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Can you brush curly hair? Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #4


Hey there! Welcome back to Hair Romance.

I'm Christina and this is day four of my Q&A series.

Today's question comes frommy facebook group, the Hair Romance Crew and there's a link to join below if youwant to hop in there.

And it's from Deb and she asks "I'm curious about brushingand combing curly hair.

I'm currently only combing when my hair is wet and notbrushing at all because it causes frizzy hair.

" I should put a photo of what itlooks like when I brush my hair yeah "but I miss combing my hair every day.

Is thisreally going to cause a problem aside from pulling hair out if it'stangled? I wash it every five to seven days and co-wash with conditioner everytwo to three days and use a scant bit of gel.

I do I really like your routine.

Ithink it's nice and simple and that's kind of probably sort of similar to whatI do as well, except I used a bit more curl creambecause my hair is so super dry.

Now combing and brushing curly hair, ifyou're missing it and the way you style your hair is okay then I don't see thebig problem with you brushing it, particularly like if days like thiswhere I'm going to wear a braid I will sometimes detangle part of it, otherwiseI'll just braid in some of the knots and then work it out later when I wash myhair.

So it's up to you.

If the part of the thing that you're missing isactually like the feel of brushing your hair maybe just giving yourself a littlebit of a head massage in the night is gonna make you feel a little bit betterand with that you can also just use a little water spray bottle or a leave-inconditioner and just sort of detangle with your fingers if you've got someknots that are working in there, that might actually help to give you thatlike nice like wind-down feeling at the end of the day where you get totake those knots out of your hair and just relax.

Personally I love a head massageso and they are good as well for promoting blood flow to your scalp whichcan help your hair growth as well so always a good idea in my book.

Now as for combing curly hair and when to brush it, I only use a wide tooth combwhen I'm in the shower and when I'm at the either treatment or conditionerphase of my wash.

Before that I'll just use my fingers to detangle when Ishampoo, which I just do gently or if when you're co-washing you can just sortof detangle with your fingers there and then I use a wide tooth comb thenbut I'm also still quite gentle because wet hair is more easily damaged becauseit stretches more and so you can damage it without realizing.

So it's always athing whether your hair is curly or straight to take care when you'recombing and brushing it.

But really the way I work with curly hair is that thereare no rules so if you like the way it feels or you like the way it styles, justgo with it! I think it's your hair and you want to feel comfortable with theway you're wearing it.

Everyone sometimes is against frizz but I kind of like it.

When I brush my hair I completely like that picture which may pop up again nowI don't really like to go that far but sometimes it's pretty fun and then I canjust braid it or put it up into a bun and it's easy and it's no trouble at all soit's entirely up to you.

I would use a wide comb in the shower and just begentle or you can just detangle with your fingers, so it's a little bit moretime-consuming though it is gentler on your hair, and ifyou find in the evenings that you still want to remove any knots and particularlywhen you're refreshing your hair every couple of days, and just usea water spray bottle or a leave-in conditioner and just comb through todetangle any knots.

I hope that helps Deb and anyone else that is struggling withwhen to brush and comb their curly hair.

there's still time to submit lots morequestions for this month so pop your questions in the comments below or hitme up on social media, I'm @hairromance and you can also join the HairRomance Crew by clicking the link in the description box below.

Thanks forwatching, have fun with your hair and I'll see you next time.


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