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Oily hair tips – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #2


hi there, i'm Christina from HairRomance.

Comnow we're in day 2 of our 30 days of q a's at which i'll be answering allyour good hair questions.

Now on to day 2 and I'm really excited I'm still ontarget, two days in that's pretty good for me! And if you're watching yesterdayyeah I still haven't washed my hair but I did just restyle it a little bit andit kind of relates pretty well to this question that came in from Instagram andI'm sorry I'm not sure if it's Leone or Leonie, she wrote in and said "my teenagedaughter really struggles with oily hair her hair is naturally wavy but fine andshe doesn't want to wash every day, any tips?" well yes I have lots so let's talkoily hair.

So I have naturally dry hair but over the years I have had quite oilyhair as well particularly when I was in when I was a teenager quite I havenaturally oily skin and I think my hair is drier now because it's become curlierand because I color it but when my hair is its natural color it does tend tohave more of an oily scalp.

So, a few things,I completely agree she shouldn't be washing her hair every day.

Sometimes overwashing your hair can cause your scalp to produce more oil and give theimpression that you have oily hair when really you have a fairly normal scalp soif you are washing every day try and stretch that out, and the way I do thisis with dry shampoo.

Initially at the beginning you want to just skip one daylike wash every second day until you can stretch it out.

I mean, look, I don't wantto count I think I'm on like day eight my hair is freshly colored soit does make a big difference and I have just restyled it but you can get a longway without having to wash your hair.

I kind of do need to today but in themean time, dry shampoo – so I really like a couple of brands.

Batiste – because they dothese little travel minis.

These go everywhere with me and also the newSchwarzkopf got2be one.

This one has a little bit of volume.

I have anotherBatiste product that I absolutely adore for volume but this is a really goodlike midweek doesn't make your hair feel too stiff or sticky but gives a littlebit more lift and volume at the roots but otherwise I think just a regular dryshampoo works well.

Now I'm going to link in thedescription box some tips for using dry shampoo that I've put up here alreadybut as a quick rundown you want to do really light sprays.

It comes out as avery fine powder and if you're getting white marks you're using too muchproduct and too close so just sort of experiment to see how that works.

Andthen the trick with dry shampoo is to leave it on your hair for about 60seconds just where you keep getting ready and then come back and either workit in with your fingers if she's got wavy hair or if she wants to can put abrush through it as well and that will help distribute the dry shampoo throughyou won't have any marks you'll just have that nice little lift at the rootswhere it's absorbed any excess oil that's sitting on your scalp.

So that ismy tip – I say always dry shampoo is my secret for getting rid of oily hair Ican show you I'm trying to see how I can deal with this here pretty much you canjust spray just a little of light sprays like that and then let that work in andthen just either give it a little shake with your fingertips or brush it throughnow another tip I've got before if you had suffered with an oily scalp is howyou're washing your hair.

So this is a little technique so you can see I've usethis using my fingertips to do that and that's normally how you wash your hairas well really kind of giving your scalp and massage and while I think thisis a really good technique for dry scalps normal scalps if you suffer froma very oily scalp giving yourself a really good head massage actually justkind of encourages your scalp to produce more oil so can make the problem feel alittle bit worse so rather than when you shampoo giving yourself a proper headmassage with your fingertips use the palms of your hand that's sort of gentleall-over pressure where you just sort of wash your hair a bit like this to workthe product through it's just a little bit gentler it's not activating thosesort of oil glands in your scalp as much and I think that can also help whenyou're shampooing your hair to still get that nice clean feeling but without theadded pressure from your fingertips on your scalp just actually using yourhands working it around and then just using a lot of water to rinse out allthe product and one more thing is well I'm going toa lot of tips so that's how to shampoo your hair when you have an oily scalpand the other one is not to apply any conditioner to your scalp I always liketo think of conditioner from ears down so kind of that amount of hair that youcan grab like in a ponytail and this is what you should be putting yourconditioner on and then if you have any left at the end you can kind of work itthrough the top and any sort of small layers around the front but if you'vegot an oily scalp just from that ears down point is all you need to do andwhere you should be applying your conditioner that's also when I'll get acomb and detangle kind of work it through my hair but that is where youneed to be focusing your conditioner and make sure that you rinse that reallyreally well any conditioner residue in your hair when you have an oily scalpwill start to make your hair feel kind of a bit lank as soon as you've washedit so you don't ever get that like fresh hair feeling.

So they're my tips – dryshampoo to help wear your hair a little bit longer so you're not washing itevery day, washing – shampooing your hair with your palms and making sure you'renot applying any conditioner to your scalp and rinsing it really really well.

One extra bonus tip that just came to me as well turn the temperature of yourshower down a little bit.

I love to have a super hot shower but if you've got anoily scalp it can just inflame it a little bit so just rinsing your hairwith sort of warm of water and to cooler water whatever you can handle butjust not super hot, will also help too.

Great, so that is our Q&A number two ofmy Hair Romance Good Hair questions feel free to drop some more in the commentsbelow or hit me up on social media I'm @hairromance you can also head overto HairRomance.

Com where you'll find lots of tutorials and tipswhatever your hair type is thanks for watching and I'll see you tomorrow bye.

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