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Best haircuts for curly and wavy hair – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #12


Hi there! Welcome back to Hair Romance'sGood Hair Q&A series.

I'm Christina and today's question is all about curly haircuts.

I had a question from A.

Ricotta on YouTube who asked which haircuts orhaircut styles are best for curly or wavy hair.

And also it's fun as I loveyour name because ricotta is one of my favorite cheeses! I have many.

But this isa really interesting topic and curly hair cuts, there's a lot of confusion anda lot of.

I would almost say controversy about what's the best one for curly hair.

Lots of people say there's a right way or a wrong way to do it with curly hair.

But personally I like to find what works for your hair, so I'm gonna run throughsome different techniques and talk about my haircut and some things to avoid.

First thing I want to note is that I'm not a hairdresser.

I have lots ofhairdresser friends.

I have enormous respect for hairdressers but I'm talkingabout this topic from someone with curly hair who's had a lot of differenthaircuts – good and bad – over the years.

The main controversy with curly hair cutstalks about whether you should have your hair cut wet or dry.

Wet cuts are thestandard in the hairdressing industry, where they'll wash your hair first thencut your hair straight and then dry it and style it the way you like.

There's beena lot more talk now and it seems to be the preferred way in the curly communityto have your hair cut dry.

That is when you come in with your hair alreadystyled to the salon and they'll cut it curl by curl and work it out that way.

Personally, for me, I prefer a wet cut still.

I like the variety and theversatility that I get from a wet cut which means I can wear my hair curly orstraight.

Because of the type of wavy curls I have, by their nature they'requite uneven and they'll be different from day-to-day.

So if I was to have a curly hair cut today that was on dry hair I'd end up with sections thatare much longer than others and then I might wash my hair and restyle it andit'd be completely different.

I know my hair will be so uneven.

So for my type ofcurls, a wet cut is best.

You might find that if you have tight, very uniform, veryeven curls, that a dry cut is going to work best for you.

The DevaCut is a termyou hear all the time in "curly girl" forumsand it refers to a particular haircut technique.

This was developed at theDevachan salons in New York and is a dry curl by curl technique and this was alsoformalised by Lorraine Massey in her book 'The Curly Girl Handbook'.

One of theadvantages of a DevaCut is your hairdresser can see exactly how yourcurls sit and how they're going to frame your face.

It also means there's lesschance that you'll have a haircut that's too short because they can see how muchyour hair shrinks up when it's dry.

Another popular curly hair technique iscalled the Oiudad method and this is also from the chain of salons Ouidadand also the product line as well.

This is a kind of hybrid technique of wetfirst and then dry cutting to finish.

Ouidad starts as a wet cut and theyhave a technique that's sort of like slicing into your curls.

This is only ifyou want to thin out your hair and then also finishing with your hair curly andcutting it dry just to make sure that it's all even and looks right.

This isprobably the closest to the technique that my hairdresser uses.

He wouldincorporate some of these techniques to customise a hairstyle for me.

And thistype of Ouidad technique is also quite popular with cutting straight hair.

Youmight cut into it when it's wet, style it and then reshape it just slightly tosuit your client's face.

Some hairdressers will advertise themselves as curly hairspecialists and they may have trained in either the DevaChan style and do Devacuts or in the Ouidad style and they'll usually advertise that becausetheir courses that have paid to attend.

Though lots of hairdressers may not havedone this but they have experience with all different types of curls and themost important thing is to find a hairdresser that listens to you.

Now Iwant to talk about one hairdressing implement that you don't need for curlyhair and that is thinning scissors.

I don't know if you've ever had a run-inwith these.

I have, many times over the years and thinning scissors or aparticular hairdressing scissor which has a blade like comb on one side and aregular scissor on the other.

And what they do is rather than actually thinninginto the curls and cutting different shapes in, it just sort of cuts out aportion of your hair as they're going.

While this can work quite well if youwant to have more of a like a Farrah flick kind of an 80s style, they end upgiving your hair more of a thin, stringy look at the ends as they take off toomuch for curls.

And they don't allow your curls to form properly which means you have lots of layers sticking out all the way down each curland if you have a hairdresser come towards you with thinning scissors I reallyurge you just to leave the salon! Just run out! Don't say no.

Just leave andask to have someone else finish the haircut for you.

I didn't really want tomention this hair cut technique but I see it so much on YouTube so we're goingto talk about the unicorn cut.

And also I want to say that I'm not recommendingthis style at all.

The unicorn cut is a technique where you can do your own haircut at home by putting your hair up in a big ponytail on top of your head almostlike a unicorn and then just cutting straight across the ponytail.

The ideabehind this is a hairdressing technique to cut all your layers in a certainlength, which is also known as the shag cut and the problem is it's reallydifficult to actually cut hair evenly across so you end up with a hair cutthat's halfway between a shag and halfway between a mullet which probablywill need a little bit more correction from a professional so by all means doyour home haircuts at your own risk.

There's a reason they're hairdressingscissors cost hundreds of dollars.

They're incredibly sharp precisioninstruments and in Australia it takes three to four years for someone tocomplete an apprenticeship to become a hairdresser.

So please trust theprofessionals and find one that you trust as well.

Don't be tempted to cutyour split ends at home with any pair of scissors.

You're more likely going to endup doing more damage.

A blunt scissor will actually create a blunt end whichwill in turn split more so while you think you're solving the problem nowyou're only going to cause a problem that's even bigger in the long run.

Now Ialways get asked about my haircut and at the moment I haven't had a haircut inquite a few months because I've been travelling but it's still fairing quitewell because I get my haircut with long layers and I have a few shorter pieceshere around the front.

In the past I've had a haircut that's been known aswhat's called a V-cut or sometimes a U-cut which is where at the back my hairis cut in layers down to a V or you can have it into a U which has slightly morerounded edges.

These types of layered cuts work really well for curly hairbecause they allow your hair to spring up, particularly if you've got longerhair.

They take some of the weight out to allow the curls to take shape all aroundyour hair quite well.

For me I've gone back too longbecause I prefer the volume that I have in my hair and it makes it easier tobraid with longer layers in my hair.

But I'd 100% recommend a U-shapedcut in particular if you're looking to get some more lift and bounce in yourcurls if they're if the weight of your hair is making them hang down too long.

I also really love short haircuts for curly hair.

One of my all-time favoritehairstyles is when I was growing on a pixie cut and I had a layered bob thatwas above my shoulders.

It's such a fun hairstyle, really versatile and reallyeasy to wear.

Definitely check out my Pinterest boards if you're looking forsome curly hair inspiration and like I said in my last video, you definitelywant to take in photos to show you a hairdresserso you can know exactly what you're both talking about.

I'm really curious to knowwhat's your favorite way to have your curly hair cut let me know in thecomments below.

And give this video a like if you're enjoying the series andsubscribe so you're first to see the next video.

Have fun with your hair andI'll see you soon, bye!.

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