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I Tried Short Hairstyles For A Week


(cheerful music) – I am going to be tryingdifferent short hairstyles over the course of a week.

My hair is so importantto me, it's like basically a security blanket thatgrows out of my head.

I always have admired short hairstyles, I think they're really cool,but I don't think they're cool on me and I've been toldrepeatedly I have a round face, I cannot do short hair.

I think I've had long hair for a long time and I'm very curious to see whether or not that's actually thebest thing for my face.


– Okay.

– Let's try some short hair.

I'm very worried.

I don't know what this looks like.

Oh my god.

Oh my god, I have neverhad hair like this before.

I look like the fat bestfriend in a rom com.

I'd be so good at openingmy own feminist bookstore.

I cannot get over this hair.

I keep going from mirror to mirror, being like, "What doe sit looklike here, and also here?" – What? Are you a bob lady now? – Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Oh, I told you you'd lookgood with short hair! Told you! – I like it!- You look very pretty.

– It looks real good on you.

– I feel like wigs are betterat being hair than hair is This is like the green beret of hair.

I would never get thismuch volume in real life.

– I love that color, thatcolor warms you up so much.

– Alright, end of dayone, pretty successful.

Do you like it?- What is going on? – It's very different.

– It feels too short.

I know this look is supposedto be like early 2000s Sarah Jessica Parker, and ifyou ignore my face, it is.

I feel like there's twocommas around my head.

Like my face is in quotation marks.

– Yes! These fucking wigs! – When you have less hair,every piece of it matters much more, like if one littlepart of this is out of place, the whole Jenga tower comesdown, it's like I do this, and I don't know, this is gonna take me, I don't even know, whatever, fuck it.

– [Woman] What do you think about Kristen? – You look older.

– You look southern.

– Someone just said, "Heyyou look different today," what's wrong with you? This hairstyle is interesting.

– So we're on bob three? – [Kristen] What do you think of my hair? – Oh wow, I don't know if I like this one.

– Got these weird little side pieces.

I kinda look like asassy Civil War general.

– So this is more of like an A-line bob, got some stacked layers in the back.

– But I don't, I like it.

– It's definitely drawinglots of attention to here, when I don't want that.

The bangs are nicethough, I like the bangs.

– But it looks cute, Ithink this actually might be my favorite one.

– What! – This hair is very KatieHolmes around her Tom Cruise era and she makes this look very glamorous, so it's not like this haircutdoesn't have a good head home if it wants one, it's justthat my body is probably not the neighborhood thishaircut should move into.

– Kristen, grab the mirror.

– I have the mirror, I haven't seen myself yet.

Here we go, ready? What! I'm like on the run from myself.

I'm Becky.

(laughs) Look like someone who will cut you because I've already cutsomething, not afraid to cut you.

– [Woman] Alright guys, whatdo you think of this one? – No, I don't like it, I'm sorry.

– It's okay! – Oh.

– God, man oh man, thatis just, the angle there.

– I really like this a lot.

I feel like the length works for you.

– Oh my god, what a cut.

– I think there arenice things about this, I just don't know ifthis is the shape for me.

I asked me fiance whathe thought of my hair and he replied, "Sure.

" Same, buddy.

– Here you go.

– Okay, we're ready.

– Grab the mirror.

– Okay.

(laughs) This is full mom, I'm complete now.

– This is the last wig, isthere anything about this that you like?- I don't know, man.

When I inevitably turn 40, Ishould not do this haircut.

I look Snape's middle-aged mother.

She's very mad at him becausehe hasn't gotten married yet.

What do you guys think? – Oooh.

– It's cute.

– Yeah, I love it.

– I'm sorry.

– It's getting to the pointwhere I just hope I don't see anyone I know so I don'thave to talk about my hair.

I was born looking like this.

– Oh my god.

– Minus the lipstick and theglasses, but I was basically, this is what I lookedlike when I was born.

It was the best of times,it was the bobst of times.

As soon as I put theshort hair on my head, it changed my whole face.

I didn't realize how many different kinds of short hairstyles therewere, I know that sounds dumb.

You think short hairstyle,you just think like, this short, the end, but like actually, there's the long bob and there's bangs and then there's the '90s cut.

It was like an Instagramfilter but much more expensive.

People reacted to my haira lot harder than I did.

I think I thought that noshort hairstyles worked for me but actually some do, somestill do not, and that's okay.

Not every hairstyleworks for every person.

I think that you should trynew hairstyles, just try them.

You're gonna look back on it, and be like, Wow, I was so hip andcool, because you were.

– So Christie missed mylast day of short hair, I wanted to show her what it looked like.

– Am I just gonna lookat this photo of you? – Yes, yes, here it is.

– Oh no.

It's so stupid.

Why does it have a center part?.

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