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Dark Hair Color

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DIY Olio per capelli profumato nutriente, lucidante, protettivo, stimolante della crescita


Hello everyone and welcome to a new video dying on Angela BioBeauty & Relax ASMR.

Hair, especially dry and long hair, needs to be protected from atmospheric agents and temperature changes, as well as from unavoidable physical stresses, such as brushing.

I propose you the recipe of this fragrant oil that can be used as leave-in, that is to apply morning and evening on lengths and tips after having vaporized a hydrolate or as a stimulating massage oil for growth and nourishment.

If you are interested in a video tutorial on skin massage, write me in the comments.

The ingredients we need are the following: Olive oil 20 ml Wheat germ 20 ml castor 20 ml sesame 40 ml oe of cedar 10 gttc natural fragrance 30 gttc I recommend choosing organic cold-pressed oils.

Let's proceed with the preparation: in a graduated container verisamo the oil one by one: olive: among the richest oils of oleic acid, it contains phenolic compounds, chlorophyll, vitamin E, phytosterols, antioxidant active ingredients.

Soothing of the scalp, gives softness and shine to the dull hair.

wheat germ: has a very high content of vitamin E, the antioxidant par excellence.

Suitable for dry, brittle, fragile hair.

castor: It has a high content of ricinoleic acid, has a good affinity with keratin, the main constituent of hair.

Strengthens, restructures and softens dry, brittle and broken hair.

sesame: rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids.

it is a rather light oil, often used for massages in India.

It has excellent regenerating, anti-dandruff, soothing, antibacterial properties.

essential oil of cedar: has an anti-fall action and strengthens the hair from the roots.

Purifies the scalp.

Omit this ingredient if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Fragrance: I chose the amber, warm, enveloping and Middle Eastern one.

It is only for perfuming, it is subjective and an affair.

Stir with a teaspoon and into the vial.

I recommend using a colored or opaque, non-transparent bottle to prevent light from passing through and reaching the oil causing it to rancid.

Keep away from heat sources.

Of the ingredients you find the link for the purchase in the info box Subscribe to the channel if you have not already done so.

See you soon on Angela BioBeauty & Relax ASMR.


Source: Youtube

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