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Pixie Cut


Hi guys, how are you? My name is Lívia and a month ago I cut my hair that size.

I radicalized, for those who do not know what it was like before, I think it's going to have in some previous videos, but for those who have not seen I will leave a photo here in a place of the screen for you to see.

The cut's name is pixie and the reason I cut my hair was actually two reasons.

The first one was that I'm in love with this cut, so I was already researching and wanting cut like this a long time ago and I spent about six months researching and looking at the pinterest and doing little pictures in the pinterest and several photos about that hair because I was in love.

And the second reason, which was a motive, thus, more health than, thus, aesthetic, for example, that it was progressive.

I was progressive four years ago, it was already damaging my hair, it was falling, I was already getting very grateful, so I decided to stop.

And then I let it grow for about three months, so I did not go through a transition capillary, but I left it growing so natural, and after three months I went there and cut Since then I'm in love with this hair.

One of the first impressions I had of hair, so, was the ease, right, and the freedom you have with your hair, that you go, wash, let it dry naturally, or you can stylize, thus, with the dryer, with the ointment and I do not know what.

You can do what you want, but it's very easy.

What I'm doing is usually passing a cream and leaving.

At most I fix the fringe here with a dryer and that's it.

Another thing that I also felt was the cold.

I felt very cold in the back of my head and any little beat that I hit was: people are cold! I would wear my coat, like that.

Here in Brasilia, when it arrives at the end of the year, it begins to rain, and it was well this time.

So it was very cold, I felt very cold.

And another thing I was like, a little annoyed, how I treated my hair with chemistry, my hair was accustomed to get progressive.

When I took out his progression, he was very dry.

So I spent some time there spending a lot of coconut oil, making several hydrates and everything.

But so, nothing that a coconut oil, an olive oil, a capillary schedule does not solve, huh? So today he is much better.

One thing that happened too, which I think every great feat you do has this result, which is the reaction of people.

I had a lot of good reactions, right about my hair, a lot of people liked it, a lot My friends were like, "Wow, that's cool you cut your hair.

It was very well.

" And many people were inspired too, went there and cut.

I got lots of compliments, I was super happy.

But also, right, there are the other people who did not like it, was: "People, why Did you cut your hair? You look like a man.

"" Guys, why did you do this to you? Oh, you looked so pretty before.

" So, so it's something you have to relieve.


just leave it alone.

And I'm really happy with my hair.

Actually, I'm rediscovering myself with this hair, I'm using, so, makeup, more makeup, because before I did not wear so much.


I'm wearing makeup, so, for, right, since my face appears more, right, I'm using some artifice to make me more "Uhh!", you know? But I'm enjoying it a lot, and so, I'm in a very self-fulfilling process.


It's something that's happening, that way, sometimes I relapse like that, I I'm like, "Oh, I'm ugly! Oh, I do not know what ", but people.

In the end I go and put my self-esteem up there and say, "No, let's get better this here".

I go there, I get my hair and I'm hot.

Because, like this, people go out and get attention.

It is something that attracts attention and is beautiful, which is not an ordinary thing, is not it standard that you are accustomed to.

Today we are accustomed only the big hair girl who is beautiful.

And another question that I think a lot, if I cut, I keep cutting, I keep the cut or I let grow.

But everything points out that I'm going to let my hair grow, it's not because I regretted it, never.

I'm enjoying every phase of hair, I think it's great, everything, everything.

But I want to live my hair, I want to know my hair, my big hair and such, my hair curly, I want to know, I want to treat him.

Because before or I wore my hair stuck or it was cream-so so it was one thing horrible, dripping cream, so it was not cool.

So I'm going to let him grow up and see what happens.

If one day I want to cut it again I'll go there and cut it short.

So that's it folks, no pear.

So this is it people, if you liked the video click liked it down here, sign up on the channel to receive more and upcoming videos.


Source: Youtube

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