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Cutting my Sister’s Hair | Haircut + Easy How To Hairstyles Tutorial


(upbeat music) – I'll just frame my face withthose, loosen that up a bit.

(energetic music) – It's Marissa and todayI am doing something that I never thought I would do.

I am cutting my hair.

I never thought I would say that.

(laughs) Okay, I've already cut itand I absolutely love it, but I'm not gonna show you theend results, because I want you guys to come with me tothe salon and get it cut there.

Gonna do some B-roll andthen after you see that, I'm gonna show you guys my hair.

I absolutely love it.

I don't know why I wanted to cut my hair, but I've been thinkingabout it for about a month and I was just like, "You knowwhat, I'm just gonna do it.

" We are here in southern Utah, and Jinger has a really good cosmetologist that she recommended tome and I was just like, "You know what? "This is the perfect time to do it.

" And I was just like, "Why not?" I want to change something about my hair and I didn't know what it was so this was probably the leastdramatic I could do, ya know? But, I wanted to cut my hair because I just wanted some sort of change.

I don't know.

I've had my long hair for a long time and I feel like it just grew out.

It was past my pant line.

It was getting prettylong and I was just like, "You know what? "I'm just gonna cut it, it grows back.

"If I don't like it, it grows back.

" That's the mindset to be in, right? Anyway, I want you guys to come with me to the salon and get my hair cut.

Hope you guys like it.

I really do love my hair and I will see you when we are back.

Okay guys, this is the official before of my hair before the cut.

It is so long.

(upbeat music) Peace out, hair.

Let's go.

(energetic music) (whooshing) (upbeat music) Hey guys, I am back from the salon.

This is my hair.

It's a couple days later because I kinda forgot to film theoutro and intro part of it.

We just filmed me cutting my hair.

I hope you guys like it.

I really do like it.

I crimped it today for the first time.

I love the layers and thepretty front pieces right here.

It's very cute.

Here it is.

This is day two crimped hairand I didn't even re-crimp it today so, it's very, very easy to manage.

Anyway, I really do love it and she thinned it out too,which was really nice.

It's not as heavy and thick.

I haven't put it up yet inbraids or ponytails, but I think it'd look super cute if Iput my hair up like this.

My ponytail is so short, butI still think it's adorable.

You've already seen it if you've watched the cover video that Clay and I did, but I hope you guys liked it.

Please subscribe if you want to learn some short hairstyles.

If you guys have shorthair, comment down below what length your hair's atbecause I'd love to know who has long hair and who has short hair because I used to have long hair, like all the way downthere, but now I cut it! Seriously, I washed it and Iwas like, "I don't actually "need a big thing of conditionerto make my hair soft.

" (upbeat music) Alright guys, I know I've been jumping around in this video a lot.

I've gone a week of schoolwith my "short hair.

" Apparently, it's not thatshort to some people, but it definitely is short to me.

I thought I would show you some of the short hairstyles I've been loving.

If you guys are new to this channel and you're looking forsome new hairstyles, I did a lot of videos with my long hair.

You guys can go check outthose videos if you want some hairstyles if you don't havethe same haircut that I do.

I'm gonna be showing youguys some short hairstyles so really, I have hairstyleson the internet for everybody.

If you guys wanna go check those out, I'll leave the link to themin the description box below.

Without any further ado, let's get on to these short hairstyles because I am excited to show you guys.

Let's go.

(upbeat music) First up, I'm just goingto brush through my hair and something I've noticed with my hair is I can literally brushit with one strand.

When it's wet, I used togo like that, you know? You long hair people can understand.

After the shower, when Ibrush it, seriously one stroke and it is so, so nice.

I'm gonna first showyou guys the messy bun.

I used to wear my hair, when my hair was long, in a messy bun so much.

I didn't cut it super short because I still wanted to fit itup in a ponytail and a bun.

I'm gonna show you guyshow I do my messy buns.

I first start by brushing it back.

I bring it up into a high ponytail and if you want you can add a front braid, or a cute headband, or a cute hair scarf.

That would be super cute.

But, this is just the basics.

You can spice it up or make it more or less messy depending on what you like.

You guys will be mind blownon how simple and easy this messy bun is thatI'm gonna show you guys.

I have an elastic on mywrist and I take the hair, make a little loop, little bubble, and then I bring this extra hair and I wrap it around itself.

It's so much easier with this short hair.

Then, I just tuck it in.

Then, I pull out some pieces.

I had my lady.

My lady.

My cosmetologist person, frame my face with some pieces right here.

I'll loosen it up a little bit.

That is seriously the simplest bun ever.

Then, I pull it apart dependingon how messy you want it.

If I have a part that'ssticking up right here, I'll either leave it, or not,depending on how I like it.

I have to show you guys these.

These are some humongous bobby pins that I used to have for my long hair, but I need to go to the store again and get some short bobbypins because these.

I do not need them anymore.

If you have long hair though,I highly recommend these.

They stay in your hair a lot better.

My hair is super thick.

It still is super thick, but I don't know, these bobby pins are useless right now.

Alright, and that is my messy bun.

Messy, I know.

I don't know if you call thismessy, but it's not like, a sock bun or a ballerina bun,if you wanna call it that.

Guys, I remember, I usedto wear buns so much with my long hair, but withthis short hair, the first day that I wore a bun I seriouslyfelt like I was free and that my hair was not amillion pounds on my head.

I'll wear a bun and I won't even get a headache at theend of the school day.

Wearing a high ponytaildoesn't hurt at all.

I'm super glad that I cut my hair.

This is the messy bun ifyou guys wanna try that out.

The easiest messy bun ever.

If you didn't quite getthat, I have a video.

I'll link it down below on the easiest messy bun in the world.

(energetic music) (upbeat music) What a transition, guys.

Okay, for the second one.

I actually wanna tell you something before I start with he second one.

I straightened my hairprobably two days ago and my hair's getting greasy, so I probably should wash it, but anyway.

Straightening my hair usedto take about 30 minutes, but now it takes 10 to 15minutes and it was so nice.

Crimping my hair.

Curling my hair.

Same thing.

I don't know.

It's just big time saver, too.

If you guys are thinking about it, highly recommend, once again.

For this second one, this isa really simple one, as well.

It requires no braiding.

I will make a whole nothershort hairstyles video, if you guys wanna see that,with some more complicated hairstyles with braiding involved.

These ones are not gonna be any braiding.

This next one, I'm just going to bring it into a low ponytail.

Low ponytail's are so nice with short hair because they're not allthe way down your back.

Then, I will take thepieces that my little cosmetologist cut out andI'll frame my face with those.

Loosen that up a bit.

I would do it with ascrunchie, but I can't find any because I have three othersisters that take them.

I'll just do this, wear it with some cozy sweatshirts and then I'm good to go.

Seriously, the easiest hairstyle ever and it works great with acurled or a straight ponytail.

Or even crimped, or evennatural, whatever you want.

(upbeat music) For this next one, you willneed two little elastics.

You know what I'm talking about.

This is just to get thebangs out of the face.

Pieces right here.

If I don't want to have thosein my face the whole day, I will take one of thesetiny, tiny elastics, bring some hair right here justto hold it up a little bit, and then I'll tie it in a pig tail.

I'll do it to the other side, as well.

Seriously guys, thesehairstyles are so simple, but I'm going to make anothervideo for short hairstyles, so make sure to subscribe down below.

Again, this is another Vlogmas video, so stay tuned for another video, as well.

Then I will pull out some pieces.

Once again, make it alittle more grown up.

Also, I've heard that I look older with short hair for some reason.

Don't know how thatworks, but then I will.

I sound like an announcer.

I will.

I'll puff up these pieces righthere and there you have it.

You have some pig tails.

Cute, guys.

There you have it.

You have another simple hairstyle.

(energetic music) Next hairstyle, I can't really show you because I didn't take a shower before this and I don't have wet hair right now.

But, if you're lookingfor a heat-less hairstyle that you can still wear your hair down in and it looks super cute,I have this product called Coconut Oil Curl Cream by Natural Oil.





It is Coconut Oil Curl Cream.

These are all the benefits that it has.

I use this stuff when Ijust got out of the shower and my hair's been dryingfor about 10 minutes.

I will just squirt some in myhand and I'll run it through.

Then, I'll scrunch it up.

I have some natural waves in my hair without using heat on itif I just let it air dry.

It enhances those and makes it curly, if you know what I mean.

Then, it'll dry like that, as well.

I love to use this.

This is what I do if I takea shower in the morning and I wanna go to schoolwith my hair down.

I'll just scrunch it up.

It'll be wet for maybe firstperiod, but then it'll dry because my hair is super thick.

But, if your hair is thinand it has a little bit of natural curl to it,this enhances the curl and makes those curls stand out more.

It's not as frizzy, as well.

If your hair is frizzy,this is a great product too.

Again, this is not asponsored video by them, but the coconut also smellsreally good, as well.

Also, this was $5.

99 at Marshall's.

If you wanna get it, this iswhere I found it and their shampoo and conditioneris really good too.

I want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much for watching.

If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe down below.

More short hairstyles coming soon.

I will see you next time.


(upbeat music).

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