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In today's video I'm going to share with you guys how I was able to bleach my hair at home and achieve this nice blonde hair Hey guys, what's up, it's sherry.

So as you guys can see my hair is Blonde, I'm really happy on how it turned out I might just have to tone it a little bit more with the purple shampoo or what not but all in all I Like how we turned out? It's been a while since I had my hair all blonde.

I finally got the chance to Find the time to do my hair so I feel like myself again So basically I wanted to do this video and share with you guys how I was able to bleach my hair at home So I want to just kind of go through you guys go with you guys through the steps that I took to Do my hair like to bleach my hair the first things first? I want to let you guys know put a disclaimer out there as per usual that I am NOT a professional I'm not a Licensed hairstylist or anything like that? I'm just a regular person who learnt things Through watching videos here on YouTube and just reading things and just learning through things that I've seen On the Internet and I'm also one of those people who just like to do things on their own through past experiences from going to the salon I've had many failed salon experiences and I just don't want to go through that again, especially paying money, you know whatever if you guys Want to bleach your hair and don't know anything Please go to professional because you don't want to risk ruining your hair But if you were a risk taker like I am by all means go for it But just make sure to take precautions because anything can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing So I just wanted to put that out there Oh for the steps that he took I'm just gonna walk you guys through And then just share with you guys the video of me doing my hair So the first thing that I did before I bleached my hair Was apply coconut oil I've done this I did this the first time that I bleached my hair Well, not the first time I wish from here, but the last time that I bleached my hair And I could you not my hair feel so nice and silky after I washed everything Like my hair felt really? Healthy like it felt amazing And didn't feel like I bleached my hair cuz before when I would bleach my hair and wash it and not put coconut oil It felt so stringy and then fragile like if I was going to comb through it But like everything was going to just break off but after using the coconut oil it just made my hair feel so good So I've made the decision to every time I bleach my hair.

I'm always going to apply coconut oil oil So cobra oil pretty much just acts as a protection barrier to the hair to protect it from damage So that is what I did first.

I would just melt the coconut oil in the mixing bowl You can go ahead and microwave it to speed up the process but I was Basically pretty much too lazy to go microwave because I was upstairs and my kitchen was In the main floor, and I didn't want to walk down there So I just left it in the mixing bowl And then I placed it on top of another container of hot water for it to melt naturally after it was done melting I just applied it to my hair animation that I applied it nice and evenly and then I just let that sit on my hair for 10 minutes or so and after that I moved on to bleaching Before I went and washed my hair, I went ahead and sectioned it.

So I Did four quadrants on my hair, so I parted it down the middle and then I parted again down the sides of my hair So I took it from the top and then kind of like parted it to the back of my ear and then I clipped all the sections away So that I would just work with one section first and that first section was going to be the section on the back because when Lygia my hair I like to start off at the back of my head because it takes a lot longer for the hair to process When you're bleaching from the back from all the information that I've seen online Like if you're going to be starting at the front your hair will process a lot faster Faster because there is more heat at the top of your head then usually at the back correct me if I'm wrong But from what I've also noticed who bleaching my hair it takes a lot longer for the hair process here.

So Since the back was a lot harder for you to do for me to do on my own I like to start on this side first so that everything else will just come in and process All evenly at the same time after I sectioned my hair I went ahead and I mixed my bleach So the bleach that I used was this Beach here.

It's the Agora Vial blind bleach powder and I use the blonde me developer and 30 volume This bleach I will post a link in the description Below where you can purchase this this bleach that I have though My friend bought it for me.

She's a Licensed professional and she can get hurt your hands her hands on all this stuff, obviously So I asked if she can get me, you know a tub for myself that I can use So that's where I got it from but for some of the non professionals out there who don't have access to the beauty supply store I'm sure they have them online and I will post it down below Link where you can buy it because this pleat actually is really good stuff compared to the ones that I've tried to Sally's so what I did was it took a scoop of that bleach and I just eyeballed both those groups of the Developer then I mixed that into a nice creamy consistency just Like you see here, and then now it's time to bleach the hair.

So with the back section, I just took a small section at the bottom and I just applied the bleach to my roots.

So I'm working on my roots first I'm not gonna be applying bleach to my ends because my ends are already late.

So I'm basically just working with my roots first I'm just applying the bleach to my roots and ending where the lightness the lightest part of my hair starts Because as time goes the bleach will kind of bleed on its own and work its way down from the natural heat that comes from my head, and I know that most professionals say do not apply the bleach directly on to the scalp because Like again the heat from the bleach will just work its way up and then just move up and reach everything But since I'm doing this on my own and it's a lot difficult I just went ahead and I just applied it because it's gonna be hard for me to go back and forth But if I had somebody helping with helping me with it, obviously, we'll do it that way This is I'm doing on my own.

I'm just taking small sections each time And then I'm just applying the bleach to the darkest parts of Bleach to my roots, so I basically just kept continuing this until I reached the top.

Oh And I also forgot to mention before I did each section I would apply bleach to the parted section if that makes sense.

So what I did was Where I have the four parts, I would just apply the bleach To those sides first, like I'm showing you here feels so weird to explain it But it's better off that actually what I'm doing.

I apply the bleach on the middle part here And then I also applied it to the sides as well Because if I don't do that, and I just apply it to each layer that I bring down sometimes I won't get the sides and I'll have some patchiness so I always like to Bleach the party sections first and then go ahead and start bringing down the sections To bleach and I hope that makes sense Explaining how to bleach hair sometimes is a little bit difficult But hopefully with this video it kind of helps you understand that a little bit more Oh I just kept on doing that with the section and I basically did the same thing on the other section Because like I said, the back is a lot harder to work with if you are doing it on your own But since I like to do things on my own Especially with my hair It does take a lot longer But when I do my hair I always have a handheld Mirror to help me see the back of my hair because I don't know how you would do your own hair without an extra mirror And again with the with the other side, I'm doing the same thing I'm bleaching these side parts first the middle part here and then I'm gonna move on to these sides of my ears And then bleach that as well and then go ahead and bring down the sections To bleach like I have to say that doing my own hair is a challenge but this is something that I've decided that I wanted to do because obviously from dark hair and wanting to go blonde if you're gonna go to do so on it is going to take you are going to spend a lot of money and I understand that and I know that it probably would be better to go to a professional because they would get your hair nice and even um But to get your hair to the lightness that I want to go I'm going to probably spend more than five hundred dollars to get my hair that light and honestly I Do not want to be spending that much money on my hair so, um That is why I decided to do my own hair but before doing my own hair and make sure it Research and I knew exactly what I was doing and watched a lot of videos Of proper techniques on how to bleach hair and I always make sure that I read labels on using new Products and to make sure that I'm actually going to be mixing everything properly I don't want to damage my hair I don't and right now like my hair does it still feels really good.

I only bleached it once but you know, I'm Grateful that my hair still hold held itself together I do want to go a little bit lighter a little weed a little bit right now I'm happy with how it turned out like I said I'm just gonna go ahead and use a little bit of purple shampoo to just tone it out a little bit But yeah, so anyways moving on to the front section with the front section.

I'm just taking small parts as well like I'm doing here, so I'm just taking this part bringing it over and then Just applying the bleach To their roots at the front.

It's a lot easier obviously to Bleach your hair because you can see it not like the back of your hair.

So that's why with the front of the hair I can work a lot faster than with doing the back.

That's why I like to save the front sections and work with it I said I can get through a lot faster.

Thank you for getting that every time before I Alicia sections again I would apply bleach to the partying's and the size of the partying so that everything will be nice and Even this basically oh how I bleach my hair I just take small sections and just make sure that I don't miss anything then I want to try to make sure that I work as fast as I could but the same time as safely and as evenly Because this is bleach you don't want to really over the over process in your hair because your hair Can definitely burn I remember many years ago.

I did somebody's hair And I think I left the bleach on way too long this is way back in the day and When I took the foil out of her hair I get started to smoke and then a lot of her hair came off She didn't know this Um, and she probably won't know this now because she does this person doesn't know who I'm talking about I've never mentioned it to anybody, but that's what I'm saying If you don't know what you're doing things like that can happen make sure To do your research or go to professional because you don't want that like that is that was just really bad So I guess I'd you don't want to over process your hair.

You want to make sure that you work in well timely matter because this is bleach and again, we obviously you guys know is Damaging if you leave it on too long Like I said, I tried to work as has to cover the back and with a friend I was working a lot quicker, but that is basically how I bleach my hair You know, I was taking little sections by sections.

This is my weight again.

I'm not professional There might be other ways other people Bleach the hair but this is the way that I feel safer to do it in sections because I can See which parts are done in which parts I missed.

I did the same thing with the other side and after I applied the bleach each sections I just kind of went through it and make sure my hairline was all completely covered by the bleach So I don't have any link black spots or anything left behind after I finished bleaching the roots I actually let it process for a little bit by putting a shower cap on So I left that on for about 10 to 15 minutes until I noticed that my roots are starting to turn yellow But once I did that my hair was done All I did was just clip it up and I used a shower cap And I placed that on top of my head to let it process for well fewer minutes I think I left this on for about 15 Minutes because my boots were all right getting pretty light And then I just needed in the ends of my hair to just get a little bit more lighter And After that, I basically just wash my hair.

I toned it and before I You dried my hair.

I just used some products to kind of give my hair like a nice silky Feel to it.

So what I did was I used this leave-in conditioner this was the design lying ultimate radiance protective anodizing youth restoring leave-in conditioner after that I sprayed a little bit of this Tresemme expert damage recovery oil and This has macadamia oil and wheat proteins and it just kind of adds the shine and gives my hair that nice healthy feel to it and After that, I styled it and this is how it turned out I'm Kind of an adult results.

I mean there probably are some dark spots underneath here, but it's nothing that really bothers me like I said I might go through it again and Just be tone it I know that I skipped through the toning part of this video.

You guys are wondering whoa What did you use to tone your hair? I want to see it.

Don't worry guys I will be showing you guys how I told my hair and what I use but it will be in another video I just didn't want this video to be too long I wanted to show you guys the steps on how I actually bleached my hair But the toning part will be in a separate video They hope that doesn't bother you guys.

Like I was thinking of putting it together in this video But I just didn't want it to be way too long so I'm gonna be I'm talking and I'm just kind of like explaining to you guys the process So if I keep on talking and doing this stuff, it's gonna be too long I guys don't like it when some videos are way too long.

So I just decided to split it into a second video But I definitely will be sharing with you guys what I used for that that is pretty much it That is how I bleached my hair at Home and I hope that I can maintain this like usually if I do my hair I'll let my roots grow out and I won't Even to that for a long time because I'm just lazy like that But I think I'm going to try to make the effort to do my roots Every month that it grows because I just I want to keep this look This is a look that I want to keep and maybe a little bit lighter I might go lighter after I cut my hair that is it for this video stay tuned For my next video where I share with you guys what toner I used to tone my hair.

Alright guys.

Thank you So much for watching.

I hope this is helpful for you guys If you have any questions or anything please do leave them in the comment section down below and I look at back to you as soon as I can and any other information The products I use will be in my description box as well.

And if you're not following me yet.

I am on social media I am on Instagram snapchat and Twitter, but I mostly am using Instagram once in a while I'll go on snapchat and Twitter, but you know, those are my social medias now Hope you guys will check it out and follow me there Other than that that is about it and I will see you guys next time.


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