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How to Straighten Curly Hair


hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel my name is Madeline if you don't know me I make videos on curly haircollege and lifestyle and today I'm gonna be showing you how to straightencurly hair as you can see my hair is pretty curly this is fresh out of theshower I don't have any product in it at all I usually put gel in it after I get out of theshower but I did not today because I'm straightening my hair I'm gonna show youguys how you can do that so this is my hair after it has air dried for about anhour or so I also use a microfiber towel to help the drying process it's still alittle damp here in the back but it's okay because here is what we're gonna do sofirst what you definitely should do when you're straightening any hair butespecially curly hair is use a heat protectant this is the Cantu shea butterthermal shield heat protectant and it's just a spray and you spray it on yourhair this is curly girl approved because it doesn't have sulfates or dimethicone init but what I'm about to do straighten my hair is not curly girl approved I highlyrecommend to not straighten your hair more than you have to or I guess youdon't have to you don't ever have to straighten your hair but don'tstraighten your hair more than once or twice a year that's my limit I try not tostraighten more than that so this is like the yearly thing I do where once ayear I straightened my hair I did it about a year ago so now I'm gonna do it againso disclaimer I don't do this on a regular basis but the last time I didthis it worked really well and the method that I use is based on what hasworked for my hair stylists on my hair and what has worked for me for my hairso let's get into it so what you want to do is you want to spray the heatprotectant generously all over your hair and then what I do is right before Istraighten it I do that again so just make sure that it's covered everythingand that it's mixed into your hair really well it made it damp again a little bit but whatwe're gonna do next is we are going to take a roller brush this is the one Ihave it is by Revlon there's some boar bristle type bristles in here and alsosome normal like hair brush bristles and so you're gonna take a rolling brush andyou're gonna take a hair dryer with this thing on it this diffuser type thingthere's like the diffuser things that we normally use with curly hair which isthe claw but then this is the diffuser part in so we're gonna need both thesethings or just kind of like twist the hair and so what you want to do is startat the bottom of your hair and put the rest of hair and a scrunchie so justkind of get a base layer and the least amount of hair that you get and youshould go around like that's about what I'm using the the better you'll be able tostraighten your hair because there won't be any stray pieces in there so just do kind of like a bun on top of your head and then this is the hair I have left over I'mgonna split it into the two sides we're gonna spritz it down one more timeand then we're gonna get the blow dryer and it's on cool because that's what wenormally use it on when we do curly hair but we are going to turn it to hot and I'm gonna just putit on low when I first start and so yeah what you're gonna do is you're gonna geta little section like that into two and just gonna get it like this andyou're gonna pair the hairdryer with it and go for it but you're gonna want to do that untilthis looks pretty straight and don't worry this is not the end of thestraightening routine you're also going to go back through and use a flat ironso it's okay if it's not totally straight so you want to make it tight and a lot of pressure this is what it looks like after you do that like itlooks pretty straight but it's definitely not totally straight sothat's what it was before that's what it is now so you're basically gonna do that in littlesections all over your head until you're done and after you do that you're gonnause a flat iron so I'm just gonna continue doing all this and you justwork your way up your head until you get your whole head doing this and thenyou're gonna straighten it it's gonna take a while just so you know it's gonnatake a while it's just what we gotta do and that'salso another reason why you shouldn't do it all the time because one it damagesyour hair two it takes forever so why would you waste your time on that soI'm just gonna continue doing the rest of it and meet back with you after a bit so this is about what it looks likeafter you have gone through it with the blow-dryer and the round brush and asyou can see it's definitely not done and so you go back through it with a flatiron you're doing the same method where you start at the bottom and go all theway at the top and then you just kind of fix up any pieces that need fixing I'veonly had one hair stylist ever and the only like one time ever be able tocompletely straighten my hair without a flat iron and only using a blow-dryerand a round brush and I was very very very impressed so like if you can dothat more power to you but I can't and so I'm going to need to go over the flatiron I am using the one pass and I also just want to reiterate that I don'tthink that girls with curly hair should straighten their hair very often becauseall it like those name is your hair it is takes forever and all that stuff andalso I don't want girls to hide their curly hair I don't want girls to feellike they need to straighten their hair to fit in or to look pretty or anythingI want them to embrace their natural hair texture because once you embraceyour hair texture like no one else it's like every cruel pattern is unique so noone else will have the same hair that you have and it's unique to you and it'sbeautiful to you and so that's why I have all the other videos of my channelof like how to take care of curl here so if you're just now new to my channel Iencourage you to go check out all my videos about how to take care of curlyhair so you learn how to treat your curly hair the way it needs to betreated and so you don't have to feel like you need to straighten your hairall the time because I don't want you to feel that way I want you to love yournatural hair and not feel like you need to hide it all the time and straightenit all the time so yeah don't straighten hair too much treat it as something that'sfun to do every once in a while don't treat it as something that you need tohide behind so yeah so rant over we're going to straighten my hair with a flatiron now like I said we're going to do it the same way with the scrunchiestarting at the bottom and working our way up by the way my flat iron is at 360degrees Fahrenheit it can go Oh touch to my earit can go all the way up to 400 but we're gonna keep it at 360 because you don't wanta completely fry your hair because we did just blow-dry it and everything wedon't want to do that to it but as you can see it's already looking a lotbetter start at the bottom of your scalp and then go all the way down just likethat and I kind of curve it in a little but then after I do a little sectionlike that I just go through it over again and make sure everything's good alsoyour hair is really hot afterwards so like that kind of hurt when I touched itbut yeah that's the difference flat iron and blow dryer just blow dryer first layer done and now I'm going to goahead and do the rest and that's basically it that is how youstraighten curly hair I think this turned out pretty good I I did notexpect it to turn out this well so this will last about two days probably I'mgoing to make it last two days but basically what I do is I sleep with itin a low ponytail and just well there is that piece I just sleep with it in alow ponytail just put in a scrunchie right there and then in the morning Irestraighten it again just to make any pieces that got dented overnight oranything make them straight again make sure to use the heat protectant and thenuse the blow dryer and the round brush and then you use the flat iron wow that sounded socountry so yeah if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and ifyou have any more tips on how to straighten curly hair let me know downin the comments if you do anything differently and/or if you test out thismethod and you like it let me know this is a once in a year occurrence so itdoesn't really happen over here that often be sure to subscribe to my channelfor more videos I'm going to Spain next semester like I've said in my pastvideos so be sure to stay around for those videos in addition to all thecurly girl videos and college videos and all that kind of stuff as wellbecause I will still be doing those while I'm over there you can also followme at my instagram @creativelymad and my travel account @adventurouslymadwhich doesn't currently have anything on it but it will because I'm traveling andyou can also subscribe to me over at my blog thecreativelymad.

Com for more contentfrom me and that is all I have for you guys today thank you so much for watchingthis video and I will talk to you later bye.

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