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How to Look Beautiful *WITHOUT* Makeup


Hi friends, it's me Julia and I'm going to show you six steps to look beautiful without makeup This video is all about glowing natural and moisture skin because some people may don't like to wear heavy makeup Especially in the morning and it's way better to keep your face let breathing and feel confident and beautiful without makeup So I'll show you steps which work for me and the products.

I will use are eco-friendly non-toxic cheap healthy and vegetarian Bring your hair out of your face.

I use my favourite velour headband then clean your face with your favorite cleanser I'm using face brush and pureed cucumber plain yogurt and oats It helps me to detox clean and heal skin after a night.

I Always get bushy eyebrows after but we will figure it out.

Trust me The next step is to exfoliate your skin and the best non toxic in ecological Product for me is coffee peeling with sugar tea and coconut oil It keeps the skin glow in natural look.

It moisturizes hydrates and smoothes Massage your face with the circular motions and make sure to massage along the side of your jaw to prevent wrinkles Then take your towel and wash the coffee off your skin After peeling calm your face with toner Bay leaves mist works the best for me.

It smells amazing treats acne and gives that natural pH scale The next thing is to protect your face from the Sun using oil mix I have sandal and tea one it leaves your face bright and glowing You may use a blend of oils formulated especially for the face or choose a single oil that works best for your skin type Also remember to massage and be gentle under your eye Now I'm curling my lashes to make my eyes pop be careful and do not put too much force into it Also use your mirror to make it easier as I did Of course the thing you are waiting for I love when my eyes are defined that's why I'm going to start with these I'm using Vaseline and small makeup brush to give a little bit of volume to my Eyelashes.

I have promised you to fix my eyebrows and Here I am brush them out to keep them in one place and give a little bit of natural boy brows.

Look I Often use that trick to highlight my cheeks nose under eyebrows and Cupid's bow using fingers and of course our favorite Vaseline it's so Multifunctional isn't it? To add something girly and makeover look natural and cute take your chapstick with a little bit of color I'm using my cherry nivel one and define your lips If you like blush blend it on your hand to warm it up and put a small amount on your cheeks while smiling You can also paint middle sight of your nose to give a look of a summery pretty sunburn Okay, guys, this is my finished look I hope you guys liked it and enjoyed my video remember to take care of your skin and see you later.

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