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How to Prep & Prime Your Skin For Makeup | ipsy U


– Hi guys, I'm Julie.

Welcome to ipsy U Beauty 101.

(relaxing music) I'm here to show you how to prep and prime your skin for a dewy and flawless makeup look.

Before applying your makeup, you must make sure your skin is clean and moisturized to avoidclogged pores or breakouts.

Today, I'm gonna cleanse,treat, and hydrate my skin before I apply my foundation.

So, let's get started! First, I'm gonna washand cleanse my face with the Murad cleanser and this isgonna help remove impurities.

First, I'm gonna dampen myface, and then I'm gonna take a small amount andapply it to my face and neck.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and rinse my face.

Next, I'm gonna treat witha daily, light exfoliant.

I'm gonna be using the First Aid Beauty exfoliating pads.

These pads have lacticand glycolic acid in them which are gonna helpexfoliate, brighten, and tone.

They're also gonna smooth the skin, which is gonna be greatfor makeup application.

I'm gonna use this pad on my face, neck, all the way down to my collarbone.

I use these everyday becauseeven after cleansing, using makeup remover, youstill have impurities.

I mean, look at that.

(relaxing music) Now I'm gonna use the Murad eye cream.

This is gonna help with dark circles, puffiness, and crow's feet.

It's gonna firm, brighten,and hydrate my under eyes.

I'm going to apply under my eyes gently with my ring finger and using this finger because it's the most gentle.

Prior to using my moisturizer,I'm gonna use a serum.

Serum's have the highest concentration of active ingredients.

(relaxing music) Serums treat different skin concerns.

I'm going to be using 111SKINVitamin C Brightening Booster.

This serum targets signsof hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and age spots.

It has red rice extracts that is known for smoothing and firming the skin.

It also has vitamin Cthat helps boost collagen, and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

Over time, it'll even out your skin tone.

You can use this serum alone, or mix it in with your moisturizer.

You just simply add one or two drops.

I'm gonna mix this withmy H20+ moisturizer, and like I said before, I'm gonna take one or two drops and mix it in.

It's a gel-like formulathat is lightweight, and it's good for oily and dry skin.

(relaxing music) After moisturizing, I'm gonna use the POREfessional Primer by Benefit to prime my face.

The primer has a tint of color, but once you put it onyour skin, it'll blend in.

It has a great matte finish, and it's non-oily.

It'll also help minimizethe appearance of pores and fine lines.

(relaxing music) My skin is all preppedand ready for my makeup.

I'm gonna be using the MAC Strobe Cream.

You can use this aloneor with your foundation.

I'm gonna mix it in with my foundation.

(upbeat music) And there you have it.

Thank you for watching this episode of ipsy U Beauty 101.

(bright, upbeat music).

Source: Youtube

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