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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, how are you doing as you can tell by the title and the thumbnail? It is I tried Khloe Kardashian's diet Honestly, this wasn't too hard, but then again there wasn't easy They're all certain parts were was struggling a little bit but overall Pretty good.

I can actually Do this Almost every day.

I would say I would need some cheat days that Besides that I'll be good.

And also we are beat in in below We are getting so close to the keep-away.

I'm so excited um, if you don't know the giveaway ends on September 3rd and a stream that's active way and I'm going to be starting an All-new giveaway of more back-to-school stuff because I know some people go to back to school.

Um, Earlier than others.

So I'm also doing another one where there's two more winners There's not going to be electronics, but it'll still be really good.

So Stay tuned for that and click the number of vacation Bell so that you get notified every single time I post a video so that you'll see when I post the next giveaway To let your enter in and multiple giveaways so that you got an even bigger chance of winning stuff.

So, um, Besides that let's jump into the video Ok, so it's day one of the Khloe Kardashian um diet and I just woke up just comb my hair put it into a ponytail still in my pajamas comfy shirt and she has a smoothie for breakfast and what you're going to be needing for the smoothie is Berries, you're also going to be needing protein powder Ice and then you're you're also going to be one team peanut butter and a blender to blend it all up and that's what I'm gonna be having for breakfast and There was no measurements whatsoever So I'm just going to do it – what I think would be the right amount to create a smoothie.

I don't know Let's see how it turns out.

Okay So I have my blender right in front And I have all the ingredients Behind a blender.

I'm not true which one I should start with So I just funded it all Not really all up because also that'll show her to blend would react Mm-hmm.

It just went to blend.

I'm not sure why it would work I decided to keep on talking so you know what I did.

I fast forward it for you guys and now let's play some music Everything's cool.

Everything's fine.

Everything's chill until you see a grizzly bear Approaching.

Oh my god, grizzly Grizzly bear is the grizzly bear.

I found me a grizzly bear Bianca look, it's a Bianca bear This is my smokey Mike's movie Anyways, those are my dogs if you want to see more I'll skip to the end of every video cuz I always been circle I didn't finish that and That was actually really appetizing I was really good.

I was full and it's currently lunch time she'll typically have She set the snacks throughout her and tile or She'll typically have two snacks in total with all her meals and stuff But she'll typically have a snack in between breakfast, but she oh I get it I'm a hungry girl too, but that filled me up so much.

So I'm not even having the snack tomorrow or some other day I'll definitely try the snack just say yo I was so full but I might have the dinner snack but currently after that she will have some chicken and What I just did is I took some chicken breast and then I seasoned it and I chopped it up into almost like choke chicken strips I guess you could say and then I just cooked those and then she likes to have a dum dum Well, well it was Sad to think about um, well then she'll have the chicken with some vegetables with it which I'm just going to be having roasted broccoli so I'm just gonna make and then I'll show you what it looks like and I'll tell you how it fills me up throughout the day and we'll see how I feel after that meal and most likely I'll probably do her workout after that.

But um, we'll see let's do it So here is my food it looks really good the chicken, oh my god, I make this chicken a lot So it's nothing new to me.

I have some roasted broccoli, which I'm very excited about Bianca are you hungry? Oh my god Girl, you smell me.

Oh Yeah, things are so cute look at that look at this, but that's my food, okay, okay But this is my food currently and I'm just going to be numb Xin na mean.

Oh, no what you guys say? Um Eating.

Yeah, I think everybody says that I'm going to be eating this food Short dog break a course was just there in the corner Okay, so I just finished all of that and I will say I'm so full but not uncomfortably full just a very full and um also give this video like if the little parts of the dog my little dog Those parts.

I feel like those parts were really cute When he I was like in my hair whatever but if you liked it please give it a like if you like Doc's please give it a like if you like dogs also stay to the very end like To the very end all the way down here cuz I always put on these little dog snippets in every single one in my video where it's just like my dogs But I was just saying that I'll just also Kourtney Kardashian loves drink lots of water Which I'll blame her for.

Um, especially when you are going on a diet or just for your health It's always very very good for you to drink water.

She likes to drink 6 liters Okay, so here's my old TV I am just wearing this loose Yet slowly but it won't get me to sweating you shirt That I'm wearing some sport shirts with underlining and oh my hair up into a ponytail No, Julie, no nothing.

And now let's go in try So this is her workout, this is her ab workout, which I did find on her Um up and we will see how it goes with all almost every single moment She has a BOSU ball on have a BOSU ball.

So I'm not going to be using a BOSU ball I do have one of the The full ones which I can do.

I don't really think anybody can do But yeah We are just going to be trying it together And we'll see how I feel after this and then that should be right around when you shall have a snack And typically after I workout I do get hungry so typically I will have like babies nap, but no baby tomatoes or just something that Will nourish me, but also keep me this first move is called the jump Let's go jump legs open and closed where she's like so Open And you're supposed to do 10 reps, I'm not sure how much I did shoot Okay, so that was the first one let's check out the next move Standard crunches on a BOSU ball, but once again on the BOSU ball and and you're supposed to do ten of these The next move are both crunches on the BOSU ball Which is Just fueling up But the next move is straight like crunches which is Like this and you're gonna be doing ten of them And your legs are up and then you go down like this you're down like this it's really awkward Then you have in an ounce Which ability there's so many crunches which is eluding your legs are up as they come in And once again, you're going to want to be using your arms Straight legged crunch was that hard enough? Only Accessories so Once again, it's time reps and that's all.

Well not necessarily Because Chloe actually does that twice to always have four times My abs are quaking Currently and like I said in the beginning and I get very hungry during a workout So I'm going to go try out her snap which are baby red tomatoes with 12 almonds specifically So that's what I'm going to be having for my workout snack now that I have my tomatoes and I have All of these almonds, that's what I'm going to be eating Because Chloe will have Solman Salmon Solman.

I like to call its almond I got these burgers and I do also have the play in this home in but I'm going to be trying these today It did not specify what oil I should be using but in oil that goes with literally Everything is Sun forth.

Just a little bit of slung slunt Sunflower oil, so I'm going to be using oils for this It's a brand new so I'm popping off the lid and pulling off.

Ooh, that's really uh, And popping off this little tabby Oh, no, what's that called the ceiling going to be splashing just a little bit Not too much.

We don't want to get too much On our food just the amount so that you're capable of covering your pan without getting it.

Um, Overloaded let's turn it on Medium and I'm just going to Put it in the center and wait for it to have the finished What's called sallman patty and you take very much caution into this if you don't cook it thoroughly Then it will be raw and raw is not good for you.

You want cooked fish? Unless you're having sushi.

Just going to be putting it on to my plate I have some vegetables with these this is frozen vegetables So I am just going to be using the same pan and it still has oil from it So that's what I'm excited about that some red peppers by the way.

It's not on I Have some broccoli.

I have some carrots and I'm not sure what that is And that's what I'm going to be cooking up currently So I am going to be putting the vegetables on the side and I'm going to make it look nice and Purdy So I'm going to be moving the sallman Patty to the side and the vegetables is going to be like in the shape of C So now it looks nice and pretty Right, like doesn't that look like something you'd find in a restaurant? Okay.

So this is the final meal final dish I'm really excited to eat it I love Solomon and I love broccoli and what's called red peppers and I do love carrots.

So I'm excited it was honestly so This wasn't too hard.

But yet again, it wasn't that easy I could do it like every day but yet have a cheat day on the weekends or something.

Um Hope you guys enjoyed today's video.

If you didn't please give a thumbs up Comment down below what your favorite color is? I'm genuinely curious.

My favorite color are pretty much all blues and then Specifically teals, I love like baby teals dirt feels like just peels in general.

Um, And gold golden teals golden blues But I want to know yours, um, tell me your top three and then That's it for today's video.

Hope you guys enjoy a dog that wants to play Bo.

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