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How to keep curly hair straight – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #27


Hi there! I'm Christina from HairRomance.

ComWelcome to day 27 of the Hair Romance's Good Hair Q&A series where I'm answeringyour hair questions and today's question is about straightening curly hair.

Melissa asks "When I go to the trouble of straightening my hair, how do I keep itstraight? It begins to recurl around the crown and neck area almost immediately.

"and Melissa, I feel you on this.

I have curly hair and the first thing I do whenI want to straighten my hair is check the weather because some days, it'sjust not worth trying.

But if you really want to get a great result in yourstraight hair, regardless of the weather, I have some tips for you.

The first thingis to start with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner.

You need to start withreally good clean hydrated hair so that it can resist the frizz as much aspossible.

It's even good to go for an anti frizz shampoo or conditioner.

At themoment I've been testing a new one from Marc Anthony -it's the Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz.

This product is actually really greatit's silicone free so if you are following the "curly girl" routine you canuse this one and then continue with your curly products straight after this whenyou next wash your hair.

So it's a really good option.

After washing my hair, whenmy hair is still wet, the first product I'm going to reach for is a heatprotectant that also offers some smoothing and for me that's theKerastase Ciment Thermique.

This product's been around for a little while.

They nowhave a few different variations.

This one is an anti frizz one, of course,which is always what I need for my hair.

The thing I like about this is it worksreally well to hydrate the hair and seal it so that I can go straight to blowdrying with the heat protectant in my hair.

Now when it comes to blow drying,this is a strange tip but I think it really helps is to be in a really coolroom.

If you've got air conditioning, pump it right down and get that room as coldas possible.

Or if you don't, just get close to a fan or to be honest, insummer I'll just blow dry my hair in my underwear.

Sorry – TMI but it's true.

Youneed to make sure that your body is as cool as possible when you start toblow-dry your hair.

For me the best results I get when I'm blow-drying myhair straight, is to use a round brush.

I find I need that tension of using around brush to actually stretch out my hair and reallystraighten it.

Otherwise some people might decide to do a rough blow-dry andgo straight onto a straight iron.

But I can get my hair to a good straightresult just with a brush.

The trick is to use your cool shot button on your hairdryer as much as possible.

You want to be setting each section of hair as you'reblow-drying.

So once you heat it up you want to be cooling it down as quickly aspossible.

The other bonus with your cool shot button, is I'd be blow-drying myneck and my body as much as possible to try and cool down while I'm blow-dryingmy hair.

Now if you're just doing a rough dry or you're still going to go on afterblow drying with a brush to use a hot tool, I use an anti humidity spray.

Mygo-to is the Oribe anti humidity spray and I think this one's really fantastic.

I would actually spray this on my hair then use my heat styling tool and thenfinish with a little bit of this as well.

You want to make sure you're usinganother product to try and seal out that humidity and create a really good basefor your hair.

As you're going as well you might want to switch up the way thatyou blow-dry your hair.

Instead of starting from the underneath and goingto the top, like most professional stylists do when you're in a salon.

Personally I start to lose interest halfway through my blow-dry because ittakes so long, so by starting at the front, I get a better result, and then theunderneath layers if I'm starting to get bored, I don't need to worry as much.

For me,I find that if I do the front sections first and then I clip them together towards the front and then work backwards.

It seems like a little bitstrange way to do it but it works really well.

It gets a lot more volume in yourblow-dry as you're bringing your hair forward as well and it just means thatwhen you're interested in the process, you get to actually pay attention to thesections that everyone else is going to see.

If it does start to curl upunderneath, yeah, that can be a little bit of a problem, but nobody's going to seeit if the top layer of your hair is looking really great.

So if you areblow-drying your hair and want it to stay straight, start at the front instead ofat the back underneath.

Yo make sure that your hair is finished and lookingperfect, I use hairspray.

I'll link to my other video about hairspray, but this isthe time where I'll spray hair spray on a brush and smooth it down over my hairto make sure I catch all those little flyaways.

We all have them, and hairsprayis the trick to make sure that they're all sealed into the style and they'renot off on their own way.

And as you get on your way to take your beautifulstraight hair wherever you're going, you want to make sure that it arriveslooking as good as it did when you finished.

Now if you're in a nice coolroom hopefully you can get a nice air-conditioned car and get to whereyou're going easily but if you know you've got a little bit of a journey onthe way, I would clip my hair up or you can reach for an invisibobble.

They're thosecoil like elastics.

They won't leave a mark in your hair so you can put yourhair up, keep your neck cool so that you're not creating that sort offriction as you travel.

And then as you get to where you're going, unclip yourhair.

You'll be set you look fantastic and your hair will stay straight for aslong as possible.

As long as it doesn't rain! I hope thesetips help, Melissa, and to anyone else who's ever tried to straighten theircurly hair.

If you're enjoying this series, give this video a like and makesure you subscribe to catch the next episode.

Thank you so much for watchinghave fun with your hair and I'll see you soon.


Source: Youtube

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