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SWEATPROOF MAKEUP Tutorial | How to Get Long Lasting Makeup


Hey guys it's Lauren and in today'svideo I'm gonna be sharing with you my tips and tricks on how to have a sweatproof makeup routine so I know that school is starting back up there are alot of people and it is still really hot where I am I don't know about you guysbut I sweat and I'm just gonna be real I sweat and I've had to come up with a lotof steps to make my makeup routine foolproof make sure that my makeup isnot gonna melt off throughout the day make sure that the time I spend in themorning doing my makeup it's gonna be worth by a while it's not gonna goanywhere so I've had to come up with a lot of tips and tricks and I think thata lot of these are some that like you've never heard of so they're not gonna bethe same old you know prime your face did it it like it is real deal and Ihope that these are super helpful for you guys if they are please be sure togive this video a big thumbs up as well as hitting that subscribe button downbelow it really does help me out and help my channel out in you wanna doingfun so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and let's get into it oh mygoodness you guys it's my face scaring you as much as it's scaring me like butI'm looking the viewfinder I'm like oh my gosh I look like deadly but I amgoing to you and go ahead and start in a tutorial I hope I don't scare you toomuch but the first step is super crucial it's going to be to remove any excessoils on your face with a blotting paper if you guys don't know a blotting papercan be used for multiple like purposes but a lot of people use it throughoutthe day overtop of their makeup so they don't have to apply more powder tocombat the oil on your face but I'm gonna use that before today so that Ican make sure that I have a really nice canvas with not too much any naturaloils like you still need natural oils on your face but this will help getting ridof a lot of it cuz if you have a bunch of oil sitting underneath your makeupit's gonna kind of speed up the process and her makeup coming off throughout theday so I want to go ahead and get rid of as much as I can I'm gonna be using theSephora blotting paper and these are the innocent herbal rose you can get anytype of blotting papers it really doesn't matter I'm just gonna be usingone of the sheets here's what it looks like if you've never really seenblotting paper um these smell so good but now I'm justgonna take off any oils on my face I don't have that much natural oil soyou're not gonna really see much of a difference but if you have oily or skinthis step will be really helpful so it's also really important that yougive your face a nice and base for your makeup where you know that it's notgoing to be really budging or going anywhere so the parameter I'm gonna beusing is one from Maybelline this is the Maybelline master prime blur andsmoothing a primer this is one that is really great if you have where you skinI don't really use this only every day I use one of the more hydrating primersbut this one is super nice because it really will come at any of it wills thatyou have in your face and really help keep those underneath your makeup sothat it doesn't seep through and make you look super sweaty and how yourmakeup come off so here's what it looks like it's just kind of a white primerand now I'm going to apply it onto my face all right so you want to make sure thatyou've got the product anywhere that you're gonna be applying any makeupbecause it really will help keep that makeup on your face and prevent it frommelting off so that's step in the routine it's going to be applying afoundation you can apply it as normal but I would recommend using a foundationthat has a little bit of a lighter consistency it can be full coverage itdoesn't matter but make sure it's not super heavy because that will kind ofspeed up the process of your makeup coming off and no one really likes thefeeling on like a hot day when you have like a bunch of foundation and a bunchof makeup on your face and you can just feel yourself kind of getting caught andit's just really uncomfortable so now I'm gonna be applying me Makeup ForeverHD foundation that's what it looks like and I'm just gonna put a couple pumps ofit on my hand I'm rubbing it in with my hands just because I it is a lighterfoundation you don't really need a brush you don't really need a sponge if youwant to do it that way you can but this is the way aren't you alright guys so I know that I said youshould probably be using up more products that are more lightweight andthis is a very it's gonna it's a more heavier consistency when it comes to aconcealer it is the Attar shape tape concealer but this is so great atcovering any blemishes and dark circles so I'm going to be using it in a waythat you can kind of still use a product like this but it's not going to be tooheavy on your face and you're not gonna feel like you're wearing a ton of makeupso I'm just gonna be applying really a tiny bit of this underneath my eyesbecause a little bit of this product really does go a super long way you cansee the applicator is absolutely huge um I'm just gonna put it underneath my eyelike so it's kind of doing kind of that dot method and not applying too muchbecause if you do like straight up lines then you're gonna have so much extraproduct and it's not gonna feel very good so I'm first gonna blend this inand then I'm gonna do like kind of my blemishes on my face because this thingdoes dry quick so I'm just blending in my concealer with this pretty um that'spretty nasty Beauty Blender I'm not even gonna lie it is not the prettiest it'snot super pink not super new but it's Who I am you want to make sure that you're reallypadding the product in like I said it is a much heavier consistency so you wantto make sure that you really get it in nice and good and that it's not reallylayered up on your skin because otherwise first off your makeup will beclearly obvious that you're wearing a ton of concealer and we're all trying tolook kind of like we're not trying that much and this will really help achievethat effect especially when we put powder over top of it so now I actually just placed a littlebit of concealer on my blue shades I used two very small amount and I'm justgonna blend it out again with the same Beauty Blender and make sure that it'sreally seamless so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a bunch of makeup on my faceand it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a bunch of makeup on my face because I'mreally not so now what I'm gonna be doing is I'mgoing to be taking the Maybelline fit me loose setting powder here's what itlooks like and I'm gonna be using a real techniques setting brush and what I'mgonna do is I'm gonna spray it a little bit with my fix plush just a little nottoo much and then I'm gonna dip it in the product and put it underneath myeyes what I'm not going to do is I'm not gonna bake underneath my eyes justbecause that can make the makeup feel a little bit heavier and when you start tosweat it will definitely come off so it's basically like a huge waste of timeif you do decide to sit there like you're make a baked apply a bunch ofproduct you're really trying to put as minimal amount of product on your faceas you can because that way you're not gonna have to worry about it all comingoff all right so I'm just putting a little bit of a spritz of fix+on top of it and now I'm going to dip it in the powder and put it underneath myeyes and on all the other places I put can see so now what I'm gonna do because it doeshave a really harsh effect and going for it I'm just gonna like tap off all theexcess and really go and blend it together alright so now I'm going to bedoing is I'm going to be applying a little bit of bronzer kind of just asnormal if I was just doing my makeup any other day this is the Becca sunlitbronzer this is in the shade of Bali's sands and I'm gonna be using ace 4 Profeatherweight brush to trying to put it on my face I'm gonna do it in the 3 youknow kind of motion as if I was contouring but I'm kind of kind ofextended like you can see this brush is super big so it's really gonna help meget a bunch of areas and make it look really cohesive so now I feel a little bit more in myelement that I have my bronzer on you know I need a good bronzer but now whatI'm going to be doing is I'm going to be taking one of the Jane Eyre gel purepressed blushes this one is in the shade cotton candy and I'm gonna show you guysthis is absolutely gorgeous first off I love Jane ideals packaging but here iswhat the product looks like I have a couple of their blush as a base send andwhere they sent over a bunch of products to me um within the past few days thatI've really been trying them out and this is absolutely gorgeousI don't wear blush on every day because sometimes I feel like it kind of I don'tknow it makes me look like a clown but these are gorgeous and they're so greatto work with I'm not just saying this because they send these products overthis isn't sponsored or anything like that I don't get any money by using thelinks down below but you really should at least check their products outbecause they're so good and I feel like they don't get talked about nearly asmuch as they should but now what I'm gonna be doing is I'mgonna be taking a little bit of this blush on this um some brush I think it'slike the mystical lamb or blush and I'm just gonna be putting just a little bitof product on it I'm gonna be again spraying that with my fix+ to make surethat it stays on my face because I don't know if you guys have this problem but Ifeel like blush is honestly the first thing to kind of fade away on my face umwhen it comes to my makeup and especially if I'm sweating a little bitso now I'm gonna be applying a little bit of this on each of my cheeks thishas such a luminous like pretty look to it I love this alright guys so now I'mgonna be applying a little bit of an eyeliner this is a Sephora colorfulwinkin eyeliner and this is a waterproof one and it is in the shape that a blackdress I've talked about this a lot my channel just because it really it's oneof those products that is gonna stay on it's gonna last any like do anything alot of water planners don't even do that and a lot of regular Islandersdefinitely don't it's really hard to find an eyeliner that's really gonnalast on your eyelids and not go anywhere this is what I've had a lot of successwith and I'm really into it if you wouldn't make sure that it like reallyisn't gonna go anywhere you can little apply a little bit of black shadow I'mgonna apply this off-camera real quick and I'll be back alright so now what I'mgoing to be doing is I'm going to be applying a little bit of this mascarafrom benefit it's the they're real mascara this is one of myfavorites from them I've been using this forever and it really is one of thoseproducts that I don't know I feel like my mascara never really goes anywherewhen I use it it always stays right on my lashes right where I want it to beit's also one of those that kind of makes your lashes look very long andkind of natural almost like they're naturally like that so I'm gonna beusing it here is what the applicator looks like if you haven't seen it beforeoh my gosh light shaking so now I'm gonna apply it to you at my eyes so I'mjust kind of applying it it's kind of hard to talk while I do this but in likestrokes on my lashes so they look kind of fluffy along and then make sure that I get the bottomlashes to so the two products that I'm gonna beusing for my lips today are one from glossier and one of them NARSI'm going to be using the glossy a birthday at bomb.

Com here's what itlooks like this is one of my favorite lip balms I love using it during thewinter I haven't used it that much during the summer just because my lipsdon't get that chapped but when you put on a lip balm it's gonna help yourlipstick stay on a little bit longer and really like help expand the longevity ofthat lip product so this is really important wit bomb smells so good you guys itliterally smells like like a birthday cake um I love these they really do helpkind of moisturize the lips and keep my lip products on whenever I put them allover top of them I also have a one in the scent cherry that I love alright sonow for the last step I'm gonna be using one of my all-time favorite lip productsthis is one that I talked about in the summer essentials video because itreally is so great when you're hot and you don'twant to worry about a liquid lip or even just a heavier of lipstick this issomething that kind of does it all in one it's not gonna last for a supersuper long period of time but it's gonna be comfortable and if it starts likecoming off it's not gonna get all over your face it's just gonna kind of comeoff and you're not even gonna realize it you might not have as much color on yourlips but at least it won't be on the rest of your face so this is the anarselipstick and the shade yeah yeah the NARS lipstick in the shade of dolce vitahere's what the shade looks like and now it's kind of a more sheer lipstick I canput a little swatch about my hand real quick for you guys there you go it's seeit's super sheer I just wanted to show you it on my hand as well becausesometimes um you put a product on your lips it's kind of hard to see what colorit is so like originally because everyone has a different natural lipcolor and literally I just throw this on my lips like you don't even have to bethat careful with it because it just kind of is so sure that you don't worryabout it alright guys those are my tips on tricks on how to make your makeupsweat breathe if you guys tell this video helpful and like tutorial typevideos be sure to give this video a big thumbs up so I know to do more videoslike this in the future and if you've made it through this much of the videoand you're still not subscribed be sure to click that button down below it'sreally helpful for me and for my channel and I just wanted to say thank you guysso much for just watching like watching my channel every like I just am sothankful for all of you so thank you so much for everything that you guys do ifyou have any questions or want to know anything wanna tell me anything justcomment down below I really want to you know really engage with you guys becauseI wouldn't be here without you so I think that is all I have I will see youguys in the next one and bye you.

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