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How To Cover Acne And Pimples With Makeup | Foundation Routine


so this is a video that I would prefer not to have to film because that means that I'm having skin issues and I'm having skin issues so no a chipper hello gorgeous person because I've got zits nobody wants it so what are we gonna do I'm gonna cover them up and I'm gonna show you how I do it let's just do it all right so I have a completely makeup free face I did put my false lashes on and a little bit and my brows you know you gotta have some brows I'd be unrecognizable then right so what I'm gonna do first is prime my face and what I've been doing lately is using Laura Mercier's primer but I'm gonna be this is gonna be a specialty video I got my diva on ok so I'm gonna use three different primers I'm I really like to use different primers for different things and I've not had a breakout like this since having McKenley and I'll just let you know right now you can tell based off of where my zits are of what's going on with me so typically when a woman has it's in this vicinity it's hormonal which is mean which means that I'm PMS II so I just would like to give a special shout out to our Lord above for allowing me to not only lactate but be hormonal have a flash have a period all over again what gives some fair so not only do I have to lactate have a period but I also have two kids it yeah so anyways I'm gonna use I'm done complaining I'm done complaining but I'm gonna use primer all over my face but I'm gonna use a special primer on the zit area I'm almost out of this oh my gosh I use this stuff every day okay so for those of you asking wondering slash want to ask the way it clothes is primer goes on after her moisturizer I don't have moisturizer on today but what I do have is a serum so I typically would apply my primer all over my face and eyelids but I already put a primer on my lids I used Marc Jacobs and I set it with just a skin tone blush toned powder eye shadow use your words and then what this just dropped everywhere okay so this is what I'm doing is um what this is a I am a hot freaking mess oh my gosh let's start that again okay so what I'm using is the NYX color correcting a liquid primer it's in green and we even have a mirror here I'm just a mess gonna use a tiny bit of that which I dropped on my table and apply it directly to my red spots because okay for those of you wondering why the heck I'm putting green on my face you want to cancel out a color with the opposite color on the color spectrum so for dark circles which are what purple we want to use peach so if you see my how to cover your dark circles video you're and you know that so with red you want to correct with green because it what does is the cancels out creates a neutral base so I'm gonna add a tiny bit of green to that I don't know anywhere else that I have this is just a scab right there so I'm just my Beauty Blender blend that up a little bit this whole area is just red because this one is cystic and yeah it hurts like a mother do you want talking about when you get one those cystic pimples under the skin that you can't even smile it just hurts that's where I'm at right now it's not a great place to be okay and then for under the eyes I'm going to be using the Becca this is the anti fatigue under eye primer so I'm using prime three different primers for three different reasons I'm just gonna use this with my I'm a ring finger cuz it's my most delicate finger alright now that I have my primer set I'm going to apply some foundation because what I want to do is I'm correcting with my primer then I'm going to apply my foundation and then I'm going to correct with concealer so for foundation I'm going to use my mac studio fix fluid this is an NC 25 and my favorite handy-dandy Marc Jacobs face to brush what I like to do is apply with the brush and then blend out a little bit with the brush a little bit with a damp Beauty Blender so I got my foundation on blended out everything like that um I really like this color I don't know on there but on my playback it looks kind of yellowish but in person doesn't look like that so next I'm going to use a green concealer this palette is covergirl but any green concealer will do this one is the true blend pre touching palette again anybody any green will do using a concealer brush and actually I'm going to use a different brush I lied to you please hold this brush just it's just like too big for my area that I want to I'm gonna get in there you know what I mean so I'm gonna use this little guy not to mention that that had concealer on like in other colors and I want just straight green so going on with the green and I'm going to apply directly wherever I see red this is gonna help can't cancel it out okay looks goofy I know but we're gonna blend that out I'm gonna hook from wherever I see red whether it's a boo boo or not miss kins just not great right now need some help I need a facial using my damp Beauty Blender as you can see I'm just literally tapping that into my skin I'm not smudging not doing anything but just tapping that into the skin if I was doing ASMR right now this will be making a sound that somebody would probably enjoy okay so now that I've got the green on you can still see a little tinge of green right there but we're going to cover that up I'm using my derma blend this is the quickfix concealer I've talked about it before I use ivory so I'm going to use because they want a very detailed application using it concealer brush this one is from makeup addiction and I'm playing it right where they're at is bouncing that into the skin now that I have my concealer on I went ahead and provide it under my eyes I'm gonna use the it cosmetics bye bye redness this is a natural beige and it's just a pressed powder but this is supposed to help neutralize any redness and I'm gonna apply it wherever I see red then for the rest of my face I'm gonna use the it cosmetics this is the CC the what would have bright blue that's bright this is the airbrush perfecting powder your skin but better medium tan I use this stuff like every day so I've already hit pan on it I love it so much I'm use that everywhere else that I didn't use the redness one usually I would use a brush but I just grabbed the little sponge out of the thing so it is what it is now I'm gonna set the rest of my like the high plains of my face basically with the translucent powder using Kat Von D I have a little Bronson Bronson alright guys so this is the finished look clearly when you've got a little bit of like dimension there it's not gonna make it look flat but it is gonna take away the redness so it's gonna really diminish the look of though the red the puffy all of that and it's gonna just maybe look like I don't know a wart that's terrible I mean it is what it is when you get a cystic acne spot a cystic pimple this is just exists none that sounds right but you know what I'm trying to say you've got a pimple and it's cystic that's what I'm trying to say so really all you can do is really tone it down as much as possible which that's what this does the cancelling out the red with the green applying your makeup properly in the proper steps and then setting it the one thing that I want to say is that do not I repeat do not apply highlighter anywhere near a pimple because what's it gonna do draw attention to it so keep it simple minimize and that's that if you have a pimple on your nose and your cheeks on your forehead right here were you typically what I light like me let it go sister just let it go all right so that is it for today I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you enjoyed how crazy I am because I am I'm a little bit crazy and yeah that's that make sure you subscribe to my channel if you're not subscribed already what are you doing just hit subscribe also turn notifications I'm seeing you on everybody's channel that everybody's saying turn on notifications so do it for me too okay thanks alright don't forget to visit me on my blog angelo lantern calm and on Instagram Facebook Twitter all of those places thank you guys so much for watching and I love you all so much au revoir.

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