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Hello, hello, it's Stacy Glow.

Now I'll tell you how to make ombre lips.

First, I will use a raspberry-red lipstick.

I draw a contour of lips with it.

Pay attention that I make the contour denser at the corners of the lips.

Apparently, you already heard about the ombre and, most likely, subconsciously you associate it with hair.

This is the case, the concept of the ombre hair was first introduced around 2013.

It is a certain type of dyeing, which aims to reproduce the naturalness.

For example, to darken the roots of the hair and highlight some of its ends in order to ostensibly emphasize how it burnt out on the sun Such a phenomenon was appreciated in Hollywood, so it became popular.

And now there is such a concept as the ombre lips.

Incidentally, the fashion on it came from Korea.

Local women are considered to be the most seductive when painting their lips in this way Similar to hair, it's a transition from dark to light shades.

Due to this, the lips look more voluminous and beautifully emphasized.

That is why then I will apply a light pink matte lipstick over the contour, thus making the transition.

In order for the ombre effect to be successful, you need to use a contour lipstick that is darker than the tone of the main lipstick for only 2-3 tones, as well as gloss or extra lipstick, which is also darker than the main one for only a few tones.

If there will be a big difference in shades, the transition will not turn out smooth.

If you use the advice and in addition choose shades of colors that combine with each other, you will achieve a smooth transition and a seductive game of color on your lips! This is exactly the effect you need! And one more thing: Ombre is a cool technology with which you can reduce or increase your lips.

Yes! You really can do it by yourself! If you want to visually reduce your lips, use dark color in the middle of your lips, if you want to increase, then vice versa, use dark color in the corners and the contour of the lips.

Here is such a lifehack from me.

Meanwhile, I emphasize the contour of my lips and put a little more of light lipstick to make the transition bigger.

And finally, I will emphasize the contour of the lips by the concealer.

This short video was about how to make the ombre lips.

I hope you like it.

Stay with me! See you!.

Source: Youtube

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