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Pixie Haircut Transformation: Claire’s Before and After


Whippy Cake: Hey you guys.

What's up? It'sWhippy Cake doing a brand new pixie parade video today.

I have Claire with me all theway from Oregon.

Claire: Mmm.

Whippy Cake: So you get to tell them why youdecided to cut your hair.

Claire: Umm, looking for a change from postpartumhair change, but also decided to do a pixie so I can donate it.

It's like about eightinches.

That's kind good.

Whippy Cake: Woohoo.

Claire: To donate for Pantene.

Whippy Cake: Yay for donations so we're goingto do, we're going to cut about eight to nine inches off and we're going to go longer bangsin the front, right? Claire: Mmm.

Whippy Cake: And we'll of course customizeit to your hairstyle and your hair type and your face shape and your hair type and seehow it goes.

Are you nervous? Claire: I'm excited.

More apprehensive becauseI haven't had it this short, but excited.

Whippy Cake: What did and I meant to ask youwhat does your husband think about your new hair.

Claire: He is excited for it.

I've only hadit short one other time and so when I had him measure my hair he was like, Fine.

Let'sdo it.

Let's do it.

Whippy Cake: Awesome.

Yay for supportive husbandsalso.

I am a fan of husbands who are a fan of pixies.

Claire: Mmm.

Whippy Cake: But we're going to get startedso you guys get to follow along and watch this happen.

Claire: Yeah.

Whippy Cake: Alright, we're all done and Ihave a prize for you.

What do we have for her Johnny? Claire: Yay! Whippy Cake: You get to give back.

Claire: So excited.

Whippy Cake: I'm so glad you're donating it.

Good for you.

Tell us what you think about your haircut.

Claire: I love it.

Can't wait to play withit.

Whippy Cake: You're so funny.

I love whatit looks like.

We flat ironed this for the video's sake because it was like we didn'teven need to do anything.

Claire: It was straight hair.

Whippy Cake: Yes.

I love it.

I want to knowwhat you guys think so leave a comment below.

Tell us what you think of Claire's pixie transformationand if you guys have any questions.

Just let me know.

Don't forget to subscribe.

Thankyou guys so much for watching.

We'll see you next time.

Source: Youtube

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