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How To: Makeup Tutorial for Fake Freckles / Natural Freckles with Keara Graves


what's your favorite season Keara?summer, of course! well you must be really sad and blue now that it's the dead of thefucking winter.

you're sure right Bren! you know what! we could get a sun-kissednatural look, by doing "at home freckles"! oh my goodness! How? like this! *title credit* tip number one – instead of a charcoal facemask try chocolate chipface masks! tip number 2! on those cold winter nights when you just want a hot cocoa by thefire while making your hot chocolate snort a few lines of some hot cocoa for a natural freckled look tip number three we all know, freckles come from the sun.

so to imitate the radiation from the sun's rays youcan just stand in front of a microwave or better yet stick your head in one tip number four if that still doesn't work find a redhead they always have freckles *music plays* and smash your face against theirs until some of them wear off on you tip number five to get a freckledsunkissed look find a son and get him to kiss you tip number six if that doesn't work the next thing you can do is getyour friend to drink some chocolate milk and then show them a meme baby kira if none of these methodsworked for you like the lazy fuck that you are.

Grab an eyebrow pencil and justdo a little, dab dab.

that's it that's all! I hope that washelpful did you learn how to get freckles athome Keara? sure did Bren! if you like these tips make sure to leave us a bigthumbs up on this video! go check out the video we did on Keara's channel, andmake sure to subscribe because I'm gonna put up videos all the time.


Idon't really know.

that kind of melt on you? did it work? yeah! *farts* were those farts? do you get demonetized if you swear? I don't think so.

sweet so you must really be sad and blue?sure do Bren! what?! wait what was I supposed to say? sure am! Sure DO bren.

Source: Youtube

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