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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide




I know that hit seven honey can also show our appreciation.

We will be given as a gift we just want to show our appreciation This is the best baby formula 3000 Stegner, but yes, we are grateful for our thanks so we're going to be giving this way to a mother in need, so if you're a mother you need to This is for you so that, basically, to the Can the gift tell them when to get away? Yes basically I got everything new.

Never used Nope, we do not even need this.

He only blesses someone with bottles we have our bottles of drinking water and Everybody's No, we do not want our daughter to drink formula milk.

Not everyone is different, honey raised a son, so he gives us this far of recognition and to qualify everything you have to do Do not follow me cuz imma be honest.

I'm not active on Instagram.

She is active on Instagram for uh by following the links below you will be below I heard it 20 K follow it, but also mu Nemer and let him know what to know if you want and are we doing DM Lauren for everyone? Instagram is going to take their names, write it on a piece of paper Y What you want to do a raffle is not so easy? Yes, yes, and the winners do not know absolutely y'all again, we're going to need you the direction and all the good things that This one is as real as it is cool.

I wish we had our daughter in just listening to sis is pretty cool and yes we should want an explosion shot because he knows that some loyal subscribers there that I observe this day and night um I have a software to do was from me to know if you do watches Day and one night we got something for you cuz hit us several how to take care to know almost close to the million well we appreciate all that how to see as each ER JLo squad as all that means a lot to us you know we arrived along Get that one oh Yes, if you did not realize that we made a lot of gifts before we sent it out at the last minute it was hair bundles was Lauren.

Death has died off without turning off the love that just barely Yes she chose some winners on Instagram you know we like she said we turn around so if you want to win this DM us a wheat as it does not matter how many people give should be gone right all named now who name we collect is just going to be the winner of Wow but in a paragraph you know Father Hagy Lauren a 20k You know that she is active in her desired 20k.

We have seven and K subscribers you know I'll show Lauren love and yes, let's get this video started at what's good, JLo family, I'm back in the game with another joke I do not know why I'm talking so long cuz Lauren is in the living room taking a nap and at I just got directly to him.

I'm short your We've known about the endless prank war I'm tired of this prank war prank yesterday put my drink viagra on Um a cool to say that the boy was horny.

The boy.

Everything was hard all day You know I'm saying he did not want him to go hard rocks I could not sleep in my stomach, because I was like a disc I had to see things on my phone on my back you know but I'm not the cutter we even know that she just finished her hair dad not too long ago everyone in the comments, and she looks good with the blonde we even know what I'm saying to someone just cut and I'm just Cut imma notice go for the scissors cut out probably adjust the camera oh I will not hide the camera cuz she will wake up.

She is going to flip her now Magnezone No, but give this video 20,000 likes.

Let's freakin go man.

Let's finish this priority today.

Is done They know I'm saying y'all came later, but potential.

I do not know about this business.

Let's go to Few moments later for the big freaking those scissors do not work for goods so there is no word of what I'm listening to this to forget dick Terrebonne Oh silent G, but we cook I have more, Oh no, stop the reproduction was not look.

Go look in the mirror.

Go look in the mirror.

That's why when you get praying.

That's what happened to you pregnant it is in fact to to You tried to cut my hair was so strong that I'm not to finish because I'm in the cous he wrote, let me finish let me finish It is already messy.

Let me finish my so let me finish.

Oh my god, you have a buddy boss, your head has a boss My favorite freakin phone is Brahma with hitting you.

Oh my God, This is my favorite hair bundles.

Why do it? I? I just had to get this installed like two days ago.


Are you going to pay for new packages ah? You're not one more blondes no more going there now.

Oh my God, Dang, bro my favorite.

It is like.

Oh What did you do? finish not ending Camilla I received your mom I I have your mom one of I have the mama dinna tell you never pick me What's wrong, baby Well, that's fine, you're hungry Baby we can have a bottle is hungry other priorities then you are here Bro look at my hair will have to cut the hair cut and have one of the Bab down The week we go that way.

I was like a weaker days bro.

No, I was not pregnant with Hey, hey baby, she holding inches though it still has half an inch looks at me no friggin research reefs are fine on my bro face.

In my face so you do not want to go in and pray for anything Like maybe I'd like to shave my eyebrows off Laura.

Do not do that but you can get to solve this is not this temporary I have to book a style appointment.

This is the great reserved until temporary from not shaving my eyebrows.

You look for me like booboo the fool does not I still like this type of hair very much.

I was going to keep this dryer say goodbye do not add more here.

You can see if you Dig that on the baby, I bet here you have one hundred me guys get your video 10,000 10,000 likes like like I said we'll call you I do not know Oh your sister she faced until the sure your style sure his scar looks at my hair, bro yes it was chopped Yes, that's not funny, bro yes, and a little, I do not know Can I keep my hair up to my hair can I even leave his hose Hey look at this he cut my hair cut, bro He just pranked me out she was sleeping.

I was sleeping.


You just cut look at this oh and I can not go by any means yeah, let's go This list is a part of the team – What can I say? and what can I say, I'm all man? P Sade Let's go below comment that I think about this joke now.

I am the king in this mischief stuff, man babies made you against the world every time I receive I can love the sport that was always suza llama mother.

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