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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide




Hola Chanellies welcome back to my channel and welcome to the eight days of Christmas today is day 2 of 8 days of Christmas because it's Christmas Eve y'all that means we only have one more day left and that's Christmas Day I hope you guys have been Enjoying the content I'm giving you so far don't forget to keep up with all the videos I'll leave them above and in the description box below Today we're bringing you a New Year's Eve look y'all New Year's Eve is in exactly a week and we need to be ready So, I'm giving you this nice Smokey black eye look got some glitter in it everything that you need to be super glam for New Year's Eve I'm giving you hair Makeup and outfit so if you want to see this three-in-one tutorial go ahead and keep on watching All right y'all let's get right into the voiceover I threw on my eyebrows and now I'm priming my lid with the LA pro concealer in the color creamy beige getting ready for eyeshadow work and I did set my lid today I usually don't do that but I did today I Am actually putting down my eye brow Pomade as a base you know I've been watching some videos Or whatever and they say like put down a creamy dark base before you go into your shadow so your shadow can be more pigmented so now I'm going into the black from the morphe 35o 2 palette and I'm just packing that on top of that creamy base that I put down You know I be watching tutorials or whatever and trying to do what they be saying to do I Don't know if it be working but I be listening and paying attention So now I'm taking An orange color and I'm blending out that top part because listen it was looking a mess so I had to do something to try to salvage the look and Now I'm pressing on a black glitter from the makeup for melanin girl's palette I told y'all I was gonna use that black glitter I told y'all Okay, now I'm going into my Tatcha the silk canvas primer this is my go-to primer y'all it doesn't need to be because it's Like $52 but I love it And now I'm going into my foundation I'm using the NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in the color Caracas This color looks, so orange on me it's not translating as well on camera but it looks ridiculously Orange but I made it work That was my face my grimace because I was realizing that this is not my color but What can you do nobody makes my foundation color geez? Sorry I didn't mean to yell into your ear anyways.

I'm going to contour with the color pop in the filter concealer in the color 54 So that is what I'm doing right now, we are creating contouring because we want to? snatch our face And I also use the I use this concealer Medium dark 32 to highlight and that is what I'm blending out now with my Beauty Blender Yes, I'm using an actual beauty blender this time And if you realize if you remember from my last video I realized that I didn't use the highlight my Forehead so I'm not doing that anymore Now I'm setting my face my Maybelline loose finishing powder in the color 20 And I'm going in with my Black Radiance Contour palette it's the powder contour palette that I used to use that I used in my video yesterday again I have these products sitting out and I was like let me use these These ain't never led me wrong So, I'm going into the darkest color to contour my cheekbones Now I'm going into that Fenty Beauty Diamond bomb highlighter and of course you have to wear this highlight on New Year's Eve We don't wear it any other day you gotta wear it on New Year's Eve so That is what I'm applying and that's why I look wet wet And I'm applying a little bit of blush to my cheeks this is deep throat by NARS I hate that name and I'm going in with chi on my lips now I'm showing you all my hair look I'm literally just gonna put my hair and I'm high Pony like A Janet Jackson Pony if you've seen my viral video but it's not really viral but it's my video That's gotten the most views is about like at 500,000 views I did this look this is one of the looks that I did with my box braids and y'all seem to love it so That is basically what I'm doing? This is a messy version but if you want to see the real version go ahead and watch that video I'll leave it linked above And in the description box below But yeah girl that is the hair look and now I'm about to show you out my outfit or whatever so y'all get a full body look this is my full body I got this two-piece from forever 21 and it's the perfect New Year's Eve like you know like glittery metallic-y look I Think I'm cute or whatever I mean I know I cute so Yeah Turn it back.

thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the last video.

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