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Dark Hair Color

Your Hair Guide




hey guys welcome back to my youtubechannel if you're really here I'm julissa and if you're new here don't forget tosubscribe once we Tube channel and turn on yourpost notifications things I'm gonna find every time I upload a video so you guyshave actually been requesting this video you guys are wondering how I get likethese big curls like this big curly hair style and I'm gonna show you guys todayhow I got this look so let's start okay so my hair is completely wet so what I'mgonna do is that I'm gonna add this color wow the dream coat for curly hairI'm just gonna add that all over my hair this really helps curl my hair so much Ilove this so much if you guys have curly hair and if you like curling your hairon that I totally recommend this because I'm loving it I really really love thisso I'm just adding that all over my hair and I also like to like scrunch my hairI put a good amount just because I want my hair to be very very curly so I'mgood amount okay that should be enough so now I'm going to use my hair and thisis the diffuser that I use actually really like this this is just a diffuserblow-dryer instead of just like a blow-dryer what the attachments is justlike a diffuser so I'm gonna do it for a couple of minutes and I'm just gonnadiffuse my hair I just like to put it on medium heat and I just like to leave itthere for a couple of minutes so that's what I'm gonna do right now okay so it is almost pretty much dry butI just want to make sure that it is completely dry so I'm gonna do it I'mjust a little bit more okay so now my hair is pretty much dry it is curlysomewhat curly I mean some curls aren't that defines so that is why I do thenext step but this is what it looks like once I diffuse it you know some curlshere and there you know I'm gonna put my hair somewhat like this kind of like inthe middle and I'm going to define some curls I'm using my curling wands andthis is a very small one this is like half an inch so it is like very smallI'm gonna link this one down below or like a similar one down below but allyou need is like a half inch curling wand so using my curling wand just todefine some of the curls just leave it for a couple of seconds like this andthen I'll let it down so you see just like the finding them a little bit justdefining some of the curls because some look a little bit crazy and all over theplace so that is what I'm doing right now just defining them like that it'snot like I do this all the time when I cut my hair but I do this one I have aphotoshoot or when I wants to really define my curls and make it look justmore currently and with more volume make sure that your hair is like completelydry because if you do this on my kind of like damp or wet hair it can be verydamaging okay so it's starting to look a lot better so I'm now I'm gonna do thisside this is a nice hairstyle to do because like if you want to curl yourhair and then you just want to touch up the curls this is like super fast andeasy like if I want to go out and I want something fast and easy I just curl myhair and then I just define some curls with the curling wands so I just use thecurling wands and as you can see I just defined my curls a little bit so now Iam going to kind of mess it up a little bit so I likewith my hair you know mess it up a little bit but my fingers my curls Ialso kind of like to mess up the part a little bit because I wanted to be tooperfect like I want the part to look a little bit messy so it's supposed tolook like something like this you can always like put it to the side or youknow the other side put this section up if you want or kind of mess it up hereand put it more to like a side like whichever side you prefer I think I'mactually gonna leave it to the side I think I prefer to the side todayI'm kind of feeling more to the side but you just got to make sure that like itlooks organized a little bit you know so here's the final look you know it justlooks like a lot of volume big hair and the ones definitely helps to create likemore big curls like to give you just that volume and that lift so I loveusing my curling wands whenever I curl my hair um so yeah you can really playaround with it and do whatever you feel like doing you can put half-up half-downto the side part in the middle put it all up you want to do a big huge bun youcan do it as well after you create here like this I think it is such an easy andfast hairstyle to do so I hope you guys like it and so that is it for today'svideo if you liked it make sure you give it a big thumbs up and also don't forgetto subscribe to my youtube channel and turn on your post notificationsusing a notified every time I upload a video and if you like this video thatI'm sure you like these videos as well so make sure you go ahead and check outthose videos bye guys love you you.

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