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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide


Women Try Short Hair For A Week


– Do you like my hair? – No.

– [Blonde Female] Why? – It's like a weird, dumb hair.

(upbeat rock music) – I have never, ever, ever had hair shorter than my shoulders.

– I just want shorthair that's super easy.

Something that, if Icut my hair like this, I can just go like this,and this, and then like that and then I'll be done.

– I've always been slightlyself-conscious that I have a round face.

So, I've been afraid that shor hair will make me look really young.

– If I could pull it off, I would love it.

(upbeat rock music) – Oh, wow.

Oh, wow! – Oh my God.

This is amazing.

– Oh my God.

– I feel like I kind of look like my mom.

– I don't look like my mom.

– I thought I would feela little bit more boyish, but I feel more womanly.

– I'm cute.

– This looks great.

I'm very ready for this week.

We're here to see how my co-workers react for the first time to this.

– You look so good.

– Wait was is this? People get made over into Kardashians.

– [Voiceover] Are you thinkingabout having kids next? – [Candace] Should Icut my hair this short? – No.

– Hey you guys.

– Hey.

– Hey.

Do you like my new look? – I didn't even notice.

– Oh my God, Caitlin.

Where's your hair? (bleeping) – I wanna say like a grandma.

– I have had a lot of peopletell me I look like a mom.

Now, I can see by bedheadand it's way chiller.

– I felt this weird needto wear more makeup to maintain my femininity.

– Nobody seems to think that this might be out of character for me.

Apparently it's like oh yeah, she would totally do something like that.

– Hi, mom.

– Did you put the wig on? – No, it's my hair.

– You're such a liar.

– Do you like it? – I've, I like the long better.

– There is a certainelement of get up and go, but I also had to play with my bangs for a while.

– I took my wig off, okay.

– I'm about to take hip-hop class.

(hip-hop music) – So, sweaty right not.

– [Girl in Black] I don't know how.

– Yeah, I don't know how it stayed on.

– Why is being a mom a bad thing? And, why do people freakout about that so much? – I'll put it back on.

I look like a Beatle.

– I'm getting a little tired of it.

You want what you can't have and then you kind of miss what you did have.

– I got the stomach virus last night.

I left my wig at the office.

I can't do it, it's not for me.

– That little girl back there said, "Are you a boy or a girl?" – I know I said this morningthat I missed my long hair, but I do think a part of mewould miss this short hair to be honest.

– People were either you look like my mom, or they said that Ilook very authoritative.

– I've always been kind of an old soul, so the fact that people were telling me that this made me look a little bit older, I just, kind of like, yeah.

– I was expecting tofeel this masculinity, but I could also feel really feminine.

– The second they found out it was a wig, suddenly they would express how much they really didn't like it.

– My boyfriend hated it.

– I could totally see cuttingit all off at some point.

– I don't think I'm gonna cut my hair because I also think it's really fun to do stuff with long hair.

– I don't think I could do it.

At least I know now when I get older I could kinda pull off short hair.

– I feel like I'm a more confident person an just that I could rockwhatever I want to rock and it doesn't really matter.

And, it doesn't really affect who I am.

– I just woke up inthe middle of the night and saw my wig andthought it was a person.

Source: Youtube

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