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QUICK CURLY HAIR TUTORIAL­čîč Without Heat | Super Easy


hi everone I am Z├╝m.

Welcome to Bunch of Grapeschannel.

In today's video I am gonna share with youhow to make natural curly hair.

I have wavy hair but don't worry even youhave straight hair it is gonna work on you too because I will be sharing all the hacksthat I know.

it is so quick, healthy and easy to make.

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lets get started.

first I washed my hair with cold water.

Even if you use hot water while taking a shower,use cold water before leaving the shower.

washing your hair with cold water makes itlook brighter and stronger.

I did not use shampoo and conditioner.

I just washed my hair.

I use coconut oil to moisturize you can use your favorite oil.

I'm applying organic hair mousse to my hair.

you maynot apply anything.

─░n this way your hair can be curly as well.

you can apply mousse as much as you want.

Be sure to apply well.

Before applying the technique, shape yourhair with your hands.

The only thing we need is a elastic headband.

attach the headband as I showed you.

Now I take my hair, one by one, and I rollthe hair into headband.

if you are in a hurry and need to take a showerand leave immediately, this method will work well even when your hair is wet.

In the other video I will apply this techniquewhen my hair is dry, we will see the difference.

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even when your hair is wet, it works very well.

I roll all my hair into headband.

I will dry my hair with my hairdryer.

your hair will not dry completely, but ifyou are in a hurry, this is one of the fastest solutions.

yesss now it is time to check it.

I am really excited.

and I am wondering what happened to my hair Although it does not dry completely, you seethe curls.

Now I will dry my hair with my hands naturally.

I am giving shape.

even in such a short time, the result is great.

it really works.

and completely natural.

it's nice to have curly hair without usingheat and damaging the hair.

When it dries, the curls become more evident.

here is the result.

i really like this technique.

I really love this curls so much.

as I said you it is really quick and easy to make I hope you liked the video.

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please let me know when you tried it in the commnets below.

I will see you in the next video.

thanks a lot for watching.

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