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How to get root volume in curly hair – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #11


Hi there! Welcome back to Hair Romance I'm Christina and this is day 11 of my Good Hair Q&A series.

I can't believe I've been filming for 11 straight days.

That'sprobably why I can't talk now! But today we have another question and this isabout curly hair and getting volume at the roots.

Today's question comes fromAndrea and she writes "I have curly hair that has no volume at the roots.

I tried Deva Clips but still no volume.

Have you any tips on how to get the curlto the root?" Well yes I do and here are a few suggestions.

Hopefully we'll get yourhair the way you want to wear it.

Tip number one is to change your part.

Normally I pop my hair on this side but by flipping my hair over to part fromthe opposite side I immediately have a little bit more volume on top.

Now if youdon't want to part your hair on the other side that's still okay.

What I'drecommend is just shifting your part a little bit.

Either a little bitdeeper on the side or a little bit closer to the centre.

Just moving itaround slightly will work really well to add some instant volume to your hair.

Tip number two is to experiment with the clips again.

Andrea, I know you said youtried the clips but I wanted you to give them another try.

If you haven't heard ofthe Deva clips before they're part of the DevaCurl, like the "curly girl" methodway of styling and that's where you use a flat pin curl clip.

They have their ownspecialist clips but I just use these regular pin curl clips.

They're flat.

They're like that old-school one where you'd pin your hairaround like 1950s style.

But they work really well because they hold your hairflat at the roots and they allow your hair to dry in place so you have morevolume.

It takes a little while to get these clips right in your hair.

I had toexperiment quite a lot and so it might mean that you need to use differentamounts of hair, or place them in different spots, or use more clips thanyou think you are using before.

Give them another try and experiment a couple oftimes and see how they work.

Clipping at the roots really does giveyou a lot more volume but it does take a while to get it right exactly for yourhair.

Now tip number three works a little bit in with tip number two, and that's Iwant you to try diffusing your hair with your hair upside down.

You can try this with the clips in your roots as well or just see how you gowithout them.

When I let my hair air dry I actually have quite flat roots.

Theweight of my hair will weigh it down and so by diffusing with my head upside -down it's really important to do it upside down – you are able to sort of freeyour curls, let them take shape and dry them exactly as they are when they'rewet.

The longer you let them air dry, theysort of start to hang down and become a bit looser and sit a bit flatter at theroots.

If you don't like diffusing your hair that's ok, just give it a try withthe clips, but this really is the way to get more volume at the roots of yourhair.

Tip number four is to try volume powders.

Now the ingredients of thesearen't "curly girl" friendly so if you're following that method strictly you won'tbe able to use them but this is why I don't follow the "curly girl" methodstrictly.

These products really really work.

All you do is sprinkle a little bitalong your roots and work them in with your fingertips and like magic,they'll just spring your roots up and give you instant volume.

They add akind of grit to your hair.

It just allows it to have so much more lift and volume allover your head.

They're one of my favorite products that I can't livewithout and I'll link to another video where I show you a little bit more how Iuse them as well.

And tip number 5 is to try back combing.

If volume powdersaren't your thing you can go old-school and do what the volume powder does andthat's backcomb at the roots.

By using a fine comb and going quite gently youwon't damage your hair but you will just get that lift exactly where you want it.

Try and avoid your part line and around the face and do the sort of layersaround underneath and then let your curls go back over the top and you'llhave a lot more volume in your hair.

You can use a hairspray as well if you wantit to set it a little bit more.

I really hope these tips help you get more volumein your curly hair.

Let me know what you do to style your hair for more volume inthe comments below.

Give this video a like if you're enjoying the series andmake sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss the next video.

Thank youso much for watching and I'll see you next time, bye!.

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