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How to get rid of OILY HAIR | RICE WATER DIY


All my life I had problems with oily hair.

For example, sometimes I could wash it in the morning and in the evening it looked greasy.

Or it looked greasy the next day.

By saying this, I want to highlight the fact that I washed it even four times a week.

And this thing changed one month ago.

When I could wash it only one time a week if I wanted to.

And about all of this you will find soon.

As usual, in the description box the video is split into sections.

What causes oily hair? Every person is different, so the things which causes me oily hair, won't necessarily cause you oily hair.

I know there are more causes of this problem.

But I will oily speak about those which apply in my case.

Firstly, if I touch my hair too often.

This thing can cause the sebum to spread faster.

A second things is if you use oils for your hair to not.

Apply them at the root of your hair.

And to be careful how you rinse your hair.

Use warm water and.

Rinse it at least two or three times.

The third thing is if you wash it too often.

I know if you have oily hair it is difficult not to wash it too often.


I recommend you to add one day between washes every week.

Because it is a vicious circle.

The more you wash it, the more sebum is produced.

And especially if you have medium or long hair.

The hair will get drier faster.

And the forth thing.

I noticed then when I put my hair in a bun or in a ponytail.

The hair doesn't get greasy so fast.

How did I get rid of oily hair? Before all of this I want to highlight two things.

The first thing is that.

You won't have a fabulous hair for two weeks after you washed it.

No, but at least you will be able to wash it one or two times a week depending on your preferences.

Number two.

As I've highlighted at the beginning.

Every one of us is different, so if this treatment.

Worked for me, it doesn't mean it will work for you.

Our bodies can react completely different.

The treatment which I used to get rid of this oily hair is.

Yes, it is treatment with rice water.

Which I'm about to talk soon.

What are the benefits of rice water? And how do you make it? The rice water has the following benefits: It can help your hair have more shine, to get stronger, and it can also help you to grow it.

This is due to the fact that rice water has: B and E vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals.

This treatment was used for centuries in Asia.

And it was also proved scientifically that it worked.

When I started the treatment I used it to help me grow my hair.

But I noticed that after one month of treatment.

When i used it one time a week.

It also helped me reduce the sebum.

And to make this treatment.

You will need two tablespoons of rice, two cups of water and then.

You let it sit overnight to adjust the pH of water.

Then you use it to rinse the hair.

You let it sit in your hair for ten minutes.

And ten more minutes with a conditioner or a hair mask.

Another thing which I consider useful is using a scalp scrub.

This can help you not only when you have oily hair, but.

Also if you have problem with the dandruff.

A scalp exfoliation can help you to get rid of excess sebum; produced by scalp, of dandruff, but also of products such as hair spray, hair gel, of dirt, and so on.

I used this scrub also when I had problems with oily hair.

And for example if I used it, the next day my hair had volume and.

It didn't start to get greasy.

Back then I used it once a week.

But since I started the hair treatments.

I use it just once a month.

The treatment which I use is the one.

The Body Shop.

With green tea.

But you can also use a natural scrub.

Such as the one made of sugar, oatmeal and a conditioner.

I hope you found this video informative.

In the comments section I would like you to tell me if you tried this treatment.

And what results you had.

And see you next time.

Source: Youtube

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