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Revlon One Step Hair Dryer on Curly Hair


I'm starting with my hair clean and dampI'm putting some heat protectant in and it's a lotion so it kind of helps smoothmy hair out and it's by joico it's pretty awesome so I recently got thisRevlon styler that I'm about to show it's pretty much the best thing that'sever happened to my hair I got it because I was wanting the Dyson but it'slike five hundred dollars so I thought I tried this one out first this one's like$60 and it might be on sale now but when I got I was like 59 I use it on the highsetting and I roll it at the ends to get the ends dry so that way whenever I rollit on the rest of my hair it doesn't get stuck so just make sure if you'rerolling up and down that it's almost dry already otherwise your hair is gonna getstuck and if it's stuck and it's hot your hair is gonna burn off so make sureto use heat protectant to well you have to make sure that whenever you're donethe piece that you're working on is completely dry because otherwise it'sjust gonna puff up like really big if it's if there's still some leftovermoisture in it if you have curly hair like mine you areprobably gonna have to smooth the root down and how you do that as you put theblow-dryer right on top of your hair and that's what gets the root like reallyflat but if you have straight hair I would put the dryer right underneathyour hair so it lifts up the root but I do both just so I can get my hair reallysmooth but I feel like when you do it on both sides of your hair it just gets itreally really smooth and it still gives you volume but smoothness you know whatI'm saying I usually don't wear my hair like this but the fact that thisblow-dryer makes it really easy for me to wear my hair like this makes me wearmy hair like this more honestly I would recommend this to anybody with prettymuch any hair type because it just makes it easier to blow it out and even if youhave curlier hair than mine you could probably blow it dry the waythat I am and then you might have to go in with a flatiron sometimes if I'm in a rush and I try to do this fast it's not as smooth so I'll just goback with a flatiron but usually I just do this and that day I only did this blowdrying and I'm obsessed with the way it makes my hair feel it's like reallyreally soft sometimes I'm just not in the right mindset to deal with my curlyhair so I have to do this so I'm just putting some oil to smooththe rest of it down and I'm talking to my friends right here and Chelsea'sfeeling my hair she's telling me it's soft I think I probably just made thatup and I just got a cut so it looks reallycute and I'm just seeing how like the cut looks this is without even having tostraighten it honestly it's a huge miracle for my hair that you can evenget this straight with just a blow dryer like what the heck so I would recommendthis to everyone it's a game changer and that's it thanks for watchinghave a Merry Christmas bye.

Source: Youtube

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