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How to Apply Foundation for Beginners | Makeup Guide


hello gorgeous welcome back to myChannel today I’m beginning a new series and I’m excited about this because we’vebeen talking about doing this particular series on my channel for probably acouple years now but this is my beginner’s guide to makeup series andI’m going to attack basically different parts of makeup and beauty for beginnersso I’m taking it back to the very beginning and I’m gonna start today withthe base of the face which is foundation so I’m gonna dig into how to propproperly apply your foundation talking about the different types of foundationsyou know CC creams BB creams yadda yadda yadda and just getting really deep intothe beginnings of it I’m so excited alright let’s do this get started I hatethat I’m kicking this off of a cold but you know it is what it is we got to doit so before we apply foundation we want to first prime prep and prime our skinand so I’m gonna prime it today with the primer I’ve been using a lot which isthe Tasha sole canvas let me know in the comments you guys want to see a videodedicated a primer like the reason behind wearing primer and like thedifferent types of primers and things like that because I typically do morethan one primer and keeping things simple today but let me know in thecomments if that’s what you want to see but I’m just gonna quickly prime my faceand then we’ll go into the the foundation part okay my skin is primedand I’m ready to go typically when I’m doing my makeup I do my eyes first thenI go into foundation I’m doing things backwards today for the sake of thevideo but now I’m going to talk about different face products so let’s startwith foundation first when it comes to your facemaking something always here guys asabi when it comes to coverage on your facethere are three levels of coverage I actually there’s four levels of coveragebut technically there’s three there’s full medium and light coverage I saythere’s four because I think there’s full medium light and sheer i think thatthat sheer needs to be in there as well full coverage is your you know your youracts of the makeup world some people might consider this more of a mediumcoverage for me it’s a full coverage I don’t like heavy heavy makeupI just don’t for myself unless I’m having a major break out or I know I’mgonna be under heavy lights I like a medium coverage it’s just my my personalpreference yesterday we had an event and I went for a like a fuller coveragemakeup look and I used my Mac Studio Fix fluid and this foundation always givesme a really beautiful flawless finish I love this foundation I think it’s greatso this is what I would consider on the fuller spectrum I’m going to talk aboutspecifically high-end foundations right now and then I’m gonna get intodrugstore and then I’m gonna get into CC and BB creams so on the higher end herethese are the ones that I have so I have a tower shelf of makeup immediately tomy right over here at my desk and that’s where I keep my products that I’mcurrently testing and using and so I just cleaned out my foundation drawerand that’s the products that I’m going to show you because those dual ones I’mactually using right now so in my Tower I pulled out first my high-endfoundations that I’ve been using lately and of course I have the Mac the StudioFix fluid that’s one I just talked about I have the Smashbox Studios skin 15 hourwhere for the hydrating foundation you guys probably saw this on my stories Ihave the Marc Jacobs the shameless up youthful look 24 hour foundation I havethe Bobbi Brown Skin long wear weightless foundation this one is an oilfree so it’s in its shine control so if you have a oily skin the home be a goodone for you to try out and then also over the Charlotte Tilbury this is themagic foundation and this was a little bit lighter that I would like it looksactually pretty good on camera but it’s a little bit lighter than I would liketypically so then for drugstore I have four right here one of which I’m notgoing to show you because I don’t love it and I don’t want to like to show youa product I don’t love but I have two of the covergirl trublend not made I did awhole video on these they’re fantastic it’s great product great foundation it’sa medium to full coverage and then also I have the L’Oreal True Match this is asuper blendable foundation I really like this so those are the foundations thetrue foundations that are in my drawer that I reach for all the time dependingon what kind of coverage I’m looking for what kind offinish I’m looking for and you know what kind of look I’m going for that that’susually I’m gonna find what I need within that bunch right there okay andthen now we’re gonna move to and I have a cough drop in my mouth sorry guyswe’re gonna move to the CC creams and the BB creams and the tintedmoisturizers of the world bitch that is where the light to sheer coverage comesin unless you’re dealing with a specific CC cream which is my favorite which isthe it cosmetics CC it’s your skin but better I feel like this technicallyfalls under the medium coverage category and then this is what I wear on aneveryday basis I love the matte the illuminating is just as pretty honestlyand I think that it looks so good on your skin it just really it coverseverything that you need it needed to cover it looks so beautiful you don’tneed to set your whole face with powder and I just think it it just is overall areally really awesome product for a more of a traditional CC cream that’s alighter coverage my favorite would be the shouldn L CC cream it looks likethis which I heard that they’re not carrying this currently because they’regetting ready to come out with a new one but it really does make your skin lookbeautiful really luminous if you have oily skin this is probably not gonna beyour best friend because it is a very luminous product so it’s gonna make youlook a lot shinier than you want to look and then this one is considered ahydrating foundation this is from laura geller this is a quench intent I thinkthat this is super light I think it’s more of a BB meets a tinted tintedmoisturizer because I think the coverage is so light regardless it really makesyour skin look really nice and dewy and fresh again if you voya least scan itmight not be what you want to use but there’s a whole array here of productsfor you guys to choose from and they’re all from different price points as wellokay so it got my hair up and out of my face so that I can show you guys properapplication so for elimination let’s go ahead and use the Mac I think this is agreat one to get acclimated with and chances are no matter who you are youhave something Mac in your makeup collection like something typically sothere are several ways to apply foundation most popular is probablygonna be with your fingers I don’t love applying makeup with your fingers thereason is is I feel like you’re never gonna get a really even coverage notonly that but you’re really pulling your skin think aboutwhen you’re applying you’re pulling your skin I just it’s just in the worst partis that your hands are dirty I just touch my face and immediately thoughtwas the last time I watched my hands which it wasn’t that long ago but stillyou have dirt deposited on your hands my favorite application for foundation is atwo fold I like to apply with a brush and then finish off with a damp BeautyBlender that’s my favorite but I’m gonna give you a couple different differentways to apply let’s leave the fingers out of itbecause everybody knows how to apply makeup with their fingers and I just Idon’t love it so if you have a pump on your foundation and a lot of foundationsdo for instance like the Bobbi Brown what I would do is I would just take apump and put it like in various places on my face and then I would apply thisparticular foundation does not have a pump so what I do is I like to just adda little bit on to my brush directly and for a brush my favorite brush is theMarc Jacobs the face – this is a price here makeup foundation brush but I justlove love love the way that it just it feels the bristles are so soft but Ifeel like it applies really nicely now one thing that I want to say about yourfoundation brush is you need to be washing it consistently because you forinstance if you have a breakout like you’re putting that bacteria onto yourbrushing your letting it sit there and fester and stew you don’t want to dothat so make sure you’re washing your makeup brush how often you want to sayyou want ask me I think at least once a week for a Beauty Blender I wash it atleast every second use personally and the reason is is because as a sponge andyou know germs get in there and that’s lutely gross okay so I got my foundationon there and I’m gonna just add some dots okay so the one thing that I wantto talk about foundation this is maybe a personal preference may be proper but Ithink that your foundation should go on your eyelids personally too the reason Ithink it should go on your eyelids is why would you want your face all onecolor and then it stopped right at your eyelids I think that it should goeverywhere and the other place that needs to go down a girl on is to yournook you need to blend from your face to your neck because you don’t want a lineof we’re gonna makeup starts and ends okayso now that I’ve got it everywhere I’m gonna apply it with my brush and I’musing just Swift soft motions and stippling it on there okay now that I’vegot my foundation everywhere it’s not blended out as you can see so you have acouple of options you can continue blending with your brush that is not mypreference my preference is then to blend it out like I said with a dampbeauty blender you can also use one of the round brushes this one’s from Hirobut I think our teeths is the other brand I have some of their brushessomewhere too and this is a great option as well I’m gonna do one side of theface so you can see how it looks I like to push my foundation into my hairlinenot only not like into my hair so that my hair is dirty but into my hairline sothat there’s it no distinct difference as to what my skin color is and then myheroine is you know to me but as you can see I use the brush to really just blendit out and you get a really nice blend so that’s the side with the the roundbrush or whatever kind of brush do you want to call that okay so this is gonnabe the bee blender and I’m gonna just pounce it into my skin and this is dampwith just water I was ringed out ringed rung rung out I’m just gonna pounce thatinto my skin to get that really pretty flawless finish as you can see both sideis pretty sides are the same your get the same outcome I personally like thisbetter than this because I feel like as you could see when you’re pulling thisyour skin is being pulled but with a Beauty wound or you’re just pouncing itinto your skin it’s a lot less taxing on your skin all right so I got myfoundation in place I’m gonna go ahead and finish the rest of my face and Iwill be right back alright so now that I’ve got my full face done I want totalk a little bit about matching your foundation because this is probably mymost asked question that I get everywhere mostly DMS on Instagram but alot of girls ask me how do you match your foundation so first off if you feellike you’re not gonna be able to go into a store and match your foundationproperly go somewhere like Sephora or in the mat counter or wherever and letsomebody who works there match it for you and tell you exactly what shade youare that way there no question but if you want to do ityourself here’s what you do you go to you go to the the makeup counter you goto the makeup counter and you test the foundation on your neck not your faceyour neck technically your jawline because this is the area that you wantfor transition because you want your face to match your nook you don’t wantyour neck to match your face because you’re not playing makeup to your neckyou’re playing it to your face so you want a seamless transition you wanteverything to to match perfectly so you want to test it right along your jawlineand make sure that it blends perfectly and then it’s the right shade that ishow you find the perfect shade of foundation okay so let’s say also here’sanother hack let’s say also that you only have one foundation and it’s amedium or a full coverage and you want a lighter coverage for daytime wear allyou have to do is blend it down so put some foundation on the back of your handand add a little hump of moisturizer blend it together on your hand and thenapply and that is how you get more of a BB or a tinted moisturizer coverage sothat way you don’t have to buy another product you can use what you have andmulti-purpose if you want to avoid a cakey look I think I mentioned thisearlier don’t powder your entire face onlypowder of the areas of your face that you see oil pop up throughout the dayyou see it creep up or you see oxidation happen a lot of times you’re gonna seean ox and oxidized look which wait a minute let’s first rewind what isoxidation do you know what oxide you know like when you are wearing makeupthroughout the day and then all of a sudden like dry patches should pop upand when you look close it’s like oh that’s not dry that’s actually my skinshowing through and there’s like the makeup is like kind of like wearing offthat is oxidation it’s literally your makeup is like disintegrating into thinair it’s like magic it’s not magic it’s actually reallyfrustrating and annoying and the way to stop that is by using powder but alsothe issue with wearing powder all over your face is that’s when you start toget a really cakey appearance so for instance today with this makeup look theonly area that I have any type of pressed powder on my face obviously Ihave it under my eyes to set my my concealer and then I have it only on theoily parts of my face so that’s my no and then right around my mouth and mychin sometimes I’ll put a little bit here because I do get a little bit oilythrough here during the day but other than that no more powder because I don’twant a cakey look I want my natural skin to be able to breathe through and thisparticular foundation it doesn’t oxidize so I don’t have to worry about it so Ijust put my my bronzer i contour directly on top of the foundation andthen I spritz with a makeup setting spray and I’m good to goall right so that is how do you apply foundation for beginners most of usalready know how to apply it the foundation so if you watch this inyou’re like I already knew that of course you did foundation is prettypretty basic but I just wanted to start at the very beginning with makeup basicsand take you back to the very the basics of how to really get your makeup lookinggood so next I’m gonna dive in and do adifferent part of the face or a different product let me know in thecomment section below what product or area of the face you want to see nextyou know do you want to maybe take it back to the beginning for contouring doyou want to see eyeshadow you will see brows you will see lips whatever let meknow in the comments below I’m really excited to do this because I am my breadand butter of hello gorgeous has always been makeup I’ve loved makeup since Iwas 4 years old and my very first job was applying makeup at a kind of aglamour shot to ask situation back in Ohio and I have given makeovers to everyliterally every woman who has allowed me to get my hands on them like I love itso much so I’m just really excited about this I’m really excited to share myknowledge that I have gleaned through the years since I’ve been applying itnow for a long time I’m not gonna say how long but it’s been a long time so Ihope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you’re looking as forward to theseries as I am because I am just super stoked to Lincoln and and like justgetting them some elbow grease open there and learn about the basics ofmakeup I’m so excited so let me know in the comments what you guys want to seefor me next in the series and don’t forget to visit me on my blog Angeliachicama I love you guys so much and thank you so much for watching andplease subscribe to my channel for of what.

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