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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide


when a mall haircut goes wrong…


Hey guys! It's Harveytime! I'm going to the mall.


Shopping alone and also going to the gym alone I asked for a Uber, let me see if it's on the way.

So this morning I washed my hair And I realized that I do not like my fringe at all So I'll ask someone to cut like I used to.

I used to wear a fringe of emo And I was "pretty" "I looked beautiful," that's not what I meant.

I'm ready With the least makeup What's unusual for me when I go to the mall and to the gym Hey Teemo! Going to Uber.

This is the moment when I would like to have a car Because.

In the gym I have to use a locker, with my padlock I have to use the closet, because I'm going to have.

shopping I'm thinking of buying.

Shoes I'm thinking of buying.

Underwear, cut my fringe Maybe some t-shirts Will take! I do not know Come on Christine, packages.

Stephanie! There's a package for me! Okay, I'll check when I get back.

Bye! Beauty, I'm at the mall.

Look, this is the Los Angeles we're living in now.

Look at this It's.

LA cloudy, and.

Rain potential.

This is brand new We never had this OK.

I'm facing my fear and I'm shooting in public, alone I'm a vlogger, come on! I'm looking for the shopping area, so let's go there.

I think this is the map of the mall The mall map Okay, I just decided to cut my fringe here at the mall.

In a salon here at the mall, what to be honest.

Probably would not recommend If you want to do something very handsome It's just to cut my fringe, let it be But now I want to buy.

Shoes! From Nike.

specifically Benita told me to buy a Nike something So we go in the "Foot Locker" and see what they have This shoe fell alone, it was very strange Okay, so this is the tennis that Benita told me to buy, the "Flynit" So I'll taste the gray, these are the other colors But I might have the gray, I think.

Come on, let's see what the girls think.

Hey, so I loved the gray but now that I put it in the foot.

I kind of prefer black So, I think I'm going to take these blacks Right, tasting the gray pair because Jane's trying to convince me that gray is better.

I liked both of them to be honest.

I wanted a new pair of black sneakers But.

I also wanted a new pair of gray sneakers I was about to buy one of each of different brands, so I do not know which one to buy Beauty, so I made a bet.

I chose size 41 but they did not have it in the store so I had them delivered straight home I also chose black sneakers because Only Jane liked the gray I think Diane, klaudia and.

and Beni told me to buy.

Buy Black Then I bought the black! I thought about buying black the first time I was here anyway, so.

It's not so bad Where the heck.

I still want to buy a dress My dresses are finished I hate going shopping, that's what I hate the most! In my life I hate going shopping! I hate going shopping! I hate going shopping! I hated those pants I wont buy This is.

oh, sure.

That is one.

A blouse model, I do not know if I'm going to buy either It looks like it's meant to show off my chest, folks.

This is M, it looks like a fucking XGG I did not like this, oh my God I hate going shopping! This is too bad! Like, why? Why does it seem so bad, guys? Ok, so I finished shopping half fast I did not want to say it in the store, but the place was a mess There were clothes everywhere; on the floor, on the counters.

They did not have numbers for almost anything There was no type.

You know when you usually have a blouse and there are about 15 of them in a certain size.

It was like One or two of every blouse anywhere, and it was a disaster.

I had to queue for.

to the booths to taste the clothes, had queue for the box.

I had to pick up the two queues and in the end I.

"What I'm going to buy is not worth all this effort" and I left everything and I left I hate going shopping even more, what a waste of time Let's.

cut my fringe I just cut the fringe, I hated it.

I fucking hated it.

She was very bad I'm going to redo the cut at home Like.

I know how to cut a fringe For some reason I figured if only I went to the salon.

It would not look like shit but I was wrong! Look at this! I had to say it several times to make sure I would not be straight Make sure you stand by I even showed her a photo exactly how I was with the fringes a few months ago This is the shit she made It is very bad Damn it, dude.

A week before the Major, she was: "I think it's too short" Oh sure, now it's short after you fucked up with everything.

Now I can not fix it.

Oh my God I hated it, it was too bad! I can not believe you can ruin a fringe Fuck.

So I'm so upset, I'm cursing a lot Victoria's Secret I just left Victoria's Secret It was much easier than I thought it would be A lady helped me It was incredible.

I was overwhelmed, I was about to leave the store and then she came, "Need help?" And I was kind of: "Actually, yes, I hate doing it" and then she helped me with everything It was amazing! Everything is neat! So, except for my fringe, I do not know what to do about it, and.

I'm going to the gym now and it's for me! There were over 300 dollars in the store.

I did not go shopping to look for things for some.

2 years, I hate it I hate everything about shopping.

I actually lost one size I lost weight so I lost some fat Of mine.

Belly, let's agree I lost a number So I go to the gym that is also in the mall So, let's go to the personal gym.

This is my visual for streams I just bought these pants at Victoria's Secret Okay, my room is a nightmare.

I just bought the pants Victoria's Secret.

they kind of value me Sorry guys I have a little fat to lose So my goal is to lose a little bit in my leg.

And on the belly, obviously I just bought these.

Wider trousers at Victoria's Secret and I washed clothes too so there are clothes everywhere I'm about to enter live I also got a new Logitech camera sent by them, it's a C.

C922 (camera model) So I'll check and test for the first time on the broadcast tonight And.

compare to the C920 So, being like this.

See you! See you in the next vlog I think in the next vlog I might do.

The Major is coming but I have to make a day in missharvey's life or something, this week Maybe, probably.

If not, I'll do more "harvlogs" than "harveytime" in that period, so.

Source: Youtube

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