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How to part curly hair – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #13


Hi there I'm Christina and welcome backto Hair Romance.

This is Day 13 of my Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series andtoday I'm answering a question about curly hair.

This great question came invia Instagram, I'm @hairrromance if you're not following me there, and sheasks "how do you part curly hair that's dry? I always part it wet with the help ofa wide tooth comb but sometimes I'd like to try a different style that Ihadn't planned on.

Any suggestions? Thanks" Does anyone else find that they have oneside of their hair that curls more than the other? For me it's definitely my leftside and so by changing my part I can bring some of those good left curls overto the right.

Like in this question I often part my hair in the shower as wellor when I'm styling my hair but lately I've started blow-drying my hair withthe diffuser upside down to try and limit that sort of part, so that it's notdominating the hairstyle I choose.

So depending on how you're styling yourhair, it's okay to still part in the shower but try and diffuse your hairupside down, just sort of flipping from one side to the other and that will alsogive you a little bit more flexibility when you're styling later.

However if youdo want to change your part when your hair is dry I have a couple of ways todo it.

The first one is just to use your hands.

Use your fingers to find whereyour curls are actually sitting and then just move them around in whole curls tocreate a different part.

The reason I like this way is because I don't think areally straight part always looks that good in curly hair.

Having a straightpart, because your hair doesn't necessarily curl directly from the root,it can make your hair seem a little bit flat and leave a bit of a gap in yourhairstyle.

While this can work quite well with certain styles, other times it'sbetter just to have a slight zigzag and have curls crossing over.

That will hideyour part a little bit and give you more volume.

I also think it's quiteflattering to have a part that instead of going directly back this way, goes alittle bit diagonally from whichever side you're going, to part a little bitmore towards the center of the crown here, and that will also mean that youcan balance out your hair and have a bit more of an evenstyle.

If you're finding that it's quite hard to move your curls, just spraying alittle leave-in conditioner on your fingers can help you move them aroundand if there's a curl that you want to break up, just spray a little bit moreleave-in conditioner and twist them around and that should help minimize anyfrizz.

If you are looking to make a really neat part I recommend using oneof these – this is a tail comb and I use this all the time, probably more when myhair is straight or wavy.

To make a really neat part in your hair with theseyou just sort of follow up the line of your hair and it will work to separatebut as you can see it's gone directly in between the curls so it's going tocreate a little bit more frizz so personally that's why I like to use thatfinger method better but if you really want to make a neat part, that's when Iwould get a little bit more curl cream and actually twist it into those curlsso that you can minimize that frizz from breaking them apart.

Also just try and goslowly, that way you'll find that you can justbreak up curls one at a time.

You might be able to separate them more easily andso that you're not ripping through and pulling through your curls.

I hope thosetips helped.

My personal advice would be just to use your hands and follow thepart line that you want to create and then use a little bit of product tosmooth and tame any curls that get pulled apart in the process.

Moving yourpart is also a really great way to create more volume at the roots of yourcurly hair.

Moving it from the side you normally wear it to to the otherinstantly creates a lift at the roots.

I really hope this helps with your nexthairstyle and let me know if you've got any questions or tips in the commentsbelow.

Give this video a like if you're enjoying the series and please subscribeso you'll be the first to see my next video.

Have fun with your hair and I'llsee you soon, bye!.

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