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Frizz free curly hair – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #24


hi there I'm Christina from Hair Romanceand this is day 24 of my Good Hair Q&A series.

Today's question came in viaemail and it was asking about how do you get your hair to go into clumps whenyou're trying to get it to curl.

And this might be a strange question, I thinkthere's a lot of terminology when you are in the curly hair community but whenwe're talking about clumps it's kind of where instead of having all these littlebits of curls like I have on this side trying to get like sort of thicker curlsforming and I tried to demonstrate this but I always find it really difficult tocome on camera here because I do so much of this straight in the shower.

So comingup soon I'm going do a full curly hair tutorial but I just wanted to share afew tips to help you when you're washing your hair tomorrow or whenever you'renext doing it to make sure that your curls are looking as smooth as possibleand you get as little frizz forming as possible.

So my first tip for stoppingfrizz from forming starts in the shower and you want to make sure that your haircuticles are all smoothed down and all running together.

I can tell now when I'min the shower if my hair is going to be frizzy or not and I can tell becauseeach little hair is sort of catching on each other and now every even though acurl might be forming, there'll be these like little pieces off against it.

I canjust see it.

And what I want to see in the shower is a smooth hair where all ofthe hairs are sort of going down together and they aren't catching oneach other.

So this can be done in a couple of ways.

First just by hydratingyour hair with water.

You want to make sure that you're soaking your hair andthat it's running from root to tip and so as you're under the showeryou're just getting as much water running down your hair as possible.

Andthen I also make sure I'm using a leave-in conditioning treatment.

One Ifind that works particularly well if your hair catches a lot, is the KinkyCurly Knot Today.

Some people find this is quite heavy as a leave-in, butsometimes use it while I'm still in the shower and slightly rinse a little bitout.

It's, I think it's a more of a glycerin base (I have to check) but thething I love about this is it has this really lovely slip and it just makesyour hair all come together and into those sort of perfect curl clumps thatyou're really trying to aim for, but as long as I'm saying, what a lot of peopleare trying to aim for – there's not one perfect way to wear your curls and everycurl is different.

But if you're trying to stop the frizz, using a product witha lot of slip so that all that you can see all of your hairs coming into thesame curl is what you want to achieve.

To further encourage all your hair to cometogether I like to use a wide tooth comb and this can sometimes be where peopleuse a Denman brush in their curl routine as well.

By running the comb through yourhair and almost like curving it at the endparticularly with the Denman brush as well you want to do that like nicelittle curve, because you don't to come straight down it's going to sort ofseparate your curls too much but by sort of brushing them through and twistingthat and it's just to kind of curl a little bit under helps encourage thatcurl along really really well.

If you don't have it, or don't like to usea brush or comb and you just want to use your fingers, you can still do this justby finger combing through your hair and then you want to, it was described tome once by another hairdresser in my old curly hair routine, get almostlike a seaweed type texture.

I know that sounds a little bit gross but it'sexactly that perfect kind of slip, smooth silky hair feel that you want to have toknow that your hair is really hydrated.

Once your hair is really hydrated that'swhen you want to lock it in.

I'll reach for a curl cream – I really love the SheaMoisture curl enhancing smoothie or whatever curl cream you like to use, andthen I'll apply that in and always twist that through any section that aren'tcurling very well.

Particularly around the front for me, I like to encourage abit more curl there and if you have a curly fringe or bangs you definitelywant to twist them as well.

And then I'll grab my gel as my final step to set mycurls.

In between there, I will squeeze a little bit of water out of my hairbecause I want to scrunch the curls up and actually just kind of squeeze alittle bit of water out and then I use gel and I've got a little video aboutusing gel which I'll link to as well.

Now styling curls doesn't have to be alot of products.

I know I often talk about it both because when people aretrying to achieve a certain result it does take products.

Your hair mightnaturally do that but for most of us takes a little bit of playing around inbetween.

But you don't need to do this.

I don't think all frizz is bad andpersonally I like a little bit of frizz because it's volume.

I don't like it whenmy curls sit too flat.

I can see my hair is still wet right now and that's whatthey're looking like, but I'm going to diffuse a little bit more and let it airdry, but I wanted to show you what it's looking like when it's wet.

I can tellwhen the hair starts to lift up that I've already got frizz forming andthere's nothing I can do after that to really stop it,apart from sort of sticking it back down.

It's almost better to go jump back inthe shower wet your hair down again, add a little bit more conditioner andstyling products and then you'll be good to go.

So next time you're washing your curly hair, really think about getting thatsort of smooth, silky texture of almost like a seaweed.

Sounds so terrible I haveto think of another word for it! But that sort of texture on your hairwet and you can see that all of your hairs are laying together, that's whenyou know you're going to have perfect curls coming out.

And then also you wantto make sure that you don't add any more frizz in with the towel.

Grab a t-shirtinstead of a towel to squeeze your hair rather than rub it together.

Any rubbingis always just going to cause frizz.

Remember: Friction = Frizz and soyou want to make sure that you leave your curls as undisturbed as possible.

If you're enjoying my Good Hair series, I'd love it if you give this video a likeand make sure you subscribe to my channel so you'll see my next video.

We're almost at the end of the month and I have loved making these daily videos butnext I'll be planning some more complete tutorials so that I'll show you the fullsteps in depth, so stay tuned for those.

Thank you so much for watching and I'llsee you soon, bye!.

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