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I Got a Pixie Cut: Now What?


Hey there modern vegans and vegan curious, it's Margaret and welcome back to ModVegan.

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Today I wantto talk with you about my hair.

So I decided to cut my hair off.

You probablyhave noticed that it's been getting a little bit shorter over the months sinceI joined YouTube and now it's pretty much gone.

And in the words of one of mydaughters, who was a little bit surprised when she got off the bus lastFriday.

She said, "mom, if you have a hairdresser again you're going to bebald.

" So, let me address that and some other important concerns in the videothat is to follow.

So I've been debating getting my hair cut for a while, and I'vebeen kind of taking a slow and tentative approach.

If you noticed, last year when Ijoined YouTube my hair was quite a bit longer and it's been getting kind ofprogressively shorter since then.

And I have been kind of debating this, tryingto decide what to do until a last Friday when I'd been looking at pictures forso long, and I knew what I wanted – I just went to the hairdresser and I told himyou know "just cut it off!" I had thought about it a lot and I've had my hair thisshort in the past before in high school it was kind of Winona Ryder circa"Girl, Interrupted" – that was kind of a haircut that I had then.

In Universitywas a little bit a little more like this, more of a short kind of pixie and I'vealways loved having short hair.

I'm going to tell you why.

My love affair withshort hair started when I was a kid, and at that time everyone in my family hadlong hair, except for my grandmother who had really short hair since the late1940s, before she got married to my grandfather.

She had pretty short hairand she'd always loved it and she was very unabashed in her love for shorthair and it was something that I always found rather inspiring, because my Auntsalways had slightly longer hair you know they always had around shoulder-length hair, at least.

My mother had even longer hair, although it's much shorternow.

But they all had they all had longer hair, and one of the things that Iremember as a kid was that when it came time forus to do outdoor activities my grandmother was always the first tojump up and want to do those things.

More so than my aunt's, more so than anyoneelse – except maybe my uncle David.

My grandmother loved doing things -especially water sports – she always loved swimming and she loved having short hairbecause it allowed her to go swimming and then not have to worry about herhair afterwards.

And I always thought it was kind of neat because my aunts – where they'd be a little bit more concerned, they'd wonder whether their hair would look okay after theygot out of the lake or whatever – my grandma always knew her hair was goingto look good.

And I always saw that – so I saw it kind of in a freeing way.

I sawhow short hair could be kind of liberating.

And I also know that mygrandfather LOVED her short hair.

He would always comment on the fact that hedidn't understand why short hair wasn't more common in women because he thoughtthat when your hair was shorter, it drew more attention to your face and he wouldalways say if a girl has a nice face she should have short hair.

That was hisstrong opinion.

He thought if you have pretty face you should have short hairbecause you see your face better and you just thought that it was nice, it tookless time, and it looked more "put together.

" And that's something that I'vealways noticed too, and it's probably because – a lot like my grandmother – I havevery thick hair and it's wavy and so it takes a bit of work to make it look good.

And so anytime my hair has been longer – certainly shoulder-length orlonger – it's always taken a lot of time every day to put together.

If you're awoman that needs to style her hair, especially if you don't have straighthair or curly hair if your hair somewhere in the middle, it takes a lotof time to style your hair.

And I was used to spending about an hour a day andon days when I didn't, I just didn't feel beautiful.

I didn't feel like myself.

Ididn't feel pretty.

And there was an interesting video thatanother newer YouTuber, Life of Wife put up the other day that was called something like, "you don't need to be pretty" but I'll put it as a link in thein the in the description box below.

But she was saying you don't need to to bepretty for other people.

And I think it was a really good comment, but the funnything is, when my hair is longer I don't feel pretty at all, because unless I'vedone my hair and everything like that, I justdon't feel ready to face the world.

I don't feel that I am that I'm preparedto be "out there.

" And even when I, you know, take my kids to the bus stop orsomething like that, I know that if I haven't had time to do my hair in themorning (because especially with hair like mine, even sleeping on it overnight,it still needs to be done again in the morning.

I can't just get out ofbed after having flat ironed it the day before, and be able to go.

No, it needs some more work.

And that's something that has always stood in theway of me feeling like I'm ready to face the world.

And I don't like that.

Idon't like feeling like I am not able to be myself.

And it's funny, I know a lot ofwomen feel really uncomfortable leaving the house without makeup, butinterestingly enough, even though I love makeup, I feel far more comfortableleaving the house without makeup than I do without having had my hair done andI've always been like this.

And I think – and I was noticing this even more nowwith my hair short.

If my makeup's not done, I still feel prettybecause my hair is all put together.

And before, you know, if I were to take the time to put on my makeup, but not do my hair, it doesn't even seem like it wasworth doing.

Because the hair distracts so much from the face.

And that's anotherthing! I think there's a reason why a lot of people, when you think of you knowactresses and things like that, you think about Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroeand you know Charlize Theron and Halle Berry – a lot of these women with shorterhair, one of the reasons why we we tend to think of them as being so pretty, Ithink – in my opinion – is we can see their faces.

And I think when you can seesomeone's face, that it does tend to be more attractive, in general.

I think it'snice to be able to see someone's face.

And especially if you have face that youlike, it's good for people to be able to see it.

And I do like my face, and soI'm not afraid of having people see it.

And that's something to keep in mind ifyou're thinking about cutting your hair short.

You need to feel like you likeyour face.

If you don't like your face, then having longer hair is reallyimportant, because it does help to add certain something to your appearance.

Itgives another element of your personality.

I wouldn't say that it's somuch to hide your face, but it adds another element to your look.

And if youwant more to your look than just your looks – like than just your face – thenhaving that extra element is really helpful.

So I definitely would not adviseshort hair for everyone.

Short hair is for people who like – especially for me -I'm a minimalist.

I like a minimalist aesthetic.

You do notice that I likebright colours.

I do love bright colour, but other than that, I tend to go with a moreminimalist aesthetic.

I like simple, and so for me, with my minimal aesthetic, Ilike people to notice my face because that might be the most interesting partof me.

It's certainly true that my clothes are not that interesting.

Theyhave interest of their own, but it's not as interesting as I am.

I tend to thinkI'm a little more interesting.

And so I like to draw attention to my face.

Andthat's one thing – really consider that if you're thinking about cutting your hairshort.

Do you like your face? Do you want people to notice your face first off? Isthere something else you'd rather people notice about you first?Think about that when you're thinking about how you'd like to draw attentionto different parts of your personality.

When you're thinking about your personalstyle.

And finally, I just want to say that I I know that short hair is notfor everyone.

But I do think it's for me.

I'm enjoying it so much with the summertime, with feeling how cool and fresh it is.

Summer is my absolute favourite timeof the year.

And especially in Canada, we don't get very much of it.

I get likethree or four months of summer at most, and I think that um, if I keep my hairshort in winter – we'll see what happens, things change.

But I dofind that it just feels refreshing that it feels summery and fresh, and it feelslike I'm not hiding from the world and that's a nice feeling.

It was really nice.

You know, I haven't had my hair short since I met my husband about 12 yearsago.

Our 12th anniversary of meeting each other and our 10th weddinganniversary is this fall, and so we've been together for 12 years.

And I haven'thad my hair this short since I met him.

Mywas longer when I met him, and I haven't had it this short in at least 12 years.

And one thing that was really interesting – and my only concern in termsof how I looked, was, you know, is my husband gonna like it? Like, that was veryimportant.

And one of the things that he said right away was that he noticed howmuch more confident I was.

And that was really nice to see.

And that is kindof sexy, when a woman is confident.

And it's all about how.

I think the biggesttest of your personal style is: does it make you feel confident? Do you feel good aboutit? And, do you feel good about it even when people say negative things about it?That's really important.

You need to feel good and confident and and comfortablein your skin.

Bien dans sa peau.

or whatever.

However that goes.

Butyou need to feel good in your skin, and and I feel really good in my skin whenmy hair is short.

I feel more comfortable.

I feel like I don't need to do too muchin order to feel like I'm looking good and feeling prepared.

I feel like I canjust kind of run my fingers through my hair and run out the door and that's alovely feeling.

And I love that.

And if you're concerned about whether, youknow, maybe the man in your life or whatever thinks your hair looks nice,that's something to consider.

Is being a little more self confident somethingthat they're going to like as well? And I think in in terms of my relationship, atleast, that's an important thing.

It's important to feel self-confident, andit's much better than being constantly telling your partner like "don't take a picture of me!" Especially when you've got kids.

You don't want to be the person that'ssaying like "don't take a picture, I haven't done my hair!" You don't want to feel like that.

You know, "I don't have make up on!" You don't want to be that person.

At least Idon't want to be that person.

I want to feel like no matter what, I'm alwaysready.

And I love that about short hair.

It really feels like I'm ready to go, nomatter what.

So that's kind of my view on the short hair.

I also love how it lookswith a lot of the stuff that I have.

I've been going through my wardrobe and doingkind of a spring cleaning (a little bit late, now it's summer).

But I've just beenkind of getting rid of some things that I'm tired of, and moving into thewardrobe that I love the most.

And that would probably be the things that yousee me wearing here on YouTube.

You see the dresses that I wear – I like my brightcolours, I like my simple, patternless clothes andI feel like this haircut really works well with that look.

So it works wellwith my style, and I'm really enjoying it.

What do you guys think about it? What doyou think of short hair? I know that everyone has a different opinion on it.

Iknow that some people love it, some people don',t but I hope whatever styleyou decide to choose that you enjoy your style.

That it gives you confidence.

Because that's the most important thing.

Thank you so much for watching.

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Have a beautiful day! Bye.

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