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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide


Hair bleaching DISASTER!


Attention: This video is not a hair tutorial.

But it is a video that shows what will happen to the hair if you do not follow the bleach guidelines for hair.

Many people try to use bleach for hair at home.

Many times they result in tears, and sometimes they lose their hair.

Almost all of them do not know how the excess procession hair looks like.

They have never even seen it in a human head.

The probability of my hair breaking are huge.

And that does not scare me at all.

For Nothing! So, if you are following this video here is your warning.

Do not do this if you want your hair to maintain its length Let’s see what happens to my hair.

Let’s go! Ready? This is what excess processionery means.

My hair seems long and feels good But, there is a part where the roots of the hair grow back like that.

You see? This is the break here.

I’m going to grab this one and I’m not going to pull hard.


This does not hurt for sure.

if they were worried Ready? I’m pulling.

This is strong, this is not.

I do not think so! This is too easy Remember, I was going to cut my hair very short.

Most part of the break is in the top of my head.

But usually they start in this part.

This is incredible! My hair is backwards soprendamente is strong Most of it did not break.

The majority is on the top of my head sadly.

The part in which you would like the greatest growth.

There he is separating.

You see? I keep separating it with my fingers.

Never use bleach for hair without understanding or studying what you are doing.

The only reason this does not bother me is because I was going to cut my short hair.

I thought, what better way to show what could happen if you prcocessa your hair too or with great force what do I do for you? Good Short hair does not care.

See Sunday when I cut my hair very short.

This video was not created to discourage any of doing your hair at home But to encourage you to study before using bleach for hair.

I hope you have learned something from this video And Remember to Always STUDY YouTube is a wonderful source of information.

Source: Youtube

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