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How I do my hair in less than five minutes | HAIR TUTORIAL


Stefanie: Hey, you! Today I’m going to show you how I do my hairin less than five minutes.

If you don’t have a lot of experience curlingyour hair, I’m going to show you an easy way to do it today.

Stefanie: Hey, you! I’m Stefanie, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Our mission is simple: You are loved beyondmeasure.

And today I’m going to show you how I do myhair in less than five minutes with having very little experience doing hair.

I used to not be able to curl my hair wellat all, and now I’m able to make it look super fun and cute in less than five minutes, andI will show you how.

Stefanie: Okay, my first step is I use thisPrep Rally dry bar primer.

You can use this on wet or damp hair beforestyling, or use before you dry your hair to refresh your style.

I use this.

I 99% of the time let my hair air-dry, butwhen I’m letting it air-dry, sometimes I wake up, and it’s still wet, so I still need todry it before I style it.

Stefanie: My hair is really long.

It actually got so much longer because I letit air-dry.

I try not to use too much heat on it too often.

Like the days that I’m not doing somethingwith it, I literally just put it up in a bun or something.

I use this Memory Mist from OUAI before Idry it because it’s a hair protector.

Stefanie: And then I use this NP Beautifulhair dryer.

It’s so nice.

Again, it’s a little bit damp in differentplaces, so I’m going to dry it out a little bit, and I use a round brush to do that.

Stefanie: I love that hair dryer because itmakes my hair feel so soft.

And usually I do a better job with the roundbrush, like sometimes I flip my hair upside down and just kind of have it in a circle.

Stefanie: Okay, so the next step.

This T3 curling iron changed my life, youguys.

Honestly, I didn’t ever do anything with myhair, and then T3 sent me this.

I’m not getting paid to say this right nowabout it.

They just sent it to me to try.

And it honestly has been such a lifesaver.

I should be careful because it gets reallyhot.

I was so bad at curling my hair, but thismade it so easy.

It takes me less than five minutes to do myhair, and I love the way it curls my hair, so I’m going to show you how to use it.

Stefanie: It has three different sizes thatthey gave me for this.

Again, it’s really hot.

It heats up really fast.

I literally just pressed the button, and it’salready heated up, so let me show you how to do it.

Stefanie: Okay, so I brush out my hair, andthen I part it.

Well, I don’t do like a full part, but I justput it on two sides.

And then I go to the bottom, and I take alittle chunk of hair, and I brush it out, and I take it like this.

I’ve already put my Memory Mist on, whichis a heat protector.

Then I just hold it for about 10 seconds andlook how pretty that curl looks.

So pretty.

Okay, again.

Stefanie: I literally was the worst ever atcurling my hair, so this product is a lifesaver for me.

So I start from the bottom.

Again, just be really careful because it’sreally hot, and then I just wrap it to the top, and I don’t do it all the way.

I let the ends sit so it’s not super curledat the ends.

See how pretty they look? Stefanie: If you guys go back and look backon my Instagram feed, you will see I never did my hair.

It looks wild and frizzy if you look closelybecause, like I said, I just let it air-dry, and then I didn’t do anything to it.

Sometimes I just straightened the parts rightaround my face that get really curly.

It just took too long, and I just didn’t knowhow to curl my hair.

I’ve tried so many different things to tryto use to curl my hair, and just none of it really looked that good.

Then I found this.

Stefanie: I don’t know if you can tell, butmy hair is really long, but it’s also really thin, so that’s why I just have to be extracareful with heat protectors and things like that because my hair is really thin.

My hair used to be so damaged because I wasa swimmer all growing up, then a lifeguard and a swim coach, so I have to just be extracareful.

I’ve done a lot to try to grow my hair andmake it healthy.

That’s why I use heat protectors, I use hairmasks, and I try not to put too much heat on it too often, although this T3 Micro isamazing, and I love to use it as much as possible.

Stefanie: As you can see, my hair is reallycurly, so I kind of just separate it, just because I like that natural waves.

Then I’m going to use this OUAI volumizinghairspray.

Stefanie: Like I told you guys, my hair isreally long, but it’s also really thin, so I actually put these in, and I don’t put verymany in.

I actually clip two together, and it’s thesame exact color as my hair.

I just take right like where my ears are.

I just make a part.

I just hair-clip it up, and then I unclip.

I actually don’t tease right here.

You can, but I just clip it in, and you caneasily curl these pieces as well.

Usually I curl it when it’s not in my hair,so I just put it in right there, and it just helps add some volume to my hair.

Stefanie: I don’t use the extensions everyday, but it makes for a lot fuller of a look.

And then I just go in with my straightener,and I straighten just around my face because it gets really curly sometimes.

And then if any of the ends need a littleextra help.

Stefanie: So this is the final look.

I will link all the products I use down below.

If you like this video, I would love if yousubscribe down below, like, and comment and tell me what you like to see next.

I want you to know, you are loved beyond measure,and we hope you have a great day.

Source: Youtube

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