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The Versatile Lazy Girl Method Crochet Braids Base | Can’t Braid Method- Tucked Ends


hey you lovelies welcome to and welcomeback to love Jhanelle in this video I'm revisiting my can't braid method.

If youhaven't seen that video I'm gonna link it in the description and I'm also gonnaadd a card to this video.

But i'm just using that method in order to make a base for yourcrochet braids.

Now the method is the same the biggest difference is the sizeof the braid and the way I did braid them allowed me to have 3 different parts at the front.

It was quite a versatile style And i'm sure if you get very creative with theparting and the plating, where they lay you can get a almost vixen like finish to your hairstyle Now as you saw I made a part from one cornerof my hair across the top to the other then I made a center parting it's neatbecause that's going to be my main part in the middle and between the centerparting and my ear I make another part that's going to be a side part I do thesame on both sides so now you see I'm adding the gel thisgel isn't give much hold but it's gonna help hold my hair in place while I'mplatting it down.

I don't plat all the way to the end just halfway just enough toreach the next plat that I'm going to make I move on to the other plat I'm going todo the same exact thing with all four of the platsand then I'll move on to the next step now once you have all four plates you'regonna go on to the next stage you're almost making a cainrow or cornrow.

Youstagger the part almost like a brick layer with stagger bricks so you're notgonna continue straight you start further down and continue.

Now the secondpart I'm going to open it up just like in my can.

T braid tutorial and you'readding the first braid to the second one and you plat it down.

you don't go allthe way to the end.

you never really have to go all the way to the end and this isthe last braid and then you take that plat and you add that one to the otherone in the same exact way you just repeat that step on the otherside now like I mentioned before you can getas creative as you want part however you see fit.

if there is a certain way youlike to wear your hair try and make sure the plats are in that section bundled upso you can do a center part if you wanted to or if you want to some up somedown you part in that way.

my main concern was having three nice parts atthe front and that's why I did it this way so after I do the two sides I thengo ahead and add the bottom in now I Now i posted my can't braid method a few yearsago and since then I've noticed quite a few can't braid variations people usingflats into the braids or using twists instead of braids to make a base fortheir crochet braids in all of them I've noticed one common thing they're notable to disguise the ends as effectively their hair is longer it's difficult todisguise the long plots coming down I've seen someone label their video "lazygirl method" and actually gotten a needle and thread out to sew the ends down andto tell you the truth I'd be too lazy to any of that now I decided to do acrisscross right here if you do want to do a vixen-esk type of look I wouldsuggest you just go straight up using the braid on the side that you are at soyou don't do the cross I wasn't planning to part my hair into all the way at theback so I didn't really need that I cross them over but you can go ahead anddo the same style like I said and just go up instead of across now i made three sections at the top you cango ahead and make two if you're gonna do a part from the front of your head allthe way back but I didn't really want that style so I did the part I tookcrisscross them over and then I am taking a leg from the top and a leg fromthe bottom and I'm gonna use that middle section there and plat it all together again I'm gonna do the same on bothsides then you're gonna take the two get the 2 legs that you have made and join it tothe one in the middle so all of your ends are tucked in there's no needle andthread required there's no giant plat that you have to disguise with the hairit's all neat and flat you just have that one plat to tuck in and you're goodto go.

so if you enjoyed this tutorial let me know by giving it a thumbs up ifyou have any questions or suggestions anything to improve this method you letme know in the comment section down below if you've made it all the way tothe end of this video and you are not a subscriber yet I would suggest you justhit that button and subscribe it's free to do so and you have nothing to lose now I'm just adding a bit more gel tothe front this is a hardening gel this time I think I was using either "got tobe" or" Gorillaz Snot" I think it was a got to be here and I just tied it down andwhen I took it off a few minutes later I added the hair and when I have a videofor this installation coming up soon so look out for that if you feel likeyou've learned something new from this videos spread the knowledge and sharethe video until next time lovelies why don't you check out some more videoson Love Jhanelle.

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