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How to – Makeup tutorial for women who are blind or have low vision


Hi I’m Sarah Laidlaw and I’m the MakeupDirector for Priceline Pharmacy.

I’m so happy to be partnering with VisionAustralia to do a makeup tutorial for women who are blind or have low vision.

Today with me I have Kate and Vildana who are both clients of Vision Australia.

So, before we get started girls what does makeup mean to you?Yeah I’ve always loved makeup for as long as I can remember.

Before I lostmy vision I used to use makeup all the time, play around and experiment and evenafter I lost my vision I’ve always wanted to wear makeup every single dayand I still love it although it’s a little bit more tricky these days as youmight imagine.

I can imagine – yes.

I think when you would normally teachmakeup to somebody, anybody especially someone for vision you kind of say doyou see that you know blend that area do you see thatproblem and so it has to become a feel your way and understand the map of theface a little bit more.

Yes exactly and take a few, I try to take a few lessrisks because obviously I can’t be sure I’ve got it right.

Yes I understand that, and Vildana? Similar to Kate really, I feel that I before said oflosing my vision I was much more bold and courageous, but today I feel that I’ma bit more conservative when it comes to in particular experimenting with coloursof eyeshadows.

And, I just think that make had been such a great tool oraccessory that helps me express who I am my femininity my personality and I justfind that I’m a bit too conservative for my liking.

Excellent, well we’re gonna have some fun and I’m going to give you a few tips andtricks and some tools that are just going to make those things a bit easier anda bit more – trouble-free in application.

Sounds really good Kate! So that way you’ll get a little bit more freedom to have a play.

Because that’s what it’s about.

Makeup is an accessory.

So, I just think you know you need tobe able to present yourself beautifully and feel beautiful when you’re walkingout in the world.

And I know that it’s difficult for women who are blindand for women with low vision.

And so, there’s a lot of little things that areout there – that perhaps they don’t know yet.

So let’s work it out.

Sounds great! Okay so Vildana, I have a little series of tools and things here for you.

The first one I think that will really helpyou – is this is a little magnifying mirror.

Can I hand it to you? It’s 10 timesmagnification, so if you hold that up close it just helps to see a little bitof something something.

Yes yes it definitely does! So that can be your little handheld.

On theback of it it’s got little suction caps so you could put it on a mirror andgo up close to it so you have both hands free to do makeup.

Or, you can holdit so that you can then turn your head into the light to see more – you know whenyou need extra, extra light.

Then I’ve got a series of brushes here and each oneI’ve chosen for you to make sure they’re all different handles and sizes.

So thatyou’ll be able to feel for them and understand which one.

You’ll her need toremember which one goes with what – but what we thought that we could do istake a photograph of the brush with the particular product it goes with on yourphone so that then you can kind of you know refer back to it and find it.

And,for anyone who is completely blind it’s possibly a memory situation and atexture situation so they might find they put a bit of tape around aparticular brush and they know that’s their foundation brush or anything like that.

So, I know you don’t usually use brushes the reason I like them and that I’d like toshow them to you, is they blend out the product really effortlessly.

Whereas your fingers, even though you can feel what you’re doing, often they leave kindof smear marks and – and areas where you’ve got more product and less product,and it kind of looks patchy on the skin.

And, so you can still put the foundationon with your fingers but I’d love you then to try this big buffy foundationbrush – to buff it in.

Actually, one of the really good tips I have for you – right atthe beginning of your makeup I think it’ll be great to have wipes here.

So, I’m just pulling one out of the packet there, and literallyput it flat on the bench in front of you.

So, just here on the bench in front ofyou.

You can feel that? Feel the dampness? So once you’ve done a step you can just wipe your fingertips.

Yep So, this is just one of those littlehelpful things.

Clean your fingertips in between each step.

That’s a great tip.

Great, now also depending on how much sight people have, I find thatdoing things in a particular order every time you do it will help.

So, you knowthat way you don’t forget to do your eyebrows, or you don’t forget to concealor anything like that.

So, I actually found in Priceline thisamazing makeup organiser – so if you feel this? Can you feel this – this clear thing here? And so, it has all these little sections in it that youcould put your makeup your makeup brushes – all of that and there’s a flatsection in the front here and a little drawer in the front.

So, around it there’sone two three four five little areas – a flat section and a drawer.

So, I thoughtmaybe you could start on your left here and then put your – first your primer inthere.

And then the next hole you could put in your foundation and concealer.

And then the next one could be the powder, and maybe the cheek colour.

So clockwise? Yeah clockwise – and then you could go into an eyeshadow here maybe with mascara? And then the last one around the back here could be your eyebrow.

And onthe flat section in the front we could put all your brushes and your littlemirror – the ten times magnifying mirror and in the drawer you can putyour lipsticks.

And, so that way you work around in a clockwise fashion, youknow where everything is – and you can put it back there – so you don’t, for the womenwho are blind, you don’t just put it down somewhere and then go oh godwhere’d it go? Yep – that’s a great one I like it!Alright, so let’s start with this primer.

so would you like to have a feel of thistube? Great, so you can undo that tube and I would take out like squeeze out anamount that feels like the size of an M&M.

So now, with this primer you can justput it across all your fingertips you know like across both fingers – yeahboth hands rub it together – just so it spreads out abit and then you can just work it into the nose, under the eyes – and across yourforehead.

Yeah, and you can rub it right in like you would almost like moisturiser.

What’s the colour of a primer? Primers are usually clear.

Great,so next foundation because so the good thing to do is to match it to yourdécolletage – which is you know the area on the your chest where the sun falls.

Like where you would have a an open neck shirt or something like that.

And then, toblend it – the foundation down your neck.

And, so just a pump of that or even twoout on to your fingertips.

Okay – I’ll do two.

Great, and then you can put the bottle down.

Great, and you can just work that again on your fingertips and put itonto your skin like you normally would.

So you can do what you normally want todo – and then I’m going to show you the brush.

Okay, so now I’m going to show youwith this brush what it feels like – so the way I recommend it is, you kind ofhave a map of your face, and you start up on one side on your forehead,and it’s in little around motions – around, and around and around around.

From the left to right? Whatever feels right – so every time youdo a little revolution of that brush it’s overlapping the one ahead of it – likeabove it.

And so, then you’re coming now I’m coming across your eyelids – and thenI’m going to go onto one cheek and come across your cheekbone – right cross intothe middle.

Onto your nose, and back the other way – again, overlapping all thoselittle circles so every single bit of skin gets buffed and so all of thosefinger marks of your foundation are just getting blended in.

And you don’t need to put a lot of pressure on you can feel that with the brush.

I’m not putting alot of pressure.

Can I try? Please, you do this side.

Great! Foundation stepcomplete.

So that has a little lid, so I just pop the lid on.

And, would youlike to put it into the second area? Into the container? Yes – together with the brush.

Thank you.

Excellent! Now, I have this wonderful little concealer.

So if you’dlike to feel this? the product is unusual in its packaging.

So, it’s got this – this little lid lifts off at the top.

It look like it’s alittle pen.

It looks like a little pen, and the topof it is like a pom-pom and so what happens is this little click.

Hear this? *click sound.

And so that forces more product up into this pom-pom kind of spongy bit.

And that’s what the product comes through and onto your skin with.

Soit’s like this little baby air-brusher.

It’s amazing.

And, so the area I’mgonna put it is right underneath your eyes in your tear duct – and just I’mkind of dabbing it.

So, you don’t want to do.

you almost want to do one click, becauseif you do too many clicks you’ll get a lot of product coming through and it’llbe a bit crazy.

So just one little click is enough to just bring that forward.

Soif you’d like to just go under your other eye give that a go.

Do you want touse the little mirror? See how you feel with that? Now, if you would like to feel this littlebrush? And literally very softly – because you don’t want totake the product off.

That’s it! And you can go right up underneath your lashline.

That’s it – so now I’ve put a couple of dots of concealer on any little tinyspots and so, I’m almost dabbing on top of those again just to blend it.

And, ifyou do have a spot – any one, you know where it is because you can feel itright? It’s usually a little bit painful or a little bit swollen – or a little bit -at least you can feel the texture of it.

So you can just go ‘dab dab’ ontothose areas.

Have a little look at that.

That looks, that looks good.

Well I cansay that my breakouts definitely are gone.

They are.

So, now we’re going to go into thepowder.

This brush here – here we go.

And you can feel that’s a littlesoft powder brush I haven’t chosen a big one, because you don’t need a lot ofpowder – and you don’t need to do this massive dusting of powder over yourwhole head.

So, that’s a little powder and when you open it you can feel the moundof the pressed powder.

And so that is going to be the tiniest little dusting.

And you don’t need a lot.

So I just? Literally like this – just like that okayand then you can work it I’ll show you.

Yeah, a good tip is if you go – ‘I feel likeI’ve got too much’, a little tap on the brush will cause all the excessproduct to fall off.

Just don’t do it over your lap.

Do it over the bench, so that if the powder is going to fall it’s gonna fall on thebench and not on your beautiful black pants.

And, so then it justfeels like this – it’s just a little soft.

Because don’t forget you have foundationand concealer on there and you don’t want to kind of pull them off the skin.

So you just want to do a light dusting.

I’ll just come up into your forehead.

Andif you do have a little spot do a tiny bit of powder on it because they like toget oily.

Here’s your brush.

So swipe every time?Yeah, yep – great.

So it’s my cheeks? Yeah justthrough there.

Now you might want to clean off your fingertips just to besafe.

And now I found this beautiful little blush.

This is a little Maybellineblush and the name is coral don’t be scared!Coral sounds really red-y orange, but this is a very soft peachy pink.

So, thisbrush if you’d like to feel this.

So you can feel it’s a little bitdifferent and you can feel the bristles.

So it’s not huge again, but it’s verygentle and it’s gonna just blend out that product really softly.

So, again youdon’t want too much product on the brush.

This is a very light soft colour, so it’snot gonna go crazy on you so you don’t have to be scared you’re gonna have abright you know, red cheek or anything.

But I kind of do the brushstraight up and down rather than a side swipe if you know what I mean? So ifyou give me your hand, you can feel the brush I’m gonna go like this and go – dab.

Just like that so essentially for everyone at home it’s a little press ofthe brush into the product rather than a swipe across it.

And it just givesyou a little bit of product on all of the bristles at once.

And then I’m gonnacome in to this area which is where that high part of your cheekbone is.

Notright out near your hairline but kind of near the front – on the outer edge ofyour eye.

So, would you like to have a go? There’s your brush.

So, I will just press.

Yep, great, good! So, when you’re looking atcoloured pressed powders so you’re looking at cheek colour, eyeshadowbronzer – different brands will have different amounts of pigment in them.

Sowhen someone’s talking about that when you’re talking to a Beauty Advisor andthey say oh this is really pigmented that means the amount of colour thatdeposits onto the skin is really intense.

So that’s great if you’re doing a really crazy strong makeup but when you can’t really control what ishappening and you need to be a little bit more subtle with what you’re puttingon your skin you don’t want something reallypigmented.

Okay now, the eyes – yes! So I’m going to show you how this feels.

Again, with eyeshadow you don’t want to deposit too much on to the face at oncebecause if you have too much on the brush some of the powder can falldown onto your cheek and you won’t feel it because it’s so fine – so you’ll end up with this weird brown smear underneath your eye.

So, what I do is asmall swipe and then I go ‘tap tap’ just in case.

And then, just chin up forme.

And then with this brush straight into the middle of the eyelid – with thatproduct.

And then I’m gonna just go; across, across, across – and what I’mtalking about is going from one side of your eyelid to the other along your lashline.

And, then I’m gonna arc up slowly, up into that crease and by the crease Imean – where you can feel your eyeball drop into the back of your socket.

Would you like to try the other one? Yes please.

Great, so I’ve used the second colouralong.

So a little swipe – yes that’s it and then you can go little tap with your finger tip.

That’s it! And then you can use that, and go straight into the middle of youreyelid first – don’t forget to smooth out any creases.

Yes good! Do that with my finger? That’s it – and then with that product straight into the middle of your eyelid.

Okay that’s it, good! And then just across backwards and forwards and then you cancome up a bit further and arc it up into that little crease.

You can come in tothis third colour – along.

One little bit.

Now, I want you to feel whereI’m going – it’s on the outer edge above your eyelashes.

You feel that? mm-hm! So, you’re coming in from the outside in.

And, just adding that slight bit of extra.

So with the same brush? Yeah you can go with the same brush, onto the third colour along.

Into the light.

And sorry am I swiping? One swipe – great, that’s enough.

And get your little mirror – there you go.

And from the outer edge and just swipe it in.

That’s excellent!Yes, now that’s one thing I noticed you do that people may find very helpful.

Yousteady everything with your elbows on the table.

So that makes a very bigdifference – that will really help because when you’re coming at your own face witha tool or with the product and your arms and hands are kind of out in in the airit feels very uncontrollable.

Whereas if you can base yourself on the bench withyour elbows it’ll really help you to feel like you have a bit more control.

Mm-hmm yes it definitely does, because I feel like my hand is shaking I’m notsure where to point.

The other thing you can do, with the heel of your hand – here.

So when you’ve got your elbow – you canalmost put the heel of your hand near your jawline, and then do it.

So thatyou’re even more stable.

okay now this is the interesting one.

Mascara – a lot of people get a bit scared of mascara, and I can imagine becauseeven sighted most people will stab themselves in the eye with the mascarawand at some point in their lives.

So there’s a couple of tips I have for youthat may help.

One of the things that’s nerve-racking about mascara is, numberone not not poking yourself in the eye.

Number two – getting the mascara down tothe roots of the lashes so that they.

because the whole point of mascara is tomake your lashes look thicker and longer.

So, if you don’t get it to the roots ofyour lashes it doesn’t look thicker.

But also, then not getting it all overyour eye.

Because mascara can go everywhere.

So the first thing I thought might help so this product, you can have a close-uplook of that.

It’s called One Thousand Hour Lash and Brow Dye, so you’d need helpof a friend at home – and you can tint your eyelashes, so that the base of them,like your starting point is quite dark.

So that means you don’t necessarily haveto get your mascara all the way to the roots – because they’ll be tint there.

And you can then use the mascara as a thickening agent and a lengtheningagent rather than having to worry about getting right down into near your eye.

The second one I’ve chosen this mascara for you.

This is aL’Oreal Telescopic – so that’s the name of the particular mascara.

It has areally small brush – as in skinny.

It’s not a big fat round brush – it slim.

So I’m just I’m going to go into the roots at the moment because we haven’ttinted your lashes today.

But, it’s such a tiny little brush so now I haven’t putthis mascara wand back into the container for more product, because I’mgoing to do your bottom lashes.

So with your bottom lashes you againneed even less product because they’re shorter, they’re finer (on most people), andso they don’t need as much product so I’ve kind of let it almost dry out alittle bit – the brush, you know as it’s just sitting on the bench.

So now if youlook up for me I’m just gonna tickle your bottom lashes – that’s it.

Now I haveanother fun trick for you.

I think eyebrows are a thing.

Everybody loves agood eyebrow, and I mean it’s really difficult to do your own eyebrows I think, when you can’t kind of see what’s going on.

So one of the tips is brushthem up with a little clean mascara wand so that the hairs are going up and outon the angle that they grow.

And there’s these little things – I want you to feelthis.

It’s an eyebrow stencil.

So it’s a cut out eyebrow shape.

Andthe packet comes – these are from Models Prefer and the packet comes with fourdifferent shapes so you would need to enlist the help of a Beauty Advisor tochoose one – or a friend who you know A trusted one! A trusted friend.

And because essentially what you would want to do is not create a new eyebrow it is to mimicthe eyebrow shape you already have.

But help you to define it.

Okay, so would you like to try this side? I can try and hold this mirror in theright spot.

There’s your thingy.

Now, if I hold themirror here.

Hold on – I’ll try to do this by feel.

Great!So, kind of starting from the very beginning? Yes the very beginning.

So the very beginning of my eyebrow, I’m following the arch.

Excellent! Now you need to hold that with one hand.

Can you do that.

Sure!Excellent, now with your brush do you see this little, on the right hand side?A little swipe of that powder.

That’s it.

And then, you don’t need to goright over onto the inner corner but, from about the middle – yeah.

Can you see it just frames your face? Definitely! You did a great job.

My whole eye area is just so alive.

Yeah you look fantastic!Now, let me just have a little look and now we just need to do – a lip! Now what I’ve chosen for you, because I know you don’t often wear a lip.

Andlips can be a bit nerve-wracking – trying to put something on a lip line and notgo everywhere and all of that – so I found there’s two products here – but Ithink we’ll try this one first.

This is Burt’s Bees and it’s called a Matte LipCrayon.

It’s actually very sheer and it’s like for me – it’s a glorified version ofyour own lip colour.

So it’s like it will add a little bit of tone to yourlips – but in a transparent way, so you can’t really get it wrong.

So, you putit on like you would put on lip balm without if you had dry lips you know youalmost put it over the edges.

Not over the edges.

So you feel that, it’s abig fat crayon with a lid so you can take the lid off – great.

And then, havea go.

And so what you can do is put it kind ofon the inner corner of your lips – like on the inner edge of your lips, top andbottom.

You can put quite a bit on because it’s like a lip balm remember.

And then you can push your lips together and you know smush it.

You don’t need todo a big lip line.

Yeah that’s it, and that just makes it really easy and yourlips just look kind of flushed and healthy and pretty! Yes it looks natural.

Lt looks natural because it’s a natural colour, but it looks polishedbecause you look like you’ve got something on your lips.


Yeah,how’s it feel? Really good! You look gorgeous.

Thank you! And so do you feel like – that’s gonna give you a little bit more confidence? For sure – I was so scared of using brushes because it’s not a fully tactile experience, like it’s notthat I’m using my fingers it was trusting a tool of some kind to do, to apply the product in the right kind of way.

you definitely assured me that this is a good path.

Well you can still use your fingers it’s just the brushes is an insurance policy.


The brush will even out anything that you can’t feel.

No it’s great, it’s great- thank you so much it’s been amazing.

I’ll give you a hug.

You look absolutely divine! Thank you.

Okay, miss Kate are you ready? I’m ready! We are gonna prime the skin.

Give it a beautiful base for that foundation tosit on.

Okay, now this one’s called Lasting Finish and it’s got eight hourwear.

So, this just fills in all of those pores and gives a really lovely base forthe foundation to sit on.

Now I’ve matched your base for you.

This is aL’Oreal True Match – so you can put it on with your fingers across your skin.

And just do what you would normally do and then we’re going to use the brushto polish it right into your skin so I’ve got this beautiful big brush canyou feel that? It’s got like a fiberoptic end to it.

Sojust close your eyes for me.

You can feel, you can blend this – itjust makes it blend perfectly without you needing to worry about it.

SoI’m gonna get you to do this cheek.

Would you like to try?Great – yeah and little round circles go right up underneath your eye.

And you cango across your eyelid – yes that’s good.

Now do you wanna have a little look withyour little fabulous magnifying mirror? See just even evening out your skinmakes a massive difference.

Now I’ve paired that with exactly the same shadein the same range of a concealer.

This one comes with that applicator thatlooks a bit like a lip gloss.

So what we’re gonna do is a little dot and alittle dot in your tear duct.

So you can use the mirror and polish that in.

Now don’t polish it away too much you just want to blend it.

Okay I’m notgetting rid of it? No.

Yeah, so I’m gonna put those and the brushes into yoursecond spot.

And a little bit of powder.

So I’ve chosen this one for you.

It’s actually the perfect colour for you.

So it’s this very soft littlepowder brush and, you’re going to just touch it and just on the high points.

Andnow, a bit of cheek colour.

Blush do you wear it much? I do, I wear blush every day.

Excellent! So, you know how to do this one I’ve chosen this one it’s just a reallypretty pinky – it’s a rose with a gold shimmer through it.

And so it’s gonna really bring your skin alive.

You only want it in thatlittle area on the apples of your cheeks I call it.

You know – when you smile thatbeautiful bit that comes up.

Now, let’s get to the fun bit! Becausewe’re doing a night look and the thing is I think eyeshadow is one of thosethings that can be a bit scary when you’re worried that you’re not going toget it right.

So firstly – a good brush so this little brush, again is alittle soft fluffy brush so when you blend in little circles it’s going toalmost push out that product and airbrush it for you.

But this isprobably not what you would expect we’re not using a powder eyeshadow this is aL’Oreal Eye Paint – now that sounds intense and it can be if you apply it in acertain way.

The applicator looks like a lip gloss, and I have chosen thiscolour.

It’s called ‘Rudeboy’, but it’s this really bronzy gold.

My turn?So now with this little guy this little mirror you can suction cap that ontoyour mirror to give you a little bit more yeah on the bigger mirror greatlittle blob there.

Is that enough? Yep that’s great and then there’s your brush anddon’t forget polish it onto the area just above your lashes first.

Because, you want to concentrate the colour there – because that’s really whatyou see when your eyes are open.

And then start the little windscreen wiper.

Yeah, yeah – you did an excellent job though.

Because the thing is with thisbecause it’s great it polishes out to being quite sheer even if you do miss alittle bit it’s not actually a big mistake.

It’s not gonna be a problem.

Because you’re still getting the little goldy sparkle.

Exactly! Now thisrange of colours has quite a lot of options there’s little pale pinkslittle soft beiges – and it goes right through to like dark metallic blues andall of that kind of thing so you could always get really crazy with it onceyou’ve practised with the product and you feel comfortable – you could play withsome of the colours as well.

I love this colour for your eye colour.

The bronzebrings out the green in your eye! So for people who who have been blind their whole life may not know what colour their iris is.

You know a Beauty Advisor couldhelp them go – okay green let’s go opposite on the colour wheel, and go intolike a reddy-orange tone to bring out the green.

I have chosen this, this isa Napoleon Perdis mascara called ‘Give it a Curl – Madame Curl Curl Mascara’, I quitelove the name – and just try going on at the mid lengths and ends of your lashes.

And – if you tilt your chin up that way your eyelid is further away – so when yourmascara wand goes up it doesn’t hit your skin.

It doesn’t get me – yeah.

And now – brows Do you usually do much to your brow? I just brushed them.

Yeah great so, you kind of need to have everythingready.

So you have your mirror, your product and your brush ready.

Sothat you can line that up.

I’ll hold the mirror for you because youcould – yep and you’re gonna need to hold that with one hand.

Okay so lips – because we’re talking a night look I thought we could dosomething that’s a little bit more punchy for you.

So I’ve chosen thisBurt’s Bees – and it’s like a crayon so have a look you can just pull that lid off, and it’s quite sheer but it’s got a bit of colour to it.

So do you want to have a little go? Use it like a lip balm.

So yeah, youcan you can actually go out across your lip line but you can also put it on likelip balm and then rubbing your lips together – move it across.

But it’s gotquite a bit of like an orangey tone to it which I just think it’s a bit of fun!Give you a bit of ‘Kapow!’ Oh yeah, I don’t usually wear this colour, this is nice.

Nice to try a new colour.

It’s a real coral! So that’syou and like nighttime look you’ve got a sparkly eyeshadow on, you’ve got mascarayou’ve got a flushed cheek, you’ve got a lip colour on, you actually look verymade-up.

But it was really simple! It’s pretty quick.

You feel like you could do it? Yeah these products are so easy, they just glide on.

Great forsomeone like me.

Good and then there’s the other colours in the range ofthat eye paint – that you could really play with.

Yeah you could end up with anavy yeah a navy eye – that could be really fun!Yeah and just get excited about makeup again.

I will, no more conservative! So we’ve got a daytime look and a nighttime look.

Thank you girls for being my models.

Thank you! How are you feeling?Amazing, Amazing – changed, converted to brush that’s for sure.

Excellent! Feel like youcould play with colour a bit more? Definitely, definitelyI feel much more confident that’s for sure.

I can take some risks with colour that I haven’t in a long time – it’ll be good.

Yeah, look at you the bronze – you’re amazing.

Thank you! So much fun – sothanks so much for joining us I hope that a lot of the women out there whoare blind or with sight issues have got a lot out of the tutorial.

And, a lot oftips and tricks and tools that you might be able to play with.

Thanks so much.


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