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Growing Out A Pixie ~ Secrets to a Good Haircut and Meet My Hairdresser


[Audio Length: 00:09:53]RECORDING COMMENCES: Rajka Hayden:Welcome to the Dress Up Mom.

I have been growing out a pixie for the lastsix months, and it would have been much more difficult if I didn't have a really greatstylist that I know and trust and knows my hair.

It's actually been kind of painless, and she'sgiven me these great styles all along.

Today, I'm going to take you and introduceyou to my hairstylist, Christina.

We're going to talk about growing out a pixie,how to find a good hairstylist, and all things related to hair.

But first, thank you so much for watching.

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Now, let's go get my hair cut.

Christina:Good to see you.

Rajka Hayden:Good to see you.

This is Christina, my fabulous hairstylist.

We are at Sweet L in Encinitas, and I haveknown Christina for way too long.

It's been 10, 15 years.

We actually met when Christina was in beautyschool, and we've been following her around since then.

Christina:Faithful client.

Rajka Hayden:Yeah.

So, one of the things we want to talk aboutis how you find a good hair person, a hairstylist.

The way I found Christina, I was new to thearea and her sister worked with me and I loved her sister’s hair.

So, I asked— Christina:Very similar hair types.

Rajka Hayden:Oh, that's even better.

So, I asked her, where do you get your haircut? She goes, my sister cuts it at home.

She's going to beauty school.

That's how we started coming to you.

How would you recommend that people find agood hairstylist? Christina:Really similar to the way you did.

I would go around wherever you're shopping,you're going to school, whatever you're doing, find somebody’s hair that you like and askthem where they get their hair done.

It's a huge compliment for a person to— Rajka Hayden:Even feel weird about walking up to a person and being like, I love your hair.

Where do you— Christina:Everyone loves to hear that their hair is cute.

Rajka Hayden:I brought my phone, because I sometimes show her stuff on Pinterest that I've been pinning,but what should we do here? Christina:Well, consultation is always really important for the beginning of any haircut, no matterhow long you've been going to the person.

You always want to talk to them about whatyour hair is doing right now and where you want it to go.

Like you said, pictures of what your goalis.

Just reiterating that is good every time.

So, I know that we're growing out the pixie,which was adorable on Rajka, and now we've gotten into the bob stage.

Now, from here, we can kind of go in any direction.

Rajka Hayden:So, Christina, what would you say that is the biggest mistake people make with theirstylist? Christina:With their stylist, as in growing out a pixie? Or just in general? Rajka Hayden:Just in general.

Christina:I think usually the biggest problem people have is lack of communication.

Between you and I, I could say, let's cutyour hair short, over the ear.

In my mind, that is over the ear and you seeyour ear.

In your mind, that covers your ear.

You have to decide what exactly each thingneeds, and you can't just assume that they understand what you're talking about.

That's why pictures are really great, becauseyou're both on the same page.

If you brought a photo in that, you know,Rajka, this just isn't your hair type.

This isn't going to happen.

Your hairstylist is the one who should betelling you the truth.

You don’t want a hairstylist that's justa yes man, who’s going to say, okay, let's do anything.

You want them to be honest with you or atleast work with you on that.

Maybe your hair can't do exactly that, butwhat do you like about this? Maybe we can do something that will work withyour hair, similar to this style.

Rajka Hayden:Okay, great.

What would you say bugs you the most aboutclients? How to be a good client? Christina:How to be a good client? Be consistent with your appointments.

That's a huge part of it, because a lot ofpeople, they really need their hair cut every six weeks and they go every three months andthen when they come in, they expect miracles.

There's a little bit of a maintenance sideinvolved in it, and I understand that logics and everybody’s different.

I totally get that, but it's kind of alongthe same lines as just having that conversation, having communication.

It's just this style is going to need upkeep.

This look is going to need—if somebody comesin and they should have come in six weeks, they come in two months and they say, I justcan't do this.

I just can't have it.

I go, yeah, you're right.

It's grown out completely.

It isn't what we cut.

You should have been here four weeks ago.

That's part of it.

It's just being consistent, being realistic,but again, that's up to me as well to be there.

You wouldn't try to fix your own car.

If you don’t know what's wrong, you takeit to the mechanic.

You can't tell a mechanic, it's my transmission.

They're like, okay, cool.

Yeah, it is.

It could be your brakes.

You let the professional do their job.

Rajka Hayden:Great.

Now, how is it that you've made my pixie growout so fun and not—I was dreading it, because I've heard so many people talk about hatinggrowing out a pixie.

First off, she gave me an unbelievable pixiecut that I loved and wore for a couple years.

And then I just wanted to have a little change.

I'll probably go back to a pixie again, especiallynow that I know it was fun and easy to grow it out.

What did you do? Christina:My personal philosophy is just to have fun in the process.

You don’t want to have to think of, okay,I have a pixie.

Now, for the next four months, I'm going tohave this horrendous, hideous hair.

I don’t think that that has to happen.

I don’t think that has to be.

I think you can have fun in the in betweenstages and that's important as well for me to remember for you.

Not just look at you and go, well, it's goingto suck for a while.

There may be a few things that you don’tlove here and there, but you’ll work through them and we'll work through them, and it'simportant to make sure that you as the client are still having fun with it.

If your hair isn't fun, then what's the point? Rajka Hayden:I agree.


Typically, I like to ask the client what theirstyling regimen is.

That's a huge point or part of the hair styleand the hair cut, is knowing, are you going to do this at home? Are you going to—because, I can give youa fantastic haircut and style and flat iron everything, but if there is a one in 50 chancethat you're going to do that yourself every day, there's no point, because you're justgoing to have hair that you fight with all the time.

So, I'm really big on getting people hairstyles and haircuts that work with them.

They're cute, trendy, and modern, but stillwork with their lifestyle.

So, what we're doing now is just going throughthe haircut.

I've dried it.

I mostly just dried it by hand.

With Rajka’s hair, you don’t want to getin with the round brush, because we're going to create this big, giant bouffant that youhave to tame and you don’t want to have to tame hair after that.

I dried it by hand and then flat ironed it.

Now, she isn't normally an every day flatiron kind of girl.

It's a nice look for her to have if she doeswant to do something for special, go out, have something sleek, chic, maybe for theholidays you’ll do something like this.

But her every day look, if it looks good straight,completely straight and done, it's going to look great wavy, curly, you just got out ofhot yoga or whatever you have.

A huge part of it, too, is, and this is apersonal preference, but I think that it works the best, honestly.

I do a lot of my especially short haircuts.

I do half-wet, half-dry.

If I was going to do the whole thing wet,if we wore our hair wet all the time, okay, that makes sense.

But you don’t.

You wear it and then it dries and then yougo, oh, crap.

This doesn't look good dry.

It looked good wet, but what is this? So, you really want to go through, especiallywith very detailed cuts.

You want to make sure the sides, there's atiny bit off on this one side that I want to break up a little bit.

I never would have seen that wet at all.

With her hair, especially it's thick, too.

So, with the thickness, we want to go through,texturize a little more, take out some weight in places that it needs it, and leave it whereit doesn't.

So, we can ultimately leave her as much hairas possible on her head.

We're still filling in these sides.

We've got these layers that are still goingto grow.

We didn't really take any length off those.

If anything, we just took a little bit ofweight out, brought this back up nicely, which I'm going to show you as well, and broughtit nice and shaped in, following the head shape, which keeps it looking feminine, nomatter what the short haircut is.

The basic thing, we're just having fun with.

We're going to play with.

We're going to see where we go from here.

If she wants to grow them out with the restof the layers, if she wants to keep them shorter, there's a lot of different ways you can gowith that and keep it fun.

Rajka Hayden:Yeah.

So, I've been really enjoying my hair journey,and I think what it's made me do is realize that I'm just going to keep on a hair journeymy whole life.

No need to keep it the same.

Maybe I'll stick with something for a littlewhile, but I could never do it without you, my honey.

Thank you so much.

I really appreciate it.

I appreciate you doing this and letting peopleknow everything that goes into cutting hair, finding a good person.

So, I hope you guys really enjoyed this.

I had a lot of fun doing it.

Until next time, dress it up a little.


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