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MAKEUP TUTORIAL: How To Do 3-Step Contouring With Gretta Monahan


(classy electronica music) Hey everybody, it’s Greta Monahan here, and I am behind the scenes at Rachael Ray, super excited to share my three step contouring with you.

So there’s a lot of things that we already have in our makeup kit that we can use for contouring.

Basically, contouring comes down to using light and dark.

That contrast on the face is what pops the features when it’s placed correctly.

So you take a look in your makeup bag, if you have powders that are light and dark, pull them out, if you’ve got creams, like a great concealing stick, and maybe a darker foundation that either was a mistake, or it’s something that you don’t use unless it’s summertime, pull it out, too.

You can really start a very subtle contouring with just these things, and you don’t have to buy a contouring kit.

So I’m gonna take my darkest color, first, and I’m simply going to create a boomerang shape, right under my cheekbone.

How do you know where your cheekbone is? You feel it.

So this is the top of my cheekbone, but as I roll my finger down, I can just feel that little ridge.

That’s where the color, that’s right in here, where you want the color to go, where you want it to be concentrated, because this is what’s gonna really play up and pop your bone color, up here, and that’s really that look that everybody’s going after, sort of that chiseled, beautiful, accented look for our features.

I’m putting this in, and you can see I’m going in this shape.

It’s a boomerang.

And I go all the way up, almost to the center of my face.

So I’m going from here, all the way down to the corner of the temple, and then I’m boomeranging right around.

And you can feel it.

Your cheekbone just about ends right in here.

Everybody’s different, just feel it out.

So you can either use a foundation stick, if you have it, or work with cream concealer.

I’m gonna put this right on top of the bone, right around this area, and slightly around the eye.

Do you guys see that? And this is what’s gonna give that beautiful lightness to the top of my bone, but still keep the depth right underneath it, and that’s what gives you that chiseled, amazing look.

You apply the lightness in a half-moon shape.

Boomerang for the dark, half-moon for the light.

You can be done at your cheekbones if that’s all you wanna pop.

If you are, just take a little bit of blush and just apply it right to the top of the apple of the cheek.

Give yourself a little color, and you’re done.

Okay, so that’s the super I’m in a rush, I gotta go, I need it to be under three steps.

We’re done, we can go out, we look great.

But if you really, really, really wanna get drama going, really go a little deeper with the colors you choose.

So now, I’m gonna show you that, plus a couple of tricks extra for those of you who ask.

Tons of people ask me, “How do you contour your nose?” Super easy.

If you want to make your nose feel a little bit more narrow, or a little more chiseled, a little more angular, all you do is use your light color, your lightest tone.

Give yourself a little bit of lightness on the bridge of the nose.

Can either do this with powder or with cream.

And then you take, I’m gonna do it with both cream and powder on both sides of the nose.

I’m using the same dark color I used on my cheek, and I’m literally just patting it in to the side of my nose.

What’s that doing? Light highlights and broadens, really highlights the look of that bone, and then the deeper color is deepening and receding that area, or the look of that area.

That is the illusion we are creating.

Another one I get asked about with the nose is, “How can I make my nose appear a little shorter? “I feel like it’s a little long,” whatever.

No big deal.

All you do is just take a little bit of either your cream or your deeper shade of brown or bronze, take a little bit on a brush, and just hit the underside.

That is just gonna recede the tip of the nose a little bit.

Another really beautiful feature is the jawline.

It’s where we smile.

It’s where we’re communicating from.

So when you frame that with contouring, it just helps to make all of your features and your beauty stand out.

I’m gonna start with my darker color, and you remember, on the cheekbone, I had you put the boomerang, with the darker color, under the underside of the bone, and left the lighter color for on top.

This is similar, here.

So we’re literally going to add the darker tone on the underside of the curvature here, of my jaw, all the way down, and like I did here, I’m not going to the center, but I’m going darn close to it.

And if you feel like you wanna put a little depth, let’s say, under the chin area, or any area that you wanna recede or give a little shadow to, that’s exactly how you use your darker tone.

Now, I take my lighter color.

I’m gonna use a stick this time, just a little concealer stick.

Highlight my chin, just like I did my nose, and give that center of the face a little pop, like a have a little light bulb there, a little selfie light.

I also love, little trick, right here.

I love to give a little light in the center of the forehead.

Doesn’t hurt there, either.

(chuckles) Love it.

Just gives the top of the bow of the lip a little pop.

So for this brush, this is an all-over brush, I would finish with a loose powder with this brush, because it’s not gonna give you the drawing definition of a smaller brush.

If you have anything smaller, has a little bit of a point to it, anything, like your blush brush, or even an angle brush, this just makes contouring really, really easy, if you’re using powders.

Another one I love for super drama is this fan brush, because you can see, it’s really narrow.

I wanna show you the drama, so I’m gonna do it.

So you can see it, I’m gonna actually draw it for you guys so you can see it.

See that? Now, obviously I’m not gonna walk around like that, I’m gonna blend it in, but I wanted to have you guys see exactly the shape.

And as I said, the darker you go, don’t be afraid.

I’m gonna show you what happens.

The darker that you go with your color, the more sculpted you’re gonna look.

So just to show you, this is how it starts.

Now, fingers or brush, I’m gonna blend it out.

This is for super drama.

Brush it right up into your hairline, and blend.

You wanna blend, blend, blend, blend, blend.



Boomerang it around the temple and the hairline.

Blend it in, fingers or brush.

Up, brush up and away, up into your hairline.

You’re just trying to blur that line.

It still keeps its intensity.

A little tip for extra drama, anything with sparkle, either a powder or a little highlight liquid.

Exactly where you put your concealer earlier, you’re gonna put your sparkle.

And this is that super luminized, glowy look that the stars always have on the red carpet.

And remember, half-moon, half-moon around the eye area, just above, just on the top of that cheekbone, around the eye.

And you could give yourself a little down the nose, if you like it.

Little here, you now, now, in your little bright points.

So there you have it.

You have total pro contouring in three easy steps, but you can also dial up the drama.

You can go in a little deeper on the tonality, on the cheekbone, or highlight your chin, forehead area, and nose.

Now you’ve got all the steps to do whatever look you’re in the mood to do based on the occasion and the time you have.

So have fun, please send me your pictures of your contouring.

I love to learn.

I love to share, and I wanna see what you’re up to.

So send ’em all in, comments, questions, anything you got, or requests.

I’d love to do more with you, so have fun.

Hey guys, so if you like my smokey eyes today, check out my smokey eye tutorial, up next.

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