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5 Essential Makeup Brushes + How to Use Them | ipsy U


(electronic music) – Hi ipsters, welcometo ipsy U Beauty 101.

My name is Bailey Sarianand I am an ipsy creator.

You can find me on YouTubeand Instagram @baileysarian.

I am known to be a makeup brush hoarder.

So today I'm sharing with you, five, well six, if you include the sponge, five of my favorite brushes that are great for any and everybody, any skill level.


Don't forget to keepwatching until the end because we're gonna bedoing a nice little giveaway and somebody's gonna getall of these brushes.

Now let's start with my complexion.

I'm using the Farah flatfoundation brush to apply.

This is recommended formedium to fuller coverage.

The reason you wanna use a flatfoundation brush is because it's not going to eat upa lot of the liquid or cream that you're using.

This will give you a more even and consistent foundation application.

And a little bit more control as well.

If you pat, you're gonnaget more, more coverage.

And then I'm just gonna sweep to kind of blend it into the skin.

So, if your foundation islooking a little cakey, you can add in a beauty sponge.

So this is going to be used to sheer out or really blend my foundation.

Getting a sponge wet will prevent this from absorbing your foundation, because it will absorb liquid.

It's a sponge.

So now I'm just going to press over the areas where I look really cakey.

(electronic music) So the reason that I like to use this after my flat foundation brush is because, again if I'm lookingcakey, what it does is it presses foundation into my skin.

And then it's going to absorb the excess.

So it removes a little bit.

It's sheering out the foundation.

Now I'm going to apply some concealer.

Now there's a couple different reasons people wear concealer.

You can use your flat foundationbrush to apply concealer.

I'm just going to dab itright underneath the eyes.

So now I'm gonna comeback with my beauty sponge and really blend theconcealer into the skin.

I'm just gonna pick up some ofthe loose powder I have here.

And I'm just gonna lightlypat underneath my eyes to set the under eye concealer.

I also like to set aroundmy nose and my mouth because I get really shiny around here.

So, to apply powder on the restof my face to really mattify and get rid of any shine, I'm going to apply with the powder brush.

So this is a fluffier brush.

It will apply a really light, like a wash of powder to the face.

But also, just set.

So, pick up a little bitof the powder and then just dust it on the rest of my face.

So now I'm going to apply my contour, blush, highlight, all that good stuff.

So I am using a natural bristle brush.

This one is from Bobbi Brownand it's the angled brush.

They will last you a lotlonger than a synthetic brush.

They also get betterthe longer you use them.

And this brush I love because you can use it for many things.

So the natural bristlehair has a cuticle to it which really holds onto the product, giving you a more natural finish, where synthetic doesnot have cuticle to it so it really picks up theproduct and it puts it back on.

This one is great for powder products, synthetic is better for liquids,creams, powders as well.

I'm using the angled brushto apply my contour shade.

So I like to really kindof press it in here, and then sweep and blend it outwards.

Depending on how you hold it, will determine on where the color goes.

So if I put it straight on, I'll really get intothe hollow of my cheek.

If I turn it upwards, like this, it will blend the colorupwards onto my cheek.

So if you want more oflike a bronzier finish, this will give you more ofa tighter contour finish.

Now, I'm gonna go in with some bronzer.

So I'm just gonna add thisright onto my cheekbones to add a little bit ofcolor like I was outside, living my life.

After I apply my bronzer, I'm just lightly wiping down my brush.

You wanna be gentlewith real hair brushes.

Just like your real hair, theycan get damaged very easily.

So just be a little bitmore gentle with these.

Now I'm gonna add a smidge of blush, right to the apple of my cheek.

So I'm wiping down mybrush one more time because I'm gonna use this brushto apply my highlight.

So I'm just picking up alittle bit of my highlight.

And adding that right on top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose, at the arch of the eyebrow, just to give some glow.

So pretty much what I'm saying is, this brush can be used fora majority of your face.

So next up, I'm goingto be doing my eyebrows.

And I'm using this brush right here.

This is an angled brow brush.

But don't limit yourself tojust using it for your eyebrows because it can do many other things.

You can use this for your liquid eyeliner, you can use this tosmoke out your lash line with some shadows.

Apply shadow, I honestly use this to clean up my eyebrows with concealer.

So this can be used for many other things.

So I'm just grabbinga little bit of powder and I'm going to lightly fill in the brow.

So now I'm going tomove onto my eyeshadow.

And you can get away with doing your eyes, which is two brushes, or even just one.

Oh my God.

This is from Luxie, it's a 249 brush.

And I love this brushbecause it is doubled ended.

Whatever you're doing, you can get away with just these two brushes,one to place, one to blend.

I'm using the fluffierbrush first to really dip into like a natural matte cream shade.

I'm gonna place this on all over my eye.

So this brush will reallygive a light wash of color, just like the face brushes,a denser, tighter brush will give you more color,more pigment payoff.

The looser brush will reallygive you a sheer wash of color.

So like for my crease, Ilike to use the fluffier side to really give me anice, soft crease color.

So if you wan a very softcolor, soft wash of color, hold the brush farther back.

When you want more intense color, you can hold it up closer to the hairs.

So now I'm using themedium eyeshadow brush to really get a more intense color payoff and then use the fluffier side to really blend and soften the crease.

I was actually introduced to Luxie through my ipsy Glam Bag.

I've never used their brushes before but since using them, I love them.

They're great quality, they'lllast you a really long time.

And they make the bestbrushes for your eyes.

So I'm just dipping into like a gold shade and I'mgonna place this onto my lid.

Same thing, I like to place first, then come back and blend second.

Just to really soften it.


Now going back to myFarah angled brow brush, and I'm gonna use this tosmoke out my lower lash line.

Just coming right along the lash line.

I'm now dipping into like a black shadow.

It's matte.

And I'm just going to wigglethis right up my lash line to give some smokiness with the same Farah angled brow brush.

And this is the finishedlook that I got going on.

Do you like it, do you love it? Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope that you feel a littlebit more comfortable and confident in choosing some makeup brushes.

Let me know what youwanna see next on ipsy U.

If you remember in thebeginning of this video, I mentioned a giveaway.

I'm sure you're waiting for that.

In order to enter into the giveaway, just leave a Like and also a comment on what you wanna see next on ipsy U.

And you'll be entered to win all six of these brushes.

Be sure to check out mychannel @baileysarian on YouTube, also Instagram as well.

Don't forget to Like and subscribe and I will be seeing you guys very soon.


(electronic music).

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