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Coachella Hair Tutorial: Twisted Pixie


Surprise! Whippy Cake here, bringing you thisCoachella inspired twisted hair tutorial and I'm going to give you two variations on howto get this twisted effect and incorporate it in many different hairstyles.

Alright, so the first thing to this supereasy hairstyle is to part it of course.

You don't have, you can part it any way you want.

I will give you permission to do your own will, but I like to part mine down the middleor somewhat down the middle like so.

Tada! Then once your hair is parted, you're goingto pick a side to start on and take a little tiny section of two hairs like so.

I got two strands and then kind of like aFrench braid, you're going add it, but instead of braiding you're just twisting.

So I'm goingto twist and then add.

And then twist and add.

And you keep doing that going all theway down, twisting and adding.

The big trick to doing this style is making sure you'reover directing towards your face so that it's nice and framing you face.

If you pull itbackwards, it's going to be really loose and it's going to be positioned like farther backon your head.

So if you want it to have that really cool halo effect, you definitely wantto pull your hair towards your face.

So I'm going to start about half way becauseI want to do a really loose kind of twist effect.

You know in the Coachella style, butI'm going to show you a second alternative way to wear the same twist.

So for now, I'mstopping here and I'm going to repeat on the other side.

So a good way to tell if your hair is evenor not is I'm stopping right at the tip of my eyebrows on both sides so I know that they'regoing to be stopping at just about the right spot and then I'm going to add my bobby pin.

So that is what it looks like when it's all done.

This is really fun with about long hair.

Anybody can really wear this and it's really fun when you wear with tossled curls as wellor like really smooth and straight hair.

I like it that it's super versatile, you candoo, wear it a bunch of different ways.

I'm going to take it out and show you a secondway to wear this where it's a lot more precise and sleek and tight to your head and you canpull it all the way down behind your ears so it looks like a really cool kind of haloeffect.

It's the same technique, same twisting and eying effect, but I'm just going to showyou what the difference looks like when you do it really tight and when you do it pastyour ears.

A trick to getting it to look like the halo is to part and section off your hairso that you don't pull hair coming from too far back.

So I'm going to do that.

I'm goingto section my hair and then I'm going to start to do the twist without including any of thehair in the back.

And now that braided our veil, you can takeout your clips and you have a really awesome super charlotte and defined little twistedhead band.

So I like to smooth my hair out from here just so it's not like really crazy,but you can again use really tossled curls.

You could pull it back into a ponytail ifyou have really long hair and then this could just be an accent to your ponytail.

I don'thave long hair so this is how I wear it.

So that is just two different ways that youcan take that twist technique and create different hairstyles.

Hopefully, you guys give it atry.

I will tell you that practice makes perfect so don't give up if you don't get it justright for just the way you want and the first time you try.

Keep trying it.

Sometimes, yourhair just wants to be resistant, but don't let it win.

I appreciate you watching thistutorial.

If you know somebody who you think would enjoy the twisted hairstyle, pleaseshare this video with them.

They will thank you for it and you will sleep better at night.

I am sure of it.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

We'll see you next time.

Source: Youtube

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