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I Got A Pixie For The First Time


– Hi, I'm Alyssa, and I'm about to cutall my (beep) hair off.

(swishing) (energetic, rhythmic rock music) (squeaking) I've had long hairrelatively my whole life.

The shortest I've ever cut it was like about my shoulders.

I feel like I've justbeen too scared to do it.

My girlfriend, Sam, is kind of nervous.

– Now you're gonna be aneven bigger chick magnet.

(laughs) – I think this is gonna bea big change, comfort wise, because everyone says thatmy hair is my staple piece.

(mellow rock music) So this is my last night with my hair, and it feels really weird, and it's kind of nerve-rackingknowing that I'm going to be cutting all of my hair off tomorrow, because it's super long.

I don't know, I guess ina sense I'm gonna miss it.

Just because it's all I've ever known, but it's also very excitingthat I get to have a new look for the first time in my life, and not have the same look that I've had for 26 years of my life.

Tomorrow's the big dayand we'll see how it looks and hope for the best.

And then, you'll see what it looks like.

– Mm hmm.

(energetic, rhythmic rock music) – My name is David Dang.

I'm a celebrity hairstylistand hair trichologist.

Today we're taking Alyssato an amazing hair journey, and that includes chopping it all off.

On someone's hair journeywhen they grow their hair out it's because they like consistency.

But in my hair worldconsistency equals complacency.

– Well you can't go back now.

(laughs) – I feel like women who go shorter are actually a lot sexier.

It's because they're fearless.

So when Alyssa is gonnawear this new style, this new self-confidence, this new her, she's gonna rock it.

(mellow rock music) What are you feeling? – I'm feeling excited to see it.

– Okay, that's always a good reaction.

– Yeah, yeah.

– It's definitely gonna be a change, but I think this is the changethat you've been waiting for.

– Yeah.

– Alright, you ready? – I'm ready.

– Okay.

(shocked exclamations voiceover) (laughs) – Oh, my god.

– I always love seeing that face! (laughs) – This is crazy.

(laughs) Oh my god.

– You're paving the way.

You're paving the way for the new self.

Look it, the cut is versatile.

Which is someone likeduring our journey together, I feel like you are thatkind of versatile girl.

This is great.

This is the new start.

If I had the opportunity to do this again I would absolutely do it again.

(Alyssa giggles) – Oh my god! Holy (beep)! (Alyssa giggles) Oh my god.

– [Alyssa] There's no hair.

– There is no hair.

– It's probably one of themost freeing feelings ever.

And it's the best feeling having no hair touch the back of my neck (giggles).

When I look at myself in themirror prior to cutting my hair I feel like I didn'trecognize that person.

But now looking in the mirror, I feel like I definitelyrecognize this person and this is who I was supposed to be.

(energetic pop music) (swishing) (squeaking).

Source: Youtube

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