles that I'vehad and I take this off all I gotta do is really do like that figure out whereI want the curls to fall I put you know edge control my edges lay them thingsdown and then I go and then I have this style it's so simple so easy can't getany simpler than that you guys know I'm all about low maintenance this hair hasbeen very low maintenance so overall first week thoughts I like it like theconsistency think it's very low maintenance frizz has not been to anyextreme level and if it is kind of your show it seeing a little bit of frizzit's also because I have a color you guys know colors kind of tend to friendsmore than darker hair that's my first week thoughts I'm hoping like I said I'mnot gonna get that much wear out of it because it's brainless but I think thenI'm gonna get you know some pretty good wear out of it so stay tuned to see myfinal thoughts of this hair al so now your girl is back and it has been twoand a half weeks with this hair and I know you guys are like two and a halfweeks you couldn't have got any further use out of that hair I definitely cutout if you guys follow me on instagram at lille about 89 you guys know onMonday I start my new job I switch not careers I switch the job so I gave mytwo weeks in and now on Monday I start my newest job and I'm super excited butI need a curl or you know your first day at work you want to go in you want tolay and all that not this hair doesn't slay but I need something that's alittle bit more needy Livan if you follow my channel what curl do youassociate with me that I'll trade bohemian curl the main concept Beachcurl the presto curl by free trust but those more so fit my face those are thehairs I feel comfortable in and if I'm going to walk in on my first day of workand take my first day at work picture what kind of hair am I gonna have in aspirally curl hair so I'm about to install the main concept sassy girlbecause I've been dying to try that hair and because I think it's just gonna giveme a look that I'm gonna love not that I'm not loving this look but I don'twant to go in with a two and a half week braid lift style that is kind of raisingit up a little bit I want to go in with something fresh something new somethingmore me on my first day so I think I could have worn it in this braid liststyle for another week just because with braids looks like I just mentioned itloosens up a lot so it's a lot of movement a lot of wiggle room on it soyour hair isn't braided down up under here you're gonna get a lot morelooseness than you would if you're here was actually braid it the hair itselfhow long I think you would be able to wear it if you actually did a normalbraid method I think it could be about 4 to 5 weeks so we're out of this herebefore you would just be like ok time to take it out it's a little bit too frizzyfor me now my overall thoughts on this hair I'd say is it activewear friendlyis it water friendly that's the question I always get activewear I definitelygive it a big thumbs up kudos for it especially it being worn short but waterfriendly a lot of you guys want to know is that water friendly I got the samequestion in my free transferring laQuan corolla video and my answer is the exactsame I don't personally in my opinion think I would wear this hair on vacationto the beach on a cruise or anything like that I think you can get it wetwith any of the hairs that I tried you can physically dip your head in waterand get it wet you had that capacity but when you come out of that waterI think this hair it's gonna look good for the first you know hour to then it'sgonna start to air dry and all that and it's gonna get a lot more frizzynow this is the level frizz just on land this is I haven't wetness here I haven'twashed this here at all but I have washed my prestressed when you got onecurl hair and then once I air let it air dry it got a lot frizzy and it's a lotof maintenance that goes into what I think you can wear this hair to thebeach if you want to but there are hairs out there if you guys watched my videoon the hair set I feel our Beach approved those hairs are gonna be a lotlower maintenance after the fact they're gonna still look good after you get themwet this here is just gonna look a lot frizzierafter you get it wet and that's just my opinion on it but if you have tried thishair and you've worn it on vacation you've worn it to the beach you'vegotten all kinds of wet and chlorine and now that is hair andwashed it and it held up amazingly well let me know down below I need to passthis information on to my audience I think this is way better than the freetres ringlets Juan curl haircuts in my opinion just in terms of how it is withfrizz and dealing with it so if I were to choose a curl that I preferred moreit definitely would be sensational Jamaica mounts over free trucks ringletsWong curl so if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up ifyou guys want to see in the other hairs let me know down below you guys know Ihave a box of hairs that I need to try but I'm always looking for newsuggestions as well make sure you guys are subscribed to me so you don't missany of those upcoming hair review videos make sure you guys are following me oninstagram at LaVon 89 make sure you're following me on snapchat at miss Thalia89 and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye.

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